Release notes 59.0

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Please see below the items included in release 59. This release covers a number of tools that have been released for Covid19 including vaccination status, vaccination verification and health declarations. Please read the release notes carefully and if you have any questions, please contact support in your region.

1. Update to help

Once you ‘click me for help’ from the top tool bar, then click Release Notes/Email Campaigns, we’ve added a column on the left hand side containing links to the Mailchimp campaigns sent by TicketSearch. On the right hand side we will still have a list of our release notes.

2. Gift vouchers update to show available voucher count and value remaining

Once you select a patron from the finalise order screen, you are now able to view the number of vouchers and total value the patron has available to redeem. Once you click ‘ASSIGN NOW’, a pop up will appear with the voucher serial numbers and value.

Simply click on the voucher(s) you want to assign and click ‘Submit’.

3. Backend/Sales checkout page update to patron selection

The FINALISE ORDER page has had an order screen update. With the implementation of the new gift voucher approach outlined above, we’ve adjusted the flow so that once you’ve selected a delivery type, you can now assign the patron to the order on the left and then view available vouchers on the right.

4. Active/inactive toggle for questions in questionnaire

You now have the option of making a specific question within a questionnaire inactive by clicking the toggle option.

5. Ability to add/edit dependency question for Questionnaires (for Single Choice questions only)

This is a great new feature that allows you to setup a question and if a patron answers that question, they will be directed to a specific flow (See below description). For example, you may ask a question about dietary requirements and if the patron selects no, the questionnaire is complete. If the response is yes, the system will then collect the dietary requirements.

6. Ability to add/edit notes for Single/Multiple Choice question type, which will then display in sales part accordingly

If a specific answer is responded to by a patron, this may invalidate or end the questionnaire when using the new function of dependency questions. You can now add a note that will appear to the patron and staff selling items from the backend application.

7. Customisable button text

You are now able to customise your button text for each module (i.e. Events, Memberships, donation etc). For example, the default button text is ‘Buy Now’. For Memberships, this could be changed to Become a member rather than ‘Buy Now’.

To access this feature, click on Settings > Platform Customisation > Online Customisation then under Overall Customization, select ‘Home Page’.

Click on the desired module button name and under ‘Change Text’ (right hand side), adjust the text and press ‘Save’.

8. Copy ticket holder information in online and standard sales

Implemented in both backend and online sales, you now have the option of copying across ticket holder information across ticket types and events/activities to save time. This is particularly important if key contact details such as phone and email details are the same. Once copied, you’ll then just simply need to adjust the first name and surname details.

The biggest advantage is for those patrons purchasing multiple tickets. The system will allow you to select a patron and copy the details to all applicable events/activities. For example, a patron purchasing 5 events and 5 tickets for friends/family would represent 25 ticket holder details to complete which can take several minutes to complete.

9. Introduction of ‘Send e-tickets to each individual’ for events/activities

This feature can be enabled from event build STEP 1 under ‘eTicket Template’. To use this feature, user must turn on ticket holder information (First name, Last name, and Email) as mandatory.

By default, against each event/activity, “Email tickets to each customer separately?” is defaulted to ‘NO’. By turning this question to ‘YES’, users will be presented with another question “Enforce that all etickets must be sent individually?” which can be turned on according to your needs. If you enforce this process, it will mandate ticket holder info to be collected for each attendee who will receive their email and individual ticket.

By turning the first question to ‘YES’, ‘Email tickets to each customer separately’, when building an event/activity, you will get one additional question under ‘Option and add-ons’ as below which will then hide ticket holder information while selecting “Email all tickets to me” and only apply this option of sending tickets to friends for eticket orders and not generally across all sales. Below question is defaulted to NO.

Note- When enforcing to send all etickets individually, the above question will not be available under options and add-ons on event step 1.

When selling events/activities via backend and online sales, patrons will have two radio options presented to them when selecting e-ticket as a delivery method (see example below):

  1. Send tickets to my friend- by selecting this option, tickets can be sent to each individual attendee.
  2. Send all tickets to me- by selecting this option, tickets will be sent to the logged in patron or guest user.

