Release Notes 46.0

Tuesday 29 September: Click here to download PDF version

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  1.  Event build update – Client request

After a few requests from clients, when using Line 1 and Line 2 of an event build, we are now displaying this across 2 separate lines in the online sales flow.

2. Gift Certificate: Repeating name removed

On the checkout page of a gift voucher, a bug with a repeating gift certificate name has been rectified.

3. Format corrected for gift voucher value input box

On the checkout page of a gift voucher, the ‘enter voucher value’ input box has been condensed so text appears correctly within the box.

4. Reservations now includes the date/time of the performance – helps when pulling multiple performances

5. The invoice report now has date/time included. The report is still defaulted to show by transaction date/time, which ultimately shows the most outstanding invoices. It can always be exported to sort it by date/time also.

6. Scheduled Reports Update

You’ll see now in the new scheduled reports email template under Tools & Templates > Email/Letter/SMS Templates > Other > Scheduled Reports, we’ve now included the ability to not only customise the scheduled report but you can also add your own subject with the report Name tag being included by default. You could therefore add in the tag for your organisation as well. You can also change the from name and the reply to email as long as we have it registered with AWS Amazon. There’s a help tip explaining this.

7. Area/Level Maps are now live in Beta

Area level maps are now live in Beta. Full notes will be issued Thursday 1st October.  Area maps allows you to create maps such as Stalls and Balcony areas where the customer would firstly need to click on the area to then view the seat map. Once you click ‘New’ to create a new layout, you simply click Area Map.

8. Scanning App Update – we are now sorting the scanning manual check-in customer display by surname order

9. Date of Birth now being shown on Scanning App

We are now showing the date of birth of the customer and if ticket holder information is required, we are also showing the date of birth if this is a ticket holder field being collected. This will ensure that if you have over 18 or age requirement events, the data is easily accessible to the scanning operator.

10. Scanning check-in now displaying more info

The scanning app is now displaying more information one you scan the barcode including the ticket type, price level i.e. VIP, Upper, Section e.g. Stalls and row/table/seat is displayed as well as the Door/Gate. This will ensure you can easily deal with any questions the patron may have about their access/seating.

11. Door/Date Name added to Apple Wallet Ticket/Items

We’ve added the Door/Gate reference to the Apple Wallet tickets to ensure both customers and scanning staff can easily identify where customers need to flow through too, particularly if the scan is rejected.

12. Door/Gate reference now displayed on Mobile SMS link

The Door/Gate Name is now shown on the link that is sent to mobiles as SMS. Customer simply click on the link to display tickets/items with the ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ button being very visible against each ticket.

13. Apple Wallet Update

In your Apple Wallet, events are now grouped together (for tickets for the same event) and separated (for different events) for clarity and easy access.

14. Cross sells and Upsells more information added

Cross sells and upsells – we’ve added ‘Learn more’ detailed pages to explain these areas clearly to you.

15. Transaction list – Refunds and Reservations colour coded

In the transactions list, we’ve made it easier to discern between regular transactions, refunds and reservations. As shown in the picture below, refunds will show in red and reservations in blue.

16. Re-naming Subscription Ticket Types

You can now edit subscription ticket types and name them whatever you like! Click the pencil icon on Step 2: Pricing (as shown below) and make your changes in the pop-up.

17. Fast Sales – Sorted by next event and date order

When processing fast sales, the events will now be sorted by next event and date order. This makes processing sales more efficient. Please note that if you have dates in between, the list will be sorted by first event, then dates, then second event and dates.

18. Door list report with scanning date range

The door list report now has a scanning date range that will pick up the total scan count for a specific date. If there are scan outs, they will not be including. It simply totals the scans in.

19. Reservations Update

Reservations now includes the date/time of the performance which assists when pulling multiple performances.

20. Event highlighted text: Now centred

The highlighted text in an event build and online now displays centred on the page for a more aesthetically pleasing visual.

