TicketSearch Scanning App

The TicketSearch Scanning app allows you to scan tickets using an apple or android device. Built with the latest technology, you can scan at lightning speed ensuring queues move quickly. With a contemporary design and user-friendly interface, you can also stay informed with live statistics using the easy to read sales dashboard which shows how many customers have been scanned compared to tickets sold.

The TicketSearch Scanning app can scan both Standard and QR codes and offers you the function to manually check-in customers at the door should the ticket be damaged or lost.

The TicketSearch Scanning app is free and available to download via the Apple App store or Google Play Store.

Alternatively, click below:

How to setup scanning

To turn on scanning for you event/activity, you must firstly activate scanning via SETTINGS -> ORGANISATION SETTINGS -> STEP 2: GENERAL SETTINGS -> scroll down to SCANNING and activate by selecting YES. You have 2 scan barcode options, we recommend QR codes. Next, download our comprehensive guide on how to setup scanning for your event/activity by clicking here.

How to scan from your device

Please download the following guide which runs through the process of scanning in customers via your phone. The comprehensive guide should be shared with any staff who are scanning. You can download our guide by clicking here.

TicketSearch Scanning App Features:

Scanning Features:

– Scan standard barcodes or QR codes displayed on mobile e-tickets or paper tickets with ease.
– Fast code detection scanning of tickets to keep the queues moving.
– Clear on-screen success and error messages including customisable sound notifications to validate tickets.
– Access to customers booking and event details upon scanning.
– Search by customer name, booking reference or barcode number to locate a booking quickly.
– Ability to manually override scanning and check in / check out functions.
– Sync Multiple devices at different entry points via internet access to ensure all devices and stats are up to date.
– The ability to check attendees in and out with a touch of a button.

Dashboard Features:

Immediate access to event and customer lives statistics including:

– Tickets scanned v’s tickets sold by individual operator or total event.
– Ticket types and Ticket price levels sold and scanned.
– Total Event Ticket sales.

OS Compatibility:

The below devices are supported with the TicketSearch Scanning App:

  1. iPhone – Required 8.0 or later ( OS version).
  2. Android – Required 8.0 (Oreo – OS) or later.