Release Notes 74

Q3: June 2023

We are absolutely thrilled to unveil the upcoming release that will bring you a plethora of highly anticipated features on the TicketSearch platform. Say goodbye to FOMO with our Waitlist Option for Specific Dates and Times, ensuring you never miss out on those hot-ticket events again. Customize your waitlist experience with personalized questions and seat preferences, putting you in the driver’s seat of your ticket search adventure. Additionally, you can now show the colour of held sets on seat map during the sales process rather than price level colour.

But wait, there’s more! Introducing the game-changing gift voucher panel under Customers & Transactions. Easily edit voucher expiry dates for individual customers, archive customers and events effortlessly, and even update membership expiry dates on an individual basis. We’ve also got you covered with SMS notifications for cancelled events, keeping you informed every step of the way.

We’ve turbocharged our email updates functionality. Now, when an event date or time changes, you’ll receive updates that include both reserved and confirmed orders. Plus, enjoy crystal-clear visibility with the sales channel displayed prominently on the checkout page.

But we didn’t stop there—we’ve added the icing on the cake. Get a quick snapshot of your shopping cart with the total count of items, making your checkout experience a breeze.

And trust us, there’s a lot more excitement waiting for you in this release.

Please press control + shift + R to refresh your browser and see all the latest changes.

Please see below the items included in release 74. Please read the release notes carefully and if you have any questions, please contact support in your region.

  1. Google Analytics Upgrade

In an effort to stay up-to-date with industry standards, we will be upgrading Google Analytics to GA4 before July 1st 2023. This is an internal change directly from Google and will improve the performance and functionality of our platform.

2. Sales Channel Indicator on Checkout Page

To provide clear visibility, we have included the sales channel in use on the checkout page. Previously, this information was only displayed on step one and two of the standard sales page. With this update, the sales channel in use will now be indicated on step 3: checkout as well.

3. Total Order Count for Multi Shopping Cart

To enhance convenience, we have added the total count (quantity/number of items) for the shopping cart. This information will be displayed on the backend checkout page, customer and transaction lists, and during transaction editing. It provides a quick overview of the number of items currently in the shopping cart. This is particularly useful if you have multiple events and multi ticket types avoiding a manual count. Please note that this feature is only available in the backend.

4. Expiration Date Customization for Tags

You now have the ability to modify the expiration date of tags for individual customers. Access the customers and transactions section, locate the desired customer, go to Tags and Interests, select the desired tag, and click the edit icon under ‘Expiry.’ From there, you can adjust the expiration date as needed. If a past date is selected, the tag will become expired once we run our automated batch processes that look for adjustments in tags.

5. ***Ability to Show Colour of Held Seats on Seat Map – Sales Process ***

Recently, we added the ability to display seat numbering by default on the Seat Map under Settings > Event/Product Settings.

Due to further requests, we’ve now added 2 further options as displayed below.

Option 1: Show colour of held sets on seat map during the sales process rather than price level colour will replace your price level colour so that you can then clearly see all your held seats with their relevant colours which will also reflect your session level hold template.

If you also select ‘YES’ for the question, ‘if seat numbering is displayed on seat map, do not show seat numbering on held seats, this means that not only will the seat map show the held seat actual colour (not the defaulted orange), it will also display the hold reference letter i.e. P for promoter.

It’s important to ensure that your price level colours (i.e., Section A, Section B, VIP) do not conflict with the held seat colours.

Above: Held seats being displayed in the back office sales process with their associated colour and letter reference.

Above: Held seats being displayed in the back office sales process with their associated colour and with their seat number.

6. Join Waitlist Option for Specific Dates and Times

This has been a highlight requested features and now customers have the option to join the waitlist for specific dates and times, even if some sessions are sold out while others still have available seats. Previously, the join waitlist button only appeared when all sessions were sold out.

With this update, customers can join the waitlist for any sold-out or allocation-exhausted sessions within the event. The join waitlist button will be visible on the event details page. You must turn on this setting against your waitlist template.  We’ve also moved the Join a waitlist link further down towards the selection of dates and times to ensure that if dates are available, there is no confusion that options are available. The move of the Join a Wailist will only be visible if the session level option is activated.