21. More information added to the Doorlist/Questionnaire Report

See below text:

To include upsells in your report generation, expand > Marketing Filters > then click > Show Upsells with Event. To only show upsells for an event/activity, select the event/activity and the check box > Show Upsells Only.

When selecting merchandise only, the report will show any upsells associated with the event/activity.

Tip: Popular filter features under ‘WHAT FIELDS/OPTIONS WOULD YOU LIKE TO DISPLAY ON THE REPORT?’ include:

Show Questionnaire Info – 

Select this option if you would like to show any questionnaire answers customers have given such as dietary requirements or medical details etc. 

Show Tags – 

Select this option if you would like to show any tags that have been associated with customers who have bought tickets such as VIP, Big Spender, or Wheelchair Access. 

Show Ticket Holder Info – 

Select this option to show all the ticket holder information that was collected for each ticket. The ticket holder information collection can be set up during the event build or in Settings > Event/Product Settings > Additional Ticket Holder Information. 

22. New tool tips when you expand the scheduled reports field in Reports

Tip: Enter email address separated by a semicolon (;) – Please do not enter a semicolon at the end of the final email address entered.

Please also note that if you do enter a semicolon at the end, this will cause your report to run every 5 minutes. Further developments to scheduled reports will be made in the coming weeks.

Tip: There is a limit of 255 characters. If your email addresses exceed this length, please create an email alias e.g. that will include all applicable email addresses.

Now the max you can enter is 255 characters for emails you put into system. If you need more emails to send, for example, an operational report – simply create an email alias. The field will no longer allow you to enter more than 255 characters.

23. Sales process update

In the sales process online and in the backend, you can no longer click the cart unless you have selected the correct amount of tickets i.e. if you didn’t enter min 4 tickets for a group of 4 or more. The info tip also explains why the button isn’t selectable in that situation.

24.  New country update!

Bermuda has now been added as a country in the system and customers can now be added in.

25.  Scheduled Reports Template Update

We have made an update to the Scheduled Reports template that allows the subject to be added by default as code <Report Name> as it previously was. If you look at the below image, you can then include your business name etc. as a tag in that subject line. Hence, you’ll have control of the main template and the subject line.

26. Back Office Staff Registration Template

Thanks to our hard-working clients who spotted a typo below where it states Please click on the lilnk- link being spelt wrong.

Please go to Tools & Templates > Email/Letter/SMS and adjust the word. Any future clients will now have the correct spelling, however, as many of you have customised this template already, any global changes we make to it will override your work. In saying this, we ask existing clients to adjust the word in their template.

27. Mobile Phone – SMS Reprinting

When you click against an order and click reprint, in the pop-up window, there is now the below message explaining how to do mobile phone – SMS reprinting.

28. New loaders for seat maps

When creating or loading seat maps, we’ve added further loaders rather than a blank screen to make you aware that content is loading.

29. Voucher sales display development

When searching via Sales > Customers & Transactions, we are now showing the voucher serial number if a voucher has been used as the method of payment.

30. Gateway Reference No. in Transaction Report now displays last 3-4 digits of card

In the transaction report, the Gateway Reference No. now displays the last 3-4 digits of a credit card so if you ever need to go back and match data to your gateway (e.g. Securepay, Stripe) you can. Also, when doing a refund, you can now see the max card payment for the card number in question. 

Against the order (Screen shot 3) you can now see the last 3-4 digits as well.

31. Payment Method Warning – Backend

If paying through the backend and you click on credit card as a payment type, then flip to another payment type and don’t select credit card, there are now more warnings to make it clear what you have to do.

32. Zoom Updates

Important information has been added to Step 5 of the event build about Zoom in red. A general help tip explains that you have to turn off passwords in Zoom as we are sending a Join NOW button for Zoom.

Please view our help file for hosting events online with Zoom for more information:

33. Social Distancing Seat Maps help file link

We’ve added a link to learn more about social distancing seat maps under Events > Manage Venues/Manage Holds > Step 2: BA Path.

