Transferring a Ticket

Allows you to transfer tickets/items to someone else’s name. To do this, select the ‘Transaction History’ of the customer whose ticket you would like to transfer. Once the history appears, select edit for the desired transaction. Next, from the transaction overview, select the ticket you would like to transfer and click the TRANSFER button, a pop-up page will be displayed allowing you to decide if an exchange fee will apply (depending on security level access to the system /privilege, this privilege must be activated for the user attempting to transfer a ticket) as well as other fees. Once necessary fees are added, continue to the next step.

You will be directed to the finalise order screen, once here, enter the new customer details to which the tickets will be transferred using the ‘Customer Name Search’ box for existing customers or select ‘Add’ to enter details of a new customer and select ‘Confirm’ to complete the transfer.

You can also add additional items while transferring. Additionally, select ‘Keep same barcode in transaction exchange’ if you do not want to disable the barcode of any current ticket/item, therefore, the customer could simply pass on the tickets to their friends or family member. You can also send a ‘confirmation email’ to the customer to let them know the transfer was successful.