A reminder, if activating second option “Enforce that all e-tickets must be sent individually?” to YES, these two options will not be presented in the sales process. Tickets will be sent individually all the time.

10. Online member/customer logged in account has been modified- add/edit/view ticket holder details, resend ticket to friends and add/edit/view Covid19 questionnaire.

The following options have been added to the online patron’s account to further reduce the pressure on the box office.

a. Add/edit/view ticket holder details & add/edit/view Covid19 questionnaire

This option is available by logging into the patrons account > Orders/Upcoming Events > Click on ‘View ticket details (edit)’ link > click edit against any ticket > change ticket holder details OR now/completed click on complete button to access Covid19 questionnaire responses.

b. Resend ticket to friend/family

login to patrons account > Orders/Upcoming Events > Click on ‘View ticket details (edit/transfer)’ link > click on ‘resend/transfer’ button.

Featured events/activities will now display on the home page against their respective module ordering display. Please see example below.

12. Rollover tip added for “Print Status” column in Customers & Transactions for older records

We’ve implemented the ability to view the print history for ticket/items from etickets sent to physical printing. TicketSearch displays the user who printed the tickets/items and the date/time. As this feature was made available for tracking after the 30th September 2021, we’ve now added a help tip to allow users to understand why the information may not be available to them. System now states, “Data for print history is available only after release version 58 on 30th September 2021”.

13.  Desktop scanning upgrade

We’ve upgraded the desktop scanning with the following features:

Transaction record on left now display in ascending order by surname/last name.

  • Partially scanned records display in orange.
  • Fully scanned records display in green.
  • a legend of for scanning colours has been added for clarity.

14.  Mobile scanning update

The following changes have been made to the mobile scanning app.

  1. Users are now able to search patrons by first name, last name, confirmation number and email in the ticket scanning search field.
  2. Font size has been increased by 2 points for better visibility purposes on the results screen in the camera scan window.

15.  Text modification for online sub and package sales process as below:

We’ve modified the text when a patron has multiple options for selecting seats or selecting best available during the subscription sales process. This simply makes the options a lot clearer.

  1. I will select my own seats per performance
  2. Select the same seats for all performances

16.  New Arrow added to ticket selection process

When purchasing a reserved seating event with multiple seat selection activated, an arrow has been added for ticket type selection dropdown to let users know that more options are available by clicking the drop down.

17. Authorize.Net duplicate window setting response time has been reduce to 10 seconds. For clients using, we’ve reduced the duplicate requests that can be sent from 3 minutes to 10 seconds. This means if a payment is rejected or the details were entered incorrectly, you can try again in as little as 10 seconds.

18.  Membership Report additional options/fields added

We’ve added the following filters to the membership report:

  1. Include expired members
  2. Include inactive members
  3. Show Billing Address
  4. Show Mailing Address
  5. Show Home Phone
  6. Show work Phone
  7. Show preferred name

We’ve also added checkbox to the following fields that already generate on the report to allow you to uncheck these options if they are not required to be displayed:

  1. Show Email
  2. Show Mobile

19.  Update to Door list report – Additional Ticket Holder Information Fields not displaying actual filed name.

We’ve updated our code for those clients collecting Additional Ticket Holder Information. Previously, the columns were marked as TicketHolder1 rather than the actual field name. We are now displaying the actual field label making it clearer what the field represents.

20.  Update to Sold count in Promoter reports

The “Sold Count” column name in Promoter Access Basic and Promoter Access Detail reports has been modified to “Sold Count (Inc comps)” for clarity.

21.  Transaction report update for vouchers

When redeeming two vouchers with the same amount, this will now be displayed as one combined entry in the transaction report.

22.  Change to logic when calculating price range in events

We are now considering the entire price range online on the event/activity listing page in case of multiple pricing templates with different price range. Previously, the system was only considering the first templates price range.

I.e., 26 May 2022 has price range from $1 to $5

and 1 June 2022 has price range from $6 to $10. The price range will be displayed as below:

23.  New online process to counter slow internet connections

When entering patron details online, the ‘Next’ button for patron details on the online checkout page now has a loading symbol until the logged in patrons’ details have been loaded successfully.

