Step 4: on-sale/off-sale

Sales channel Set your desired on-sale and off-sale of your event/activity for your different sales channels such as internet, telephone. By default, the current date and time of the venue’s time zone is populated.

To adjust your on-sale time, you can either bulk copy your desired on sale date/time by clicking into the header, select your new date and time, then click one of the copy functions. 

a. Copy to selected sales channels – If you have pre-selected specific sales channels – e.g. only internet and walk-up, the on-sale time will be copied.

Copy To All- will copy to all sales channels.

-You can always click  ‘Clear‘ to clear your current selection or ‘Undo‘ to return back to your original selection.

Off-sale policy is when each date/time/session will go off-sale (turn off). Automated defaults have already been applied to your organisation that can be changed via Settings > Organization Settings >Sales & Delivery. 

For example, your system defaults were originally set to go off-sale on the internet at 0, meaning right when your performance/session/tour start. If you have multiple sessions, each date/time will be on a timer and automatically turn off when required.

With eTickets and mobile phone delivery, these options now allow you to sell tickets right until the start time. Other sales channels are often set to go off-sale at five hours after start time. This gives you enough time to deal with latecomers and any admin requirements such as refunds and exchanges.  If your event has gone off-sale, you can always bring it back on sale by entering a “days” after the performance/activity start (e.g. 2 days after for the required sales channel) to do an exchange.

You can also set your off-sale at an absolute date by clicking the “date” radio option – e.g. at 5pm, 25th Jan. If you had multiple dates and times on sale, all would turn off at that specific date/time. For example, for a school, if you had to provide lists of attendees or dietary requirements to the kitchen, at 5pm on the Friday before a two day weekend festival, this would be your best option.

Max Tickets Per Transaction – for the desired sales channel, set an absolute max number of tickets that can be sold in one transaction. We recommend adding a max on your internet sales channel to stop issues with your inventory being locked for a reservation duration.