Scheduling a Report

A scheduled report is a report that is sent out via email at specified times. You can identify and choose what is included, who should get the report, and how often it will be sent. The scheduled report contains data for the time frame you selected, relative to the time you set the scheduled report to execute.

To setup this feature, from your Dashboard, go to REPORTS. While in Reports, select the report you would like to schedule (Example, Primary Reconciliation Report). After selecting your desired report, enter the date range and select your desired filters, such as filtering the report by Event, Venue, Merchandise/ Product or Sales Channel etc. Once filters have been chosen, select the EMAIL NOW/SCHEDULE REPORT drop-down menu.

Next, select ‘SCHEDULE REPORT’ (Note: You also have the option of sending the report to your email within 10 minutes by selecting Email Now), then, enter a Report Name, the email address you would like the report to be sent to, the frequency at which you would like the report to be scheduled (Daily, Weekly etc) and time. You can also enter a start date, end date, relative sales date, include your bank reconciliation time and current days data. Once all necessary options have been filled, click the ‘Email Now/Schedule Report button’

A pop up will appear informing you that your report has been successfully scheduled.

You can view all scheduled reports at any time by clicking on the ‘View Scheduled Reports’ button.