34. Tools & Templates > Questionnaires – Update

We’ve added more clarity around Questionnaires and how to make them compulsory with the below tip –

            Tip: Flick the switch to make mandatory. (Orange is Mandatory, grey is Optional).

35. Calendar header change of colour

Go into your Platform Customisation, then scroll down to Grid/List Preferences and find List View – Table Border Colour and you are now able to change it to your desired colour.

36.  Dashboard info update

As the dashboard is controlled by Tableau, we’ve added a link to the dashboard below to make it clear what reports are available and how it works. See below:

37. In the online in the sales flow, when multiple marketing codes had been selected, the ‘Clear All’ was overlapping. This has been adjusted, see below.

38. The doorlist report now expands automatically/by default to show the Marketing Filters – ‘Show Upsells with Event’ and ‘Show Upsells Only’, as they are crucial filters to most organisations.

39. Online Sales Flow Update

Price Level Filters and the Key have been moved further to the right-hand side to deal with larger seat maps and more spacing.

40. Primary Colour Update – Platform Customisation

Under Platform Customisation, if you set your primary colour, this was also applying to the share with friends’ icons against the event… now the system is keeping the primary colours. Look at Facebook below, the traditional blue and white colours have remained.

41. Under cross sells, apostrophes were appearing as random characters. This has now been updated and corrected.

42. Shopping Redirect 

Do you want to change the order confirmation redirect link?

DO you want to change the continue shopping redirect link?

The above questions were previously stated differently in the event build and in the organisation settings even though they have the same function. This has been rectified.

43. Scanning App Update

In the most recent version of the scanning app, if you don’t select a date/time, and instead try and select the Dashboard, Scan or Manual Check in, you now get the below message –

44. SOLD OUT badge for ticket type GA

When a ticket type is sold out for General Admission, a SOLD OUT badge now appears – the view below shows front-end and backend.

45. Customers & Transactions – Gift voucher balance

Against Customers & Transactions when viewing a transaction, the gift voucher balance remaining is now displayed so you clearly understand the value left.

46. Gift Voucher Update

We’ve changed the inventory message for gift vouchers when they are sold out in the backend to the below message to make it clear. Also, the backend was showing a double blue error message, this has been rectified.

47. Ticket History now shows underline link

When you click on a seat to see the seat history, the confirmation number is now in orange underline to make it clear.

48. ‘Choose a Date’ was showing random spacing in sold out scenarios. This has been corrected.

49.  Questionnaire Calendar Update

For Questionnaires, the calendar – if it was your last question, it was only partially appearing – this now appears correctly in sales.

50. Zoom Tips Added

As the tip explains, you will need to ensure that you have the Zoom Webinar Plan which allows from 100-10,000+ attendees for your integration to connect. If you are subscribed to the Zoom Meetings Plan, this is limited to 500 max users and will not integrate with TicketSearch.

Please view the help file for Zoom here:

51. Step 2: Dates & Times of the Event build – you can now build up to 75 performances!

52. Gift Vouchers updated so that if you change inventory, it has to greater than or equal to sold amount

We’ve added a warning under Gift Voucher amount that if you enter an inventory amount less than the sold amount, it will not be accepted. It must be equal or greater than.

53. Online Customisation Text

In the online customer sales process, we’ve added the default text ‘Please select a delivery method and click ‘Next’ to continue.’ This text can be customised under Settings > Online Customisation (select drop-down) > Finalise Order. 

54. Under all Printed Ticket Layouts, you can now add a logo with no restrictions. Previously it was restricted to 150px x 150px.

55. Capacity Targets and Revenue Targets saving correctly

Under Step 5: Event Summary – capacity and revenue targets were not saving correctly if you chose to save and not go live. This has ben corrected.

