Release Notes 73- May 2023

Below is a mini update we have done post the previous release in March 2023.

Please press control + shift + R to refresh your browser and see the latest changes.

Please see below the items included in release 73. Please read the release notes carefully and if you have any questions, please contact support in your region.

  1. Search by Event ID

We’ve updated the system via Manage Events to allow for filtering by your Event ID or the Online Link ID. Simply enter your event ID or private link ID and select the filter button for faster location of events/activities. You must enter the complete ID to find the specific event/activity.

2. Release Holds for GA Events

Holds can now be set to auto-release at a specific time and date for General Admission events. This function was previously only available for Reserved Seating Events. Simply set the date and time you would like the remaining holds for your GA event to be automatically released, saving you time. This feature will only work with single or multi session events.

If you have an event that is in a different time zone (venue) from your Organisation, then the holds will be released according to your venue time zone. If there is no venue, then the ORG time zone will be applied.

To auto-release holds, go to Events > Build & Manage Events, while on the listing page, select your desired event. Next, select the edit pen under Capacity/ Holds, the below page will appear giving you the option to add the Days/Hours/Mins before the performance that you would like the remaining holds to be released. For example , you can set the holds to be released seven(7) hours before the performance, then click ‘Apply’.

3. Settings for show seat number by default in sales

You now have the option to display the seat numbering on your seat maps in the backend by default. Previously, if you wanted to view the seat numbers, you were required to select the checkbox to ‘display seat labels’, only then would they appear.

To activate this feature, go to Settings > Event/Product Settings > Under the Seat Map section, select ‘Yes’, for the question : Show seat numbering on seat map by default? Once this option is selected, the seat numbers/letters will be automatically displayed.

Note: This option is currently only available for Standard Sales and Deals & Discounts.

Also, this is an organisation setting which will therefore be applied to all seat maps. It cannot be turned on for individual users.

4. Seat Map Navigation Enhancement

To allow for better accessibly in the backend, we have moved the seat map navigation buttons closer to the zoom in/out buttons. This way, you can select both from the same location on the screen or allow the roller on your mouse to zoom in/out, thereby allowing for easier navigation of the seat map. Please note that this change has only occurred in the backend and not online.

5. Event Description Character Limit Increase

We have increased the number of characters that can be displayed online before the ‘Show More’ button appears in your event description. This allows you the option of sharing as much information about the event so that customers/patrons have access to all necessary show details before purchase.

From your Event/Product Settings, you can enter the number of characters you would like to be displayed in the checkbox provided next to the question: For event descriptions, how many characters would you like to show before a ‘show more’ option appears? This will apply to all events, as the change takes place at ORG level.

Note: The maximum number of characters which can be displayed is 9999.

6. Ability to modify single seat validation message.

You can now edit the single seat validation message that appears when customers try to leave a single seat during online purchases. To do this, go to Settings > Event/Product Settings > Under the Seat Map section, once the option to leave single seats is not selected, the option will now appear to ‘update single seats selection text when people leave single seats’.

7. System update to remove Select All and Clear All buttons based on Price Levels

Previously, despite the number of price levels available for your event, the ‘Select All’ and ‘Clear All’ buttons would be displayed during online sales. We have updated the system to remove these two buttons if there are less than five (5) price levels available, if there are five or more price levels, the buttons will be displayed. This option is only available for Standard Sales and Deals & Discounts.

This is an automatic feature that will come into effect based on the number of price levels.

Price Level < Four

Price Level => 5