Tag Settings

Highlight this tag against the customer record and display in back-end sales? If you select YES, this tag will display against the customer record in the highlighted info area as per below and also in the finalise order screen when you allocate a customer to the transaction (see screen shot 2).

Show tag on Attendance Report? Select YES to show this tag by default on the door list report you generate where you would manually mark of customers as they come in i.e. a workshop. This will allow you to understand what type of customer they are. 

Notify user when tag is assigned? Select from roles and/or specific users to notify them once the tag has been assigned to a customer. For example, if a customer spends 10,000 in a year, becoming a VIP, marketing may want an automated email to be sent to their profile so that they can contact the customer and thank them for their continued support. You can also enter specific email addresses outside of the system separated by a comma for external parties that may also need to be notified. Enter your default message in the box provided i.e. call customer asap to thank them for their support and advise them that they will be receiving 10% off all of their purchases moving forward. The system will use the default template under “Tools & Templates”, “Email Templates”, then “Tag Notification – Internal Users”. By default, the template will include all the customers details and the message. You can customise the email template if you have the TicketSearch “Enterprise” plan. You can also click to attach a relevant document if applicable.

Send message to customer when tag is assigned? If you would like to notify the customer once the tag has been assigned, click YES. Enter the default message. You can review your template by clicking “Tools & Templates”, “Email Templates”, then “Tag Notification – Customer”. By default, the template includes a Hi and “First Name” option followed by the tag info you set above. Click to attach a relevant document if applicable.