56. Under Platform Customisation > Events, when selecting to customise “Are you a member? Sign in for special pricing” on the right-hand panel, if you were trying to change ‘for member pricing’, it wasn’t updating, this has been corrected.

57. Removal of Venue ID code from reports when using ‘This is an online event’, ‘Location’ or ‘To be announced’

Venues set up via events as ‘This is an online event’, ‘Location’ or ‘To be Announced’ had an ID which we allocated in our database that was publicly displaying in reports such as the Promoter Access Basic, Promoter Access Detailed and Sold out Status report. The ID code has now been removed.

58. Adding high resolution images to Etickets/Evouchers/Ememberships

We’ve added help instructions in all of the Etickets to help clients who want to know how to add high resolution images to their templates.

See to below link. Please follow this process carefully.

Tip: To add a high res image or access the source code to make change, click here

59. Ticket Number Range

When building an event, on Step 3, you can enter a ticket number range. This is often used by venues that hire out their space and allocate sequentially numbered tickets for the promoter to also sell their own tickets.

Once you enter the number range, you need to make sure that your ticket layouts have the tag ‘Ticket Number’ added. You must apply the tag to all templates that need a number range.

Important: The ticket number range can be added to both eticket and printed ticket layouts (BOCA printers). An example of an eticket scenario could be that you don’t have a BOCA ticket printer but would like to print tickets to your local printer and distribute them to an outlet or promoter with a ticket number range.

To add the ticket number tag to printed ticket layouts, simply click on Tools & Templates > Ticket Layouts and click on the relevant template. Drag from the header the ‘Select_Tag’ option then on the right-hand side to your desired location on the ticket layout then from the drop-down list of tags, scroll to the ‘Event’ tag area and select Ticket Number. Submit your template.

To add the ticket number tag to eticket layouts, simply click on Tools & Templates > Eticket Layouts and click on the relevant template. From the header, select ‘Insert Tag’ and from the drop-down list under ‘Event’ tag area select Ticket Number. Ensure you mouse/cursor point is on your desired location in the template of where you want to add the Ticket Number field. Once added, submit your template.

Once you sell printed tickets, the system will show in the designated field the ticket number. Below, on the stuff you can view Ticket No: 1, 2 and 3.

At any stage, via Customers & Transactions, when you look up the order under the barcode against each ticket/item will be in bold the ticket number. If ever you need to refund the ticket, e.g. the promoter or outlet did not sell the some of the tickets, simply click on the ticket numbers that have been returned and click ‘Refund’.

Tip: Numbers will never recycle. For example, if your capacity was 1000 and you printed 1000 tickets, then refunded 200 and tried to print another 500, no ticket numbers will be printed on the additional tickets as your number range has been already allocated. Simply increase your number range to a higher number, in this case at least 1500.

Below is a sample of ticket range on etickets/Local Printer.

By default, any new Printed Ticket Layouts have the new ticket number range added.  As many clients have customised their templates, any changes to existing templates would override any changes you have previously made which is why the ticket number range is only added to new templates. 

To add a ticket number range, once you click into your event/activity, simply click under ‘More Options’. In the overlay, second screen shot, enter your ticket number range in the field provided.

60. Apple Wallet Update

Apple Wallet tickets show the customer name and event name visible at the top of the ticket so you don’t have to click into a pass to see it.

61. Reports – Sales Channel by Ticket Type Report sorting by price scale from price structures

When generating the Sales Channel by Ticket Type Report, where there are multiple price scales, it was previously sorting by alphabetical order. After several requests, we are now displaying this report by the order via the price structure that is connected to specific session/date/time. For example, below you can see that Section A, Section B is displayed before Available Seating.

62. Price Structure Label Change

The system is now correctly displaying the label of ‘Total Inside Fee’ rather than Total Inside Price. This label would display when you have a ticket type such as a family pass where the ticket count is equal i.e. min and max 4.