24. update- Patron merge into blank customer while confirming order from online orders.

For clients using payment gateway, there was a limited number of instances where due to a technical issue, the patron would be merged into a blank profile. This has been fixed.

25.  Able to Delete the Subscription Item from Final Order Page in Mobile only

We’ve updated our code to prevent users on a mobile device being able to remove items from the cart for Sub and Package that are mandatory.

26.  Membership Automation Emails update

We’ve added some further logic to our code to ensure that membership automation emails are sent at their correct date/time.

27.  External barcode scan out from desktop scanning area correction

We’ve updated TicketSearch to enable external barcodes to be entered into the barcode number placement from desktop scanning.

28.  External barcode scan data on scanning report update

With the newly created option for external barcodes to be imported, a correction has been made to ensure that the scan count is displaying data (see sample below).

29.  Email templates issue resolved

We’ve corrected an issue where the logo image, header image and footer images were getting replaced while copying email templates.

30.  Address formatting update for suburbs/towns

Address suburb/town formats were appearing duplicate times due to Googles Authentication of addresses. Data was in certain instances displaying twice in the billing and mailing addresses on the customer record and applicable reports. We’ve written code that now identifies this google issue and are hiding one of the duplicates of the suburbs/towns.

The hyperlink against an upsell (product add on, i.e., buy a ticket and add a drink) was not displaying as a hyperlink. This has been corrected. A hyperlink could be used to open a new page with additional information about the upsell (see example below, Click Here).

32.  Typo correction Sub & Package

The text “continue” in sub and package detail page has been corrected to ‘continue’.

33.  Update to Tag automated email

The Logo image, header image and footer images were not being displayed in customer tag notification emails.

34.  Marketing opt-in report update

If the email checkbox was not checked in marketing opt-ins (leaving SMS and mail only), the data was not generating in the Primary Marketing Report filters. This has been resolved.

35.  Subscription & Packages design update

The Sub & Packages detail page displays select buttons. We’ve updated our code to ensure that the SELECT button is equal size for all modules.

***Introduction of Covid19 Tools***

We’ve introduced a number of tools under a newly created menu under Settings > Covid19 Tools. These features allow you to ask a questionnaire relating to a patron/ticket holders vaccine status, valid from date, upload their vaccination certificate proof/exemption and what type of vaccine was administered. We’ve also introduced a verification process for patrons/ticket holders to verify the vaccine certificate/exemption prior to attending the event/activity.

The final part of our Covid19 tools involves a health declaration that can be emailed to all those attending an event/activity seeking information about their possible contact/exposure to covid19. The information collected from the Covid19 vaccination certificate/exemption, health declaration and verification status are available on the scanning app.

36.  Introduction of new ‘Health declaration’ to be collected for each ticket holder

Health declaration will allow you to collect health related data from each attendee and which will then display in the door list report as well as the scanning app. This is becoming more and more important as Covid spreads around the world and in preparation for any other health issues/pandemics that arise in the future. A similar type of template of questions is used around the world. The declaration ensures that the attendee verifies that they haven’t got symptoms or been in contact with someone that has covid.

We have introduced one default questionnaire for all clients which can be found under Tools & Templates > Questionnaires/Surveys. It cannot be deleted due to the Covid19 data collection process. You can make text changes to the default questions.

The template can be scheduled as many times as you like to be sent to the patrons prior to an event, however once the health declaration has been completed, it will be stop sending.

This questionnaire has some default questions as listed below. Please read carefully

The questionnaire is restricted to events/activities only and does not come under the ordinary questionnaire dropdown i.e., ticket level/transaction level questionnaire. It can be managed via Tools and Templates > Email/Letter/SMS Templates > Health Declaration.

This email template can be applied under Events/Activities step 1 “Email & Messages” tab. Once a sale has been processed and depending on the distribution timing selected, TicketSearch will send all relevant ticket holders emails with a health declaration questionnaire to complete.

Once the email is received, the patron/s can click on the ‘COMPLETE NOW’ link which will then redirect them to the questionnaire page.

Once the patron completes these questions and click on ‘Submit’, TicketSearch will display an acknowledgement.