7. Customized Waitlist Questions

We have introduced an additional question feature for your waitlist build. This question can be tailored to your needs, such as seat preferences, and you can specify if it’s mandatory or not. When customers join the waitlist, they will see this question. To activate this feature, go to Tools & Templates > Waitlist. You can access the data collected from the waitlist in your Waitlist Report or from the Waitlist listing page.

8. The Waitlist Report now includes the additional question field and preferences provided by customers.

In the example below, the customised question is displayed in the second last column as well as the preferences as to which sessions that are sold out a customer wants to list for.  

9. New Gift Voucher Panel under Customers & Transaction

With numerous valid vouchers still remaining, we have established a dedicated section for managing customers’ gift vouchers. This eliminates the need for you to search through customers and transactions in order to access this information. Simply click on the vouchers tab, and all the relevant data regarding your gift vouchers will be readily available. Additionally, you have the option to uncheck the box to exclude expired vouchers, and the total amount of credits available will be clearly displayed as well.

10. Editable Voucher Expiry Dates against a custome

You now have the ability to add or update voucher expiry dates directly from the customer and transaction section. Simply navigate to customers and transactions, search for the desired customer, go to the new dedicated voucher tab, and locate the valid until/expiry field. From there, you can specify a past or future expiry date for the voucher.

11. Editable Voucher Expiry Dates against a Gift Voucher Build

You now have the ability to add or update voucher expiry dates directly from the Gift Voucher listing page, under the expiry tab.

Once you click on the pencil icon, you will be presented with the settings that typically apply to your voucher expiry dates. Select your option and press submit. You also have the option to apply this setting to any vouchers that have been sold and are still valid. For example, with covid causing issues with validity of vouchers, you can now easily go in and make an adjustment to the expiry dates i.e., extend by 2 years, set no expiry etc. Our batch job runs every 4 hours and will update your existing orders

12. Archiving Events

You now have the ability to archive events directly from your event build listing page. Once an event is completed settled, you are best archiving the event if it had no further use rather than making the event inactive. When archiving events that have associated deals, discounts, subscriptions, or packages, please note that those items will no longer be available. To filter by archived events, use the appropriate filtering option. Before making an event archived, please be advised that any tags associated with the event will be affected. Please note, that if you generate sales reports that include and archived event, that data will still be displayed.

13. Archiving Customers

We have introduced the option to archive customers who haven’t logged in or made a purchase within a specified number of days. Once the specified time has elapsed, the customer’s account will be deactivated. To access this feature, go to Settings > Organization Settings > General Settings > Customer. You can find options to archive customer accounts based on login or purchase activity.

When searching for archived customers in the Customers & Transactions section, use the new checkbox “Include Archived Customers” to reveal the results

Please note that archived customer data will not be included in Customer Evaluation and Primary Marketing Reports, but all other reports will reflect archived customer data.

14. Flexible Membership Expiry Date Updates

You can now easily update the expiry dates of individual memberships or make changes to all existing memberships that have been sold. This feature is particularly helpful for individuals who couldn’t utilize their memberships due to COVID-19 restrictions. To edit the expiration date of a membership, follow these steps:

  • Go to the membership build section.
  • Select the edit icon under the expiry tab.
  • A pop-up will appear, allowing you to enter the number of days from purchase for the membership to expire. You can also choose the “no expiry” option for memberships that should remain valid indefinitely.
  • Once updated, the changes will apply to all existing and valid memberships.

Additionally, the membership expiry/renewal date can also be updated directly from the customer’s profile. In the Customers and Transactions section, follow these steps:

  • Search for the specific customer.
  • Go to the Memberships tab.
  • Click on the edit icon in the Expiry column.
  • Select the desired date.

The changes will be applied, and a batch job will run within four hours to update all existing memberships accordingly.

Note: If you have special criteria for a customer whose expiry dates have been edited and you want to update everyone else’s membership period, it is advisable to create a new membership build, as it will update every customer with a valid membership.

15. SMS Notifications for Event Cancellation

When cancelling events via the events listing page, customers will now receive both email and SMS notifications. If a mobile number is present in the system, the cancellation message will be sent via SMS, ensuring prompt and efficient communication. The cancelled event SMS template can be found under Tools & Templates > Email/Letter/SMS Templates > SMS.

