Release Notes 70

February 2023

Below is a mini update we have done post the previous release on February 2nd, 2023.

Please press control + shift + R to refresh your browser and see the latest changes.

Please see below the items included in release 70. Please read the release notes carefully and if you have any questions, please contact support in your region.

  1. Introduced Stripe Terminal default operator settings.

We have introduced default operator specific setting for the Stripe Terminals (Eftpos sales) which can be set by clicking on the operator’s name located on the top right-hand corner of TicketSearch> My Own Settings. Operators can set default a terminal based on the sales channel and TicketSearch will send the payment request to the selected reader.

Please note, if there is only one terminal in the sales process, the system will send the payment request to that reader only without the selection of a default terminal. In instances where there are multiple terminals, if there are no default setting, TicketSearch will ask the operator to select the terminal in the backend checkout page for all terminal sales.

2. Enable Stipe Terminal in Telephone as well as Internet sales channel (while doing exchange with higher amount).

We have enabled the Stripe Terminal in the ‘Telephone’ sales channel as well as the ‘Walk-up’ sales channel. In addition, while doing an exchange of an order with a higher total, an operator is able to select the Stripe Terminal to collect the payment.

3. Link Generator updated to sort Alphabetically.

We have added a new functionality for linking by a private link (using the event short codes) to sort the data alphabetically. You can now generate the private event link by going into Link Generator > once link is ready to be copied, add ‘&sort=al’ at the end of the link. Below is the sequence to be followed.

Featured events (special characters > number 1-9 > alphabet a-z) > normal events (special characters > number 1-9 > alphabet a-z) .

4. Text Update when Cancelling an Event

In the last release, we’ve added the ability to cancel an event and send email notifications to customers. Under ‘Options’ against an event, we’ve updated the rollover text to ‘Cancel Event’ for clarity.

5. Validation message when account is inactive.

When an account is inactive and a customer tries to login online, the following message will now be displayed: “Sorry, this account is not active.”

6. Update to seat rollover image

We have added an additional space between a seat and the rollover seat information popup for better user experience in both online and backend sales.

Previously, while moving the cursor off one seat, to select another, the popup was preventing the user from selecting the other seat. This has been resolved.

7. Primary Marketing Report: Added ‘AND’ condition between “Event” & “Ticket Type” filters when using those filters together.

The Primary Marketing Report’s Event and Ticket Type filters will now work with an AND condition when using those filters together. When using the Event or Ticket Type filter on their own, this will still operate as an OR condition. Please note, all other module filters will continue to work with OR conditions.

8. Gift Voucher report update- “Balance at Sales Date”

A new column has been added to the gift voucher report, ‘Balance at Sales Date’.  This column will show the remaining balance based on the given sales date range. E.g. If there is $100 voucher and $50 was used in January and remaining $50 used in February, f an operator generates a voucher report for month of January, the Gift Voucher report will show the data below. The ‘Current Remaining Balance column’ is differentiated as it will show the amount as of report generation time.

9. Google Address Verification text correction.

Highlighted text correction has been made to make it clear that there is a charge of 0.05 cents AUD per address verification.

10. Single seat left validation has been corrected.

The Single seat warning previously displayed where a single ticket reservation was in between seats. This issue has been fixed.