In addition, health declaration response can be added/edited by going into Customers & Transactions > Customer Record > Edit Transaction > Edit Ticket Holder Information > Click on view button under the “Health Declaration Survey” column.

37.  Health declaration answers can be generated via the door list report by selecting below checkbox

*located under ‘What Fields/Options would you like to display on the report’.

38.  New default “Covid19 Questionnaire” added to system

The new Covid19 Questionnaire collects important information relating to a patron’s vaccination status/exemption, proof of vaccination, vaccination type and valid from date. The questionnaire can be found under Tools & Templates > Questionnaires/Surveys. The questionnaire cannot be deleted due to the process TicketSearch has in place for Covid19 data collection. You are restricted to making text changes only for this default questionnaire.

Please note, there is a verification process for patrons and ticket holders (for example, if a patron purchases 4 tickets, 4 lines with specific requirements to complete. These 2 processes are defined via Settings > Covid19 Tools (see below).

This questionnaire has several default questions as outlined below:

This questionnaire is restricted to events/activities only and does not come under the ordinary questionnaire dropdown I.e., ticket level/transaction level questionnaire. It can be managed via Settings > Covid19 Tools > Covid19 Questions.

By activating this question “Would you like to collect Covid19 related questions? (Inc. vaccination status, vaccination valid from date).” to YES, you will then be able to select the Covid19 Questionnaire (you are limited to selecting the default Covid19 Questionnaire rather than creating your own). The questionnaire will then be asked both online and for backend sales. If you do decide to turn this question OFF after sales have been processed, any completed questionnaires will still be accessible under customers & transactions.

By Turing above question to YES, all events which have Ticket Holder Information (First Name, Last Name, Email) as mandatory will then have the Covid19 questionnaire display in sales to collect Covid19 related information i.e. covid19 certificate and validity.

By turning second question “Do you want to be able to turn off the asking of the questionnaire for specific event?” to YES, you then the ability to turn On/Off this function at event level via step 1 of the Event build under Options & Add Ons.

By default, the above question is turned OFF. By turning this question ON at the event level, the system will then start collecting Covid19 information for that specific event/activity. By turning this question OFF after sales have been processed, answered questions will still be accessible via customers & transactions.

39.  Ticket holder verification process for Covid19 vaccination

This feature will allow you to verify each attendee (rather than just the patron) based on their vaccination certificate/exemption proof, valid from date and vaccination type. To use this feature, users must turn on Covid19 questionnaire which can be found on Settings > Covid19 Tool page.

In addition, you must turn on the below question as well which can also be found on Settings

> Covid19 Tool page.

Once the above questions are turned ON and event has been created with Covid19 Questionnaire and ticket holder information (First name, Last name and email), user will have “Complete Questionnaire” section next to ticketholder information in online and backend sales as below and user can click in complete now button can complete questionnaire

Backend sales:

Online sales:

Once sales have been completed, this questionnaire can be added/edited from online and backend. To update from backend, go to Customer and Transaction > Customer Record > Edit Transaction > Edit Ticket Holder Information > Click on completed/complete now button.

To update from the online patron account, login to the customer account > Orders/Upcoming Events > Click on View ticket details (edit) link > click edit for any ticket > click on complete now/completed button.

To verify attendees, go to Settings > Covid19 Tool page > Click on View Ticket Holder button

> Download Covid19 certificate and assign appropriate vaccination status by selecting from drop down and click the update button.

What all status means for ticket holders (rather than patrons):

  1. Unverified – when Covid19 certificate has been uploaded but not verified yet
  2. Verified – When uploaded document has been verified by back office staff
  3. Exemption – When any customer has any exemption, this tag can be assigned I.e. medical exemption

Note- Verified and exemption status will revert back to unverified when any changes have been made in customer’s “First name” or “Last name” or “Email” fields and again verification will be required for those customers.

40.  Two new default fields have been added under Customer Fields Setup

The below two fields have been added under the Customer Field Setup page to collect Covid19 related information for clients. By default, these fields are hidden and will need to be turned on against applicable sales channels (Internet, Phone) as either Optional or Mandatory. Head to Settings > Customer Field Setup.