63. Online sales link now not forcing display down to seat map

When clicking on a seat map event online, the system would default the view right towards the bottom of the page to the seat map. This was aimed at speeding up the sales process. The system now defaults to the top of the page, ensuring that the customer will scroll down and view any information such as highlighted information, descriptions and most importantly, the point of signing in for member pricing and entering a promo code to access discounted pricing.

64. Email/Letter/SMS Templates – Social media icons no longer display if not applied

Under Tools & Templates > Email/Letter/SMS Templates, if you haven’t applied any of the social media options, the system will no longer display the icons in the email preview. For example, in the example below, I have applied Facebook and Instagram only. 

In the second preview, only Facebook and Instagram are displayed.

65. Reports Updates – Auto expanding of Additional Filters

We’ve now expanded very relevant filters that should be as visible to all users. For the Transaction Report, Primary Reconciliation Report and Operator End of Shift Report, the ‘Show Orders Only’, ‘Show Reservations – Pay Later and Orders’ as well as ‘Show Reservations Pay Later Only’ is displayed.

66. Promotor Access Report and Sold out Status Report Updates

Various changes have been made to the Promoter Access Basic, Detailed and Sold Out Status Reports:

  1. Sessions/dates/times now appear in chronological order (see below).
  2. The Promoter Access Detailed Report now has totals against each event.
  3. Events with multiple sessions had their name repeated for each row in the bottom revenue table, whereas they only appear once in the merged cell in the top table- holds/reservations/comps. We’ve updated the display to the merged cell format for a cleaner presentation.
  4. We’ve further updated the Promoter Access Detailed from a formatting perspective – the top table vs the bottom table (revenue figures) is now consistent between the 2 tables.
  5. We’ve updated the Promoter Access Detailed report to ensure the percentage calculation are calculated based on the totals.
  6. The colour share of grey is now always light grey for events/products. Randomly, a darker grey colour would appear.

67. Add/Edit Upsells to an existing order

As upsells are exclusively available against an event/activity, we’ve now added crucial functionality that allows you to add/edit or replace the upsells while maintaining the tickets connected to the upsell.

The process works as follows:

Once you click on ‘Customers & Transactions’ from the Sales Menu and locate your order, simply select the event/activity and/or items you would like to alter and click ‘Exchange’.

If you select only the event tickets without the upsell, the below message will appear. You must select both the ticket and the upsell. If no upsell has been purchased, the second message will appear (below).

Tip: As this is an exchange process, to keep the same barcode in the exchange for the event ticket(s), on the finalise order screen in the payment panel, click Keep same barcode in transaction exchange. 

If no upsell has been purchased, the warning is visible with event tickets when clicking on exchange.

Once you reach the finalise order screen of an exchange, simply ‘CLICK TO ADD/EDIT/REPLACE UPSELLS’. In the view below, we have an event and the Food Platter as the upsell. You can click either of the 2 Upsell buttons. By selecting the button against the event, it will maintain the existing upsell. If you click the upsell button against the event, it will simply replace all the upsells selected.

Once you click the button ‘CLICK TO ADD/EDIT/REPLACE UPSELLS’, the familiar upsell pop-up page with all applicable upsells will appear. Simply select your new quantities and click ‘Add To Cart’.

The new upsells will appear, separated for clarity if there are multi upsells.

In the case below, the exchange credit was 30, the new price is 103.    

By clicking a payment type, we’ll now be charged the new value. Finalise the order remembering to click ‘Keep Barcode in Transaction Exchange’ if you want to maintain the event/activity tickets with the same barcode (particularly important if the customer already has their printed tickets).  

You will notice below that the merchandise item is clearly displayed against the transaction by the word ‘(Upsell)’.

68. Orders increased from 50 to 100 in one transaction

You can now process up to 100 tickets/items in one order, an increase from 50.

To change your existing setting, you must first make the adjustment to your Organisation Settings.

Click on Step 3: Sales & Delivery, then against each sales channel, click ‘Edit’.

