Sales Channels

Sales Channels allow you to understand how many tickets/items you sell from a particular Sales Channel. Whether it’s online, over the phone or a walk-up sale, you can set the sales channels that best suit you. You can also set and configure different fees and charges based on a sales channel (e.g.  phone source has a higher fee than the Internet sales channel to push more sales online).

When building items in the system, you’ll be able to select the sales channels you want to apply on a per event/activity/product basis; hence these settings are your global defaults.

System Version Tip: Standard and Enterprise users are able to customise sales channels related to the sources that events/activities and products are created in. The Enterprise version allows you to create new sales channels. If you need this particular function, please change your plan via Step 1: Organisation Settings.

If you want further information about Sales Channels, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Active 
    • Activate the sales channels that best suit your organisation’s needs. Deactivate the sales channels you do not wish to use, or track sales figures by simply flicking the active switch on (green) or off (grey).
  • Sales Channels
    • Re-name your sales channels to suit your business’s jargon – e.g.  you can change agent to outlet. This will be visible right throughout the system (e.g. when selling tickets/items) in the reporting module and when building events/activities/products.
  • Fast Sales
    • Will your sales channel be available for fast sales? Process high volume walk-up sale transactions that use a stripped-down version (1 page) of the full sales process. For example, it’s common for Fast Sales to be active for walk-up sales on the night of a show.  Please note: you cannot activate Fast Sales for phone sales and internet sales.
  • Sales Channel Goes Off-sale
    • This is the global default time period before or after your event/activity starts that you want your events/activities to go off-sale. Your off-sale time period can be adjusted per event/activity. These are your global defaults.  0 refers to event/activity start time.

      e.g.  you may want to end Telephone sales two hours before an event/activity starts so you can batch print (print your tickets in bulk) for those customers that elected to collect their tickets at the ticket counter.

      Internet sales are recommended to be kept running right up until your event/activity starts by implementing eTicket and SMS delivery. Select your preferred options below, under Global Delivery Methods.

      Walk-up, Agent, Admin, are already set to go off-sale 5 hours after an event/activity starts. Adjust these settings as preferred. Please Note: if you set your off-sale period to 0, as soon as your event/activity starts, it will go off-sale and will disappear from your Sales screen.

If you have different types of events/activities, such as the occasional festival that will sell tickets for more than 5 hours after the start time, you can adjust this sales channel settings at the event/activity level. These are your global defaults that will be pre-defaulted when you setup an event/activity.

  • Maximum Ticket / Transaction
    • Set a maximum number of tickets/products that can be purchased for every sales channel. For example, you may want to limit the number of tickets/items that can be purchased on the Internet Sales Channel to 50, which will stop an uncommon number of tickets/items being purchased online using a credit card in the one transaction.
  • Action
    • Edit will activate an overlay to change the existing Sales Channel. You can change the Sales Channel Name (where allowed), set the Sales Channel Goes Off-sale, set the Maximum Tickets/Transaction and activate Fast Sales functions for the Sales Channel.
  • Add Sales Channels
    • Add and customise Additional Sales Channels to increase sales potential. Add as many sales channels as you like – upstairs, downstairs, various agents … it’s your choice. Please remember to click Save to save your new Sales Channel.
  • Show All
    • Check this box If you wish to see all the sales channels that have been made inactive. Both activate and inactive sales channels will display. Click the active box to re-activate a sales channel.