Release Notes 60.0

Q1: 1st March 2022 

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Please see below the items included in release 60. Please read the release notes carefully and if you have any questions, please contact support in your region. 

1. Adding reserved seating holds to legend 

When rolling over or clicking on a seat that is a hold type, the system now further details what the hold type is to assist operators in quickly identifying the hold type name i.e., Hold Type: E-Exclusive. 

2. TicketSearch is now live in Indonesia with the gateway ipay88 

Indonesian clients can now go live with ipay88 which is currently also operating in Malaysia. To use the service, simply click ‘Yes’ and enter the required information. 

3. TicketSearch is now live in Vietnam using the gateway Payoo 

Vietnam clients can now go live with Payoo Payment. To use the service, simply click ‘Yes’ and enter the required information. 

4. Deactivating Secondary Terms and Conditions 

You can now deactivate Secondary Terms & Conditions by flicking the switch to ‘No’ which will prevent it from appearing on the finalise order screen. 

5. Batch printing optimisation 

We’ve optimised the batch print process to generate the PDF file of tickets faster. There is nothing you need to do to activate this feature. 

6. Cloudfare Security update 

When generating reports and other functions throughout the system, any request to our Amazon servers would be terminated at 1.5 minutes. For example, reports in particular that can be heavy in data may take longer thank this period causing a blank screen to appear. Clients would then have to use the ‘email now’ function to generate reports. In partnership with Amazon and Cloudfare, this has now been updated to 5 minutes. 

7. Batch printing update when tickets printed from customer record 

When printing ticket(s) from the customer record i.e., the customer has come to the venue and collected the ticket(s) rather than coming on the day of the event/activity, the ticket/item will now be removed from the batch print to avoid them being printed again. 

8. Hiding promo code function for Subscription & Packages 

To hide the promo code function from platform customisation, head to Settings > Platform Customization > sub menu: Subscriptions & Packages. Click the promo code field and in the right panel, check the box ‘Hide this option’. Please also remember to click all the additional fields such as the promo code text to complete remove the promo code functions. 

9. Marketing Tags text update 

We’ve updated the marketing tags text to ensure that there is further clarity of when to use the ‘And’ compared to the ‘OR’ function. 

10. Pre-event email update for Event/Activity date range 

We’ve updated the pre-event email template so that when you activate the function to show upcoming events, the system will now display the date range of the events/activities. 

11. Email address added to Invoice/Reservation Report 

The invoice/reservation report is now displaying by default the customers email address. This can be used to then email the customer to follow-up on reservation payments. The customers email address will now appear directly after the last name field. 

12. Customer Evaluation Report update 

The Customer Evaluation Report has been updated in response to the various field options that are available. You can now generate the report to view first time attendees by sales date range, events/activities and more. The system will analyse the customer created date and first purchase date to ensure that they are on the exact same date. You can only generate one module at a time i.e., by event only, by membership … Modules will analyse data by sales date range. 

13. Show more tab in fast sales 

When there are more than 50 dates/times to shown in you fast sales list, the show more button was in some instances not responding to a mouse/keyboard click to display events/activities above 50. This has been fixed. 

14. Send to a friend template update 

The send to a friend template has been updated to include the event/activities session date/time. This function is used for customers to send their ticket(s) to their friends directly at the time of order rather than having to distribute the PDF tickets(s). 

15. Open Pass Style event update 

Open Pass events/activities i.e., valid to 30 June 2022 no longer display a calendar. 

16. Promo Code update 

When a price scale is only accessible via a promo code, when viewing ticket types, the system now clarifies that a promo code is required to continue with the text ‘Please enter promo code above’. If the continue button is clicked and a promo code is entered, danger text is displayed, ‘Please enter promo code’ to further help the customer understand what is required. 

17. Shopping cart timer update for gateways Cybersource and Ipay88 

When using the 3d security aspect of Cybersource and ipay88 that refers customers to a payment page from the finalise order screen to complete payment, the system now adds an extra 1 minute buffer to the timer to ensure that there is enough time to enter credit cards details and rivert back to TicketSearch. 

18. Covid19 Health Declaration update 

The Health Declaration that has questions relating to a customers potential covid exposure has been updated from a link to a button ‘Complete Now’. Once updated, the button will display in green ‘COMPLETED’.