These fields will be used for the patron verification process of vaccination or exemption proof and validity which can be done via newly created page “Covid19 Tools” under setting area. Please note, depending on your region, the valid from could be changed to valid too. Rules are changing quickly around the world, and this will provide you with the flexibility you need to collect the right info.

41.  Customer verification process for Covid19 vaccination

This function can be turned on from the newly created page ‘Covid19 Tools’ under the Settings menu. In order to verify patrons, you will need to turn on the below question.

By flicking the above question to YES, within the same menu, TicketSearch will display the number of patrons who have uploaded covid19 certificate proof or exemptions as below:

The above grid will only display those patrons who have uploaded covid19 certificates via the default Covid19 Vaccine Proof field. Documents can be uploaded via backend or online.

Below is an outline of what the status refers too:

  1. Unverified: when Covid19 certificate has been uploaded but has not been verified by your organisation.
  2. Verified: When the uploaded document has been verified by your organisation.
  3. Exemption: When a patron has any exemption, this tag can be assigned I.e. medical exemption.

**Important**- a verified and exemption status will revert back to unverified when any changes have been made to the “Covid19 Vaccine Proof” or “Valid From” fields. Verification will be required again for any patrons. It’s important to get this right as soon as the COVID19 functions are activated.

42.  Patron record updated to display vaccination status

Once Covid19 tools are activated, under the patron record, you are now able to view the customers vaccination status. Verified, Unverified or Exempted.

43.  Auto populate patrons’ details and vaccination status for first ticket holder information for each performance/session purchased in online and backend sales.

We have introduced new functionality which will reduce user’s time while completing ticket holder information online and in backend sales.

Backend Sales: when an operator selects a customer in the customer panel on the finalise order/checkout screen, TicketSearch will now auto populate the customers details and vaccination status into the ticket holder information panel below for each performance/session purchased. This is one of the key reasons why the customer panel was moved.

**Important** if any data is placed into Ticket holder Information before selecting a patron, TicketSearch will not overwrite this information.

Online: When the patron is logged into their online account, the patrons’ details will auto populate the first name, surname and vaccination status (if applicable) into ticket holder information below for each performance/session purchased.

44.  Scanning app update with Covid19 changes

We have integrated all Covid19 related information such as vaccination status, vaccination certificate and health declaration responses into the scanning app.

In the example below, the vaccination status is displayed as verified. There is also a link to the patrons covid19 proof or exemption and a link to the health declaration which can be viewed directly on the scanning app if required.

45.  iPay88 Merchant ID Character limit has increased to 13 characters

For those clients using Ipay88 in Asia, we’ve increased the character limit to 13 for our launch into Indonesia.

46.  Rollover design from membership build step 2 has been updated to correctly display.

47. Patrons using 2 browsers at the same time

We’ve blocked the ability for users to purchase multiple family passes while using two different tabs at a time. There was a rare instance where a lower quantity than the mandatory value could be purchased.

48.  Refund update for refund fee

When attempting to process a refund, in the screen shot below, if a back end user adjusted the refund fee and did not click outside of the box so that the system could update the refund fee, the system was defaulting the refund fee to the original value. This has now been updated.

49.  Payment of a reservation online update

While paying a partially paid reservation online, the order summary was not displaying outstanding amount. This has now been updated to make it clear what the patron needs to pay.

50.  Batch print date search filter update

When searching a batch print for a single date (i.e., from 17-01-2022 to 17-01-22) this filter has now been updated to correctly return results.

51.  Currency symbol update for Malaysia

We’ve updated the currency symbol for Malaysia on etickets from R to RM.

52.  Membership acknowledgement updating from Customers & Transactions

Under the customer record, Membership Tab, you can now update the Acknowledgment text.

53.  Subscription report changes

The Subscription report has been modified to display Fixed, Flex and Standalone items in a separate row. This is important for those patrons purchasing both a fix and flex plan and in one transaction and trying to identify how to allocate the cross sells and donations when the subscription report is generated by one particular subscription type.

54.  Update to country flags

We have added the following countries and flag images to TicketSearch.

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Turks & Caicos Islands