In the overlay, against the specific sales channel, e.g. Internet, change the setting from 50 to 100.

69. New Refund Reason Report

A new Refund Reason Report has been added to the Finance Report List.

When processing a refund and you enter a reason, that reason will be listed on the report.

You can enter the reason in the payment panel of a refund by clicking the function ‘Click here to add a reason for refund’. This will expand a notes field. Simply enter the note and press confirm.

To turn on the requirement to collect a refund reason.

Below a sample of the Refund Reason Report.

To turn on the requirement to collect a refund reason, click on Settings > Event/Product Settings, then under ‘Financial Transactions’ select ‘Activate note field for refunds’. You can also make it mandatory that this information must be collected by the operator.

70. New Complimentary Reason Report

A new Complimentary Reason Report has been added to the Finance Report List.

When processing a complimentary ticket/items and you enter a reason, that reason will be listed on the report.

You can enter the reason in the payment panel of a complimentary ticket issuing by clicking the function ‘Click here to add a reason for the complimentary ticket(s)/item(s).  This will expand a notes field. Simply enter the note and press confirm.

Below a sample of the Complimentary Ticket/Item Report. 

To turn on the requirement to collect the reason for issuing a complimentary ticket, click on Settings > Event/Product Settings, then under ‘Options & Add-ons’ select ‘Activate note field to enter reason why a complimentary ticket/item is being issued’. You can also make it mandatory that this information must be collected by the operator.

71. Scheduled Reports – Show more link

When scheduling a report and there are multiple emails, the system now includes a ‘Show More’ link to view the emails rather than listing all the emails across the page.

72. Bullet points update for Terms and Conditions

We’ve updated our code to ensure that when using bullet points, they will reflect correctly online.

73. Scanning Report Updates

The scanning report now has a new ‘Scanning Date Range’ to allow you to determine how many scans you’ve done across a specific date or date range.

The Scanning report also now has a new totals row against each event if displaying multiple events.

74. New online design for finalise order screen

The finalise order screen now displays as single line rather than a boxed option against each field- See below.

This is a much cleaner and modern approach.

75. Standard Barcode Update

As most clients are using QR Codes, we’ve updated an issue where if you changed the QR code to a standard barcode and increased the width and height of the barcode, this would blank out your template.

76. New underline function on finalise order screen to match branding

When entering details on the finalise order screen or any other input field, we’ve added a colour reference to highlight that particular field. For example, below, the First Name field has a green underline.

If you have already applied your ‘Main theme colour’ under Settings > Platform Customisation, simply go to your Platform Customisation and click ‘Save’ to activate this function.  

77. Reset Password email update

The reset password email under Tools & Templates > Email/Letter/SMS Templates has been updated to show the ‘From Name’ rather than the default Administrator. 

Also, a reminder that if you would like to change the reply to email address to your own domain email address, please email us so that we can register the email address with Amazon Web Services (our domain provider).

78. Reserve Pay Later – new print/delivery status update

Under Settings > Event/Product Settings, if you have the function turned on to ‘Allow Issuing of Ticket Before Reservation is Paid’, i.e. for a group booking where customers are arriving at different times and wanting to collect their tickets, or paying off a subscription over a period of time, we are now displaying the ticket delivery i.e. Print, Local  Printer, so that you can easily identify the action undertaken against each item.  See below for further information.

In the below order, a new column has been added for Reserve -Pay Later Delivery Status. By default, the status is Not printed/delivered yet.

Once you click on a ticket/item, then click ‘Reprint’, the system will refresh the order and update the status. In the case below, the order status has changed to ‘Print’ with the date/time listed and the user who updated the delivery status.  


Description automatically generated

79. Firefox zoomed seat map updates

Where Firefox was being used for backend sales, (Telephone, Walk-up) and a map was zoomed for size by our automated process to fill up most of the space of the screen, the latest Firefox update preventing the selection of seats. This issue has been rectified.

