Step 3: Editing General Admission Capacity/Holds/Door

To edit capacity, holds and doors on an individual date/time (there is no bulk update available), simply follow these key guidelines. You will be presented with the following warning:

You are editing the capacity/holds/doors for e.g. Event Guns N’ Roses Not In This Lifetime – Performance 27 Aug 2019, 07:30 PM 
Options are:

Price Level Name: this cannot be changed via the holds/capacity column. To add a price level (e.g. VIP, Section A), simply click back to your pricing column and adjust either from the template header and apply to all applicable dates/times that have the same pricing template assigned or adjust for a specific date/time level.  For example, if the new price level name will only apply to one particular date, go to that specific date and Edit Pricing.

To adjust an existing price level name (e.g. change VIP to VIP Main), it can only be done on a session by session basis. You will need to select ‘Edit Pricing’ against the individual date then you’ll have complete control to change all elements of that date/time including price levels, pricing, fees etc.  Your main template price scale names cannot be changed on a global level once assigned to any events/activities as they are connected to multiple dates.

Set Capacity:  enter your new capacity. If you have multiple price levels, you will notice that the Total Allocated will also update.  The system displays sold tickets under each capacity to ensure that when adjusting capacity, you take these into account.

Holds:  Holds are not available for Basic plan customers. Holds are holding seats back from sale such as promoter seats, accessible seating, house seats etc. Upgrade your plan to access this function. Simply adjust your holds by entering the new value. Your total price level holds will adjust and your total remaining to reflect what’s available to sell. Sold tickets can only be sold via the backend administrator area. Online customers do not have access to these held tickets. The sold value against a hold type is also listed for your reference.

Select an existing hold to apply: simply select a previously created hold type from the list and the hold type will populate to the grid. Enter your hold type value to reduce your capacity. You can then sell these holds via the back system.

Hold Edit icon: this icon will appear when you select a hold type. Click the edit icon to change the name of your hold type – e.g. VIP to Platinum. Please take care when adjusting hold names as this is a global change.

Adding a new hold type to your organisation: click +New, enter the select from an available letter to recognise the hold type – e.g. H for House, S for Sound Desk. Enter a name for the hold type and press the save icon. Click cancel to cancel your add hold type.  When adding a hold type, it will immediately appear in the table to then enter a hold capacity.

Total price level holds:  this is the total number of tickets being held against your hold types.

Total remaining: total remaining is auto calculated from your Set Capacity less Total Price Level Holds. 

If you receive the following error message, where your price level holds are in in negative, please adjust your capacity (higher) or holds (lower). Your holds cannot be greater than capacity.

Total Price Level holds should not be more than total capacity of price level.

Door:   This option is not available in the Basic plan . For those clients who have multiple doors entry (e.g. VIP through Door 1 and General Admission through Door 2), select an existing door to allocate to a price level.

 Click +New to create a new door name – e.g. Door 3.  Simply enter the new door name, press the save icon or cancel. This is your global door defaults and this option will now be available for any events/activities you create with door requirements.

To adjust a door template, click the Pencil icon, enter the new name and press Save.