Standard Sales

This is the most common way of selling your items.

  1. Select sales channel (if required).
  • Filter Sales listing if required to narrow down results although results are in order of next performance/session.
  • Select Grid or List View– Grid is tiles and list is a list down the page with smaller images.
  • Click Sell Now.
  • For Event Name/Activity name, we’ve included details such as capacity, sold, available and even sales that are currently being processed (sales pending).
  • Select dates and time (if applicable). If there are multiple dates/times, you can simply click on the dropdown list of dates and select a new date/time.
  • For other modules such as merchandise, simply select the item type if applicable (e.g. XL, L) and use the + or – to increase, decrease your quantity.
  • Sales Channel is listed as a reference just in case you have multiple points you are selling tickets from for fast sales.
  • Click Pricing Summary to view all available pricing for your chosen item/date/time.
  1. For events/activities, select the Price Level and Ticket Types by clicking on the price level drop down list if there are multiple price levels e.g. VIP, GOLD, etc.  If there is only one price level, the system will default to this price level.  Click the I icon for further information about the ticket type. The system will display the ticket type price and any applicable per item fees.
  1. Holds – if you have held tickets from being sold online (e.g. house seats, promoter seats, accessible tickets, competition winners), select the hold type to sell from the hold.
  1. Simply click the + or – against a ticket type and increase to your desired quantity.
  1. Enter Promotional Code and click Apply Code. For multiple codes, simply use a comma in between the codes.
  1. The i info link will provide further information about the ticket type.
  1. If there are any minimum/maximums against a type, this will be listed.
  1. Click Add to Cart toadd items to your shopping cart.
  1. If there any up-sells available, they will appear as an overlay.  Select item type if applicable and quantity. You must select Item Type first. Click Skip to skip selecting an up-sell. If an up-sell is mandatory, you will not be able to skip this step.
  1. Your Shopping Cart is automatically expanded, which summarises the key details. You can always click on the x to delete an item, click Continue shopping to be redirected to the sales page to select another item, Clear All which is your entire shopping cart or Go to the checkout page.
  1. Keep close attention to the shopping cart time as once that time has reached zero, the items will be cleared from the shopping cart. You must enter all details and take payment by that time.
  • Click Continue Shopping from here to add more items.
  • Important – price override – depending on your level of access, once you click this option, update the price, and click Update Price. If you have multiple types, you will see the word Price Overridden. Click the arrow to expand to see all items/tickets.
  • Select the ticket distribution (delivery method), which is how your tickets will be distributed to your customer e.g. Print to print to a Boca ticket printer or Print to Local to print an A4 page directly to a laser printer. You can set a default ticket delivery option by clicking on your user profile top right-hand side of screen and clicking My Own Settings. This will speed up the sales process.

Tip: if you select Mobile, a customer will be required to be assigned to the record. If you select Email, an email will be required to be assigned to the customer.

  • Select a Marketing Code, which is how your customers heard about the event. Whether this is mandatory also depends on whether your administrator made that available and/or mandatory in Fast Sales. Rollover the I Icon to reveal the marketing code text, e.g. how did you hear about this activity.
  • You can also search for a customer if you have time and assign them to the order. Enter at least three characters/numbers into the search box to filter results quickly. You can search for a patrons first name, surname, email address, street address and phone number.
  • Click Search for more advanced search functions or Add to add a new customer. If you cannot see the Add option, your administrator has restricted access to first searching for a customer then adding a new customer to the system. This avoids duplicate records as much as possible. Click Edit/Show Customer Record to review/update the customers details. 
  • If a customer is assigned to the order, you can also manage marketing opt-ins and have them join your marketing list.

Right-hand panel-summary and payment

  1. The order summary including all fees associated are clearly displayed. Review carefully.  
  • If you have a gift voucher, click to redeem by adding the number and clicking Redeem Voucher.
  • Select a payment option e.g. cash, card.  Only available options that have been previously been made available by your administrator will display.
  • If selecting Cash, the payment amount will display. Select Amount Tendered to enter the amount of cash given by your customer for the system to then determine change due.
  • If select Credit Card, enter the details in the fields provided.
  • If you need to process a split payment, select the first payment type, override the amount due to the desired payment amount for that payment type, then click on the second payment type, and the difference due will be auto populated.
  • Any payments types that incur a fee are displayed and added to your order total.
  • Payment Amount is the amount
  • Balance must be 0 to finalise an order.
  1. If you have collected the customer’s email address via their profile, the system will send a confirmation email to them.
  1. You can always View Terms & Conditions and Add an order note by clicking on these fields.
  1. Click Confirm to confirm payment or Cancel to cancel the order.
  1. Payment will be processed and a order confirmation generated with clear details if payment was made and the details of the order.
  1. If the ticket/items had a eTicket/voucher print associated, and they don’t print due to browser block, you can click the reprint function at any time.
  1. To process another order, simply click, CLICK HERE TO PROCESS ANOTHER SALE.