80. Confirmation email – links added replaced website full display

We’ve updated the confirmation email to include links ‘click here’ to the customer’s account and to making additional purchases rather than displaying the full URL.

81. Minimum requirement of tickets – blocking ‘Add to Cart’ option

When the minimum requirement of tickets is not met, the ‘Add to Cart’ option is no longer clickable and also had an info tip to help the customer understand why they can’t add their tickets/items to the cart. Previously a customer could add to cart and the validation message would state the minimum tickets was required to be met before proceeding.

82. Use of auto title case removed from events/items

When viewing events/activities online, title case was automatically being used. This has been removed and we are displaying data in the exact format entered into the event/activity build.

83. Order Confirmation Email Update – Removal of extra dash

The dash after the event/activity name has been removed.

Also, the automated comma after an event name has also been removed. The system now displays the dash.

84. Cross-sell updates on confirmation emails

  1. We’ve updated the cross sells as much as possible to not appear as skewed.
  2. The description of the cross sells is now the same size.

85. Orange default border removed around finalise order screen – customer sign in

The orange border has been removed around the finalise order Sign in option taking on your primary theme colour instead via Settings > Platform Customisation.

86. Cross-sells removal of orange border

We’ve also removed the orange borders around Cross-sells – see previous and new design implemented.

87. Online Sales Flow – Removal of directional arrows if multiple images not loaded

We’ve removed the directional arrows in the online sales flow that were showing a misconception that were multiple images available (see preview below).

88. Promotor Access Detailed Report

The Promoter Access Detailed report was showing the below error- this has been corrected.

89. Subscriptions & Packages – selling from customer record update

When clicking ‘Sell Now’ from the customer record and purchasing a subscription, the customer record was not visible and had to be re-selected on the finalise order screen. This has been corrected.

90. Customer Field Setup – Update to Compulsory Email Collection

When updating the email address to compulsory for online and backend, the re-enter function is compulsory. Previously if the checkbox ‘Require re-enter Email field in both backend and online sales’ was unchecked, the customer record would not save. This has been corrected.

91. Ticket Holder Information – Clarity

Under Event/Product Settings, when no Ticket Holder Information is selected and you now click save, a toast message and warning message will make it clear that customer fields must be selected to continue.

92. Countdown timer added to mobile

We’ve added the countdown timer in the ‘Show order summary’ section to ensure that customers understand the time period left to complete their order.

93. Voucher Redemption added to mobile flow

Customers using mobile devices can now redeem gift vouchers.

94. Gateway Cybersource Update

When using Cybersource which is an international gateway, the order confirmation id would not land on the transaction. This has been updated.

95. Implementation of Queue Management System

We’ve introduced a new queue management system to handle major on sales. Companies such as TicketMaster and Cathay Pacific are using Queue IT including more than..

96. Tableau Reporting Server Capacity Update

We’ve upgraded our servers to speed up the load time of Tableau Reports.  With any analytics reporting, please note that reports can take up to 20 seconds to generate.

97. Tableau Reporting – Capacity Correction

Where capacity for General Admission events was updated via a specific date/time, the system was calculating capacity from the original pricing template. This has been corrected.

98. Gift Voucher Customer Statistics Update

Under Sales, Customers & Transactions, against the customer record, the voucher credits auto generated calculation has been updated to include vouchers redeemed by another party. For example, if customer A purchases a gift voucher for a friend, if the friend redeems the voucher in their own name, the voucher balance will be updated in the purchaser’s profile.

99. Sales Channel by Ticket Type Report – Performance Date Range generation of  data

You can now generate the Sales Channel By Ticket Type Report by a performance date range. Previously using this function would generate all data.

100. Dot removed from shopping cart pop-up online

We’ve removed the random dot that was appearing in the shopping cart (green below).

101. Update to info text on Add to Cart.

You will receive this warning if you have not selected the correct amount of tickets to add to cart e.g. for a family pass booking.