Release Notes 71- March 2023

We are excited to announce the release of the below items as part of release 71. Please press control + shift + R to refresh your browser and see the latest changes.

Please read the release notes carefully and if you have any questions, please contact support in your region.

1. Google Login

You can now activate Google Login for online sales, thereby allowing customers/patrons the ability to access TicketSearch using their Google Login. To activate Google Login, go to Marketing > Google/Facebook Login > Toggle on the option ‘Would you like to activate Google Login for online sales?’.

Please note that we will be registering all organisations that created their accounts pre-March 14th, 2023, all other organisations MUST contact the TicketSearch support team to register their domain with Google. Once completed, a confirmation email will be sent to you, only then will the Google Login work for your online sales.    

Once activated, when customers/patrons visit your sales page and select the ‘Sign In’ tab, the option to ‘Log in with Google’ will now appear. Once selected, a pop up will appear and the customer can then enter their credentials to be automatically logged into TicketSearch with their google account.

Other sign-in options are available using the members sign in option, from the finalise order screen and when registering a new user on the event sales page.

Sales Page Login Option

Members Sign in Option

When selecting ‘register now’ on the event sales page, the below screen will be displayed.

2. Google Wallet Customisation

You can now adjust your Google Wallet design including adding colour, fonts etc via Marketing > Google Wallet Customisation.

You can also add a logo, hide your labels, and even change the label text i.e., Ticket to Item.

If you make an error, you can always reset to your default template. Please carefully read all rollover info tips against each area.

One of the limitations as compared to apple wallet, is that you are unable to change the text colour, it’s defaulted to white, and you’re also unable to change the first two rows only the last row i.e., Section, Ticket etc.

When accessing their profile, customers will see the below option to add their upcoming event to Google Wallet and will receive a digital barcode required for access to the event.

A picture containing qr code

Description automatically generated

Upon adding their ticket to Google Wallet, the customer will receive confirmation that their tickets were added to their wallet. They can the access it via their smartphone.

Smartphone View

3. E-Ticket Password Protection

We’ve added a new feature for added security that enables an operator to add a password to be entered for an e-ticket. One password will be made available for all tickets purchased. If an exchange is completed, the operator will need to enter a new password.

To activate this function, go to Step 1: General information of your event build > Ticket Templates > Toggle on the ‘Activate password protection for e-tickets’ option. You can also select the option to ‘Enforce password protection for e-tickets’, this will make a password mandatory for every e-ticket sent.  

Entering an E-Ticket Password

Once your e-ticket password protection is turned on, when completing a sale from the backend, once the e-ticket delivery option is selected, the below screen will appear requesting you to enter a password to protect your e-tickets.

Note: Password must be minimum 8, maximum 16 characters and must include at least 1 letter and 1 number.

When the customer receives the email with their PDF tickets attached, once downloaded, they will be prompted to enter the password assigned to them by the operator.

When completing online sales, once a customer selects the e-ticket delivery option, they will be prompted to enter a password as shown below.

To change an e-ticket password, go to the desired transaction > Select the tickets > Select ‘Reprint’ > you can then enter a new password and select the ‘Re-Send Email Tickets’ button.

4. Calendar added for Scan Options Settings

We have added an additional option to scanning setting to include a calendar, thereby saying users time by allowing them the ability to easily set the scanning date instead of counting days in between.

5. Optimisation of various reports to improve speed.

We have optimized the following reports for speed:

  • Sales Channel by Ticket Type Report
  • Promoter access Basic
  • Promoter Access Detail
  • Sold Out Status 

A reminder that we are strongly focusing on allowing you to customise your own reports and as a result, any customisation requests to existing reports will not be possible until the project is live. We are very excited about this key development. In the next release, early April, we’ve already created the functionality that will allow you to set your default preference for reports saving you time. Taking the door list report as an example, this would allow you to set one of the many fields as a default, particularly important if you generate the report by these fields.#

6. Reset Password Enhancement.

We’ve updated the reset password link to display an error message when copying and pasting a password exceeding the 16-character limit. The sign-up link was also updated. Previously, the reset button was disabled.

7. Active Incomplete

When creating any product or merchandise with a future on-sale date, there was an issue causing it to go to an ‘Active Incomplete Status’, which did not automatically become active when the on-sale date arrived. This has been corrected.

8. Remove Space after Inactive 

We have removed the space after the word Inactive in the below error message.

9. Alert for Inventory in Merchandise issue fixed

Previously, emails were not being sent in the merchandise alert (low stock). This has been resolved.

10. Customization for Donation Module not Reflecting on B2C

There were a few aspects of the online customisation for the donation module that when edited on the backend, was not reflecting in the frontend. The affected items were: Choose a custom amount, choose a customer donation amount and I would like my donation to remain anonymous. This has been resolved.