Release Notes 70.1

March 2023

Below is a mini update we have done post the previous release on March 16th, 2023. A full release will take place next month.

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Please see below the items included in release 70.1. Please read the release notes carefully and if you have any questions, please contact support in your region.

  1. Ability to save/remember your filters against a report.

All reports have been optimised with a ‘Save Filters’ option. This functionality will allow operators the flexibility to save report filters which can then be reused when generating reports on a regular basis. For example, if you frequently use the Door List report and usually require specific filters that aren’t defaulted, you can now save time by saving your desired filters.

This has been a widely requested item and is our first step towards custom reporting.

2. Header Cards and Receipts have been optimised for printing.

We’ve optimised the BOCA print experience, reducing the time it takes to print BOCA tickets when a header card and/or receipt is printed at the same time. On average, we were seeing a total of 50 tickets and 1 header card/receipt taking approximately 22-27 seconds to print. Now, 50 tickets along with the header card and receipt can be printed in 2-5 seconds.

3. Default Ticket Holder Information to “send all tickets to me”.

Previously, when using the ‘send tickets to friend’ function the system was defaulting the radio button to the send to friend option in sales process. We have now added an additional field under Step 1 of the event build, as shown below. From here, an operator can select their desired preference for specific events and the system will default the radio button depending on the settings in sales process

4. Exclude Membership Filter with Interest in Primary Marketing Report

In our last release we updated the combination of Membership and Interest as those fields should work with the ‘AND’ condition in primary marketing report. At that time, exclude membership filter was still working with the ‘OR’ condition. We further updated this so that the exclude membership filter will work with the ‘AND’ condition along with the interest filter.