Stripe Terminal Purchase and Set-Up Guide

TicketSearch has recently integrated with Stripe. With this new integration, you can process EFTPOS/in-theatre/store transactions directly through TicketSearch for walk-up sales. TicketSearch will push the total value directly to the terminal point saving you time.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on everything you need to know about Stripe; from ordering Terminals, the Stripe Terminal setup process, and information on retrieving your Stripe Client ID and Secret Key.

How can I order Stripe Terminal ‘Readers’ in my Dashboard?

Step 1 – Login/Create an Account

Step 2: Locate Terminals – Hit the More button in the top right ribbon of the dashboard to locate Terminal from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Add Location – Create/Add a Location for where your readers will be located.

Step 4: Order Terminal – Hit the Shop button in the Hardware Orders section of the page to purchase your terminal.

Step 5: Choosing Stripe Reader Integration Type – Choose “I want to integrate using Stripe API’s”

Step 6: Select Reader – Select the BBPOS WisePOS E and BBPOS WisePOS E Dock

Stripe Terminal Setup

Here’s everything you need to know about the Stripe Terminal Setup process:

Firstly, login by going to:

Once logged in, click on Payments from the header. Then click on Readers from left menu.

Next, please enter your venue location in the below field and click save.

Once location is created, click on location name.

Users will be presented with the screen below. Please copy the highlighted ‘Id’, which is required while setting up a terminal in TicketSearch, along with the Publishable API Key and Secret API Key.

Next, click on the ‘New’ button against Readers. Users will then be presented with the screen below. From your terminal, press and hold the power button on left-hand side, follow the setup process by selecting the language and country. Once setup is completed, users will be presented with a unique code on the screen of the terminal. Please enter that code in below screen and assign the terminal a name, e.g., Main Box Office and click on save.

If you would like to add multiple readers, please repeat the above process by clicking on the ‘New’ button against Readers.

Go to the TicketSearch website and login. Then go to Settings > Organisation Settings > Finance Setup > Stripe Terminal (Walk-up Sales) and toggle on the below question.

Next, enter the details below and then perform one test transaction via terminal. Please see guide below for details on how to get your Stripe Client Id and Secret Key. Use the already copied Location Id as mentioned above.

Stripe Client ID andSecret Key

You will need to have a Stripe account in order to receive the Publishable Key and Secret Key, ( Follow to the steps below:

1. Open the following and click on “Sign in“.

2. Now that you have logged in to Stripe, the dashboard opens. In the left menu, first click on “Developers” and then on “API keys“.

Retrieve Publishable Key and Secret Key

3. Once you have clicked on “API keys”, the page with the API keys opens. Under Standard Keys you will see the Publishable Key and above the Secret Key there is the “Reveal live key token“ button. Now click on it to display the secret key.

Sandbox and Live mode

To switch Stripe to the Sandbox (Test Payments) mode or Live (Real Payments) mode, click on “View test data” in the left menu. Note that Sandbox and Live Mode have different keys.