A waitlist is when an event/activity is sold out and those customers who didn’t receive a ticket can be added to the waitlist. If/when vacancies become available, you will be able to generate a list via the module (i.e. events) and contact these customers. This area allows you to create different waitlist templates to account for the different requirements you may have for a waitlist. For example, different messages per waitlist and different capacities of customers that can join that waitlist.

Tip: When creating an event/activity or other modules that you have access to, you will be able to assign the relevant waitlist template.

  • Searching waitlists – Simply enter the term you want to search for, select from Active, Inactive or All, and click “SEARCH”. Please remember to click “CLEAR FILTERS” to see your full list after a search.
  • Click the active switch to turn your waitlist on or off – Any customers that are in a current waitlist will be affected and unavailable to view.
  • Click the Edit button, to edit a waitlist – If you do edit a waitlist code, all existing events/merchandise that have the waitlist associated will have the messages etc. updated.
  • Click the bin icon to delete a waitlist – You can only delete waitlists that have no customers assigned to them.
  • Creating a new waitlist – Click the “New Waitlist Template” button at the bottom of the page, then fill out the details on the page and click “Save”.