16. Expanded Google Wallet Customization

Google Wallet customization is now available for memberships, gift vouchers, and merchandise, allowing for a personalized payment experience.

17. Search Bar Tooltip

We have included a tooltip for the search bar in the Customers & Transactions section to provide greater clarity during customer searches.

18. Ticket Holder Information

In cases where there are multiple tickets in a transaction, you can now use the “Show More” button to display ticket holder information for each ticket. This improves platform performance on the finalize order screen, particularly when dealing with a large number of tickets. E.g., if there is an order of 20 tickets, only 10 will be displayed with ticket holder information, you can then click the show more button to include another 10 and so on.

19. Inclusion of Reserved Orders

Previously, when modifying an event’s date and time, you had the ability to resend e-tickets, email updates, and SMS tickets exclusively to confirmed orders. We have enhanced this functionality to include reservations alongside confirmed orders. Now, you can conveniently send notifications to both reserved and confirmed customers.

20. Default Sales Channel Selection for Off-Sale Policy

When completing an exchange for a purchase made online, the sales channel in use would typically show as “internet.” However, the internet sales channel often goes off-sale within a few hours. To address this, we have automatically selected the walk-up sales channel for exchanges. This ensures that the event remains on-sale until the session date and time. In cases where clients are not using the walk-up sales channel, we have added the option to select the primary sales channel for the off-sale policy on the sales and delivery page. This allows you to choose a default sales channel of your preference for completing exchanges.

21. Discontinuation of Renewal Reminders

We have updated the system to cease sending renewal reminders or lapsed emails once your membership build becomes inactive. This change ensures that notifications align with the active status of your membership.

22. Confirm Email Functionality

Fast Sale Enhancement: Based on client feedback, we have made adjustments to the fast sale function. You can now add a customer on the fast sales page, even if the ‘confirm email’ field is not present. This improvement eliminates error messages that were previously encountered.

23. Artifax Text Update

To provide comprehensive guidance, we have updated the text for Artifax on the General Settings page. Additionally, we have included a direct link to our extended help file, enabling users to access detailed information effortlessly.

24. Text Clarification in Reports

To facilitate ease of use, we have made text changes to our reports. At the top of each report, you will now find the following text: “For report data output that spans multiple pages, use the directional arrows below to navigate forward, backward, to the first page, or to the last page.” This adjustment provides clear instructions for navigating through report pages.

25.  Internal Note Feature for Payment Methods

 In cases where multiple accounts are used, we have introduced an internal note function to specify your Stripe or IPay88 accounts as unique identifiers. This addition simplifies account management and ensures clarity when handling payment methods.

26. Improved Fast Sales Process

Previously, when conducting fast sales by simply entering an email, the system did not save that email against the transaction. We have now enhanced this process, ensuring that the email address is saved and visible in the door list report. No customer details will be assigned to the transaction other than the email address. Additionally, each transaction within the report will carry a unique transaction ID.

27. Improved Reservation Confirmation and Reminder Emails

For clients using the default reservation confirmation template, we have made enhancements to the email templates. We have now embedded the customer’s login link within the email, allowing them to easily access their account login page. Once logged in, they can navigate to Reservations/Unpaid, where any outstanding reservations will be listed. Customers can then select ‘pay reservation’ and proceed to the final order screen to confirm and complete payment.

Note: this change only applies to new orgs/templates and clients can use the {login link} tag after this release to adjust their existing template.

28. Secondary Terms and Conditions Script Update

To streamline the process, we will automatically turn off secondary terms and conditions that have not been modified from the current Covid19 terms and conditions. If any changes or modifications have been made to the text, the secondary terms and conditions will remain active.

29. Reservation Ticket Loading Time Optimization

We have optimized the reservation ticket loading process for both customers and transactions, as well as the checkout page during payment. These improvements result in faster loading times and a smoother experience for users.

30. Doorlist Report Updated for Fast Sale Enhancement

The email column has been added in the doorlist report to accommodate emails which has been entered while doing fast sales. This will be populated in the same column as email addresses for other customers.

31. Customer Details Integration with IPay88

When utilizing IPay88 for sales, relevant customer details such as first name, last name and email address are now seamlessly passed to the IPay88 portal. This allows you to directly access customer information when viewing transactions on the portal, regardless of their success or failure.