Release notes 58.0

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Please view below the items included in release 58. If you have any questions, please contact support in your region. 

1. New Print Status against each ticket/item line 

We’ve added a new print status column against each ticket/item line which will provide the latest information of when the ticket was last printed or sent (e-ticket). If the ticket/item is printed via Batch printing or within the patron record, the system will show the delivery type, date/time and the user. 

2. Batch print update- removal of tickets/items printed via patron record 

If a ticket/item is printed via the patron record, the system now removes that ticket from the batch printing process. 

3. Change of delivery method enhancement to speed up sales 

Often clients have pre-defaulted delivery types i.e. print at the box office for walk up sales and e-ticket for phone. When you get to the finalise order screen of the sales process, you aren’t required to select the delivery type, speeding up sales. 

As part of this new approach, if you need to change the delivery for a multi order shopping cart, the system will update where possible all delivery types to the same type again saving you time. For example, you have 5 events and the default delivery type is print. Simply change the delivery type against the first event/activity and the system will update all to the same type. If the same type is not available, the system will ignore the specific event/activity. 

4. Delivery Tag added to Merchandise e-ticket and printed ticket layouts 

The delivery Method tag has been added against applicable tags that can be assigned to an e-ticket/printed ticket layout. This allows you to quickly identify the delivery method selected for an order and appropriately assist the patron at the venue/location. 

5. Multi events/activities date/time change auto expand update 

When clicking to expand dates/times (performances/sessions) and editing the date/time, on submit, the system would shrink the view for that event/activity. We’ve updated the process to force the view to stay open which will save you time when changing multiple sessions/performances. 

6. Membership added to Marketing Tags 

You now have the ability to tag a member via the Membership selection below. This is useful if you are using marketing tags for reporting analysis or any further ticket type tag restrictions. For example, if you wanted to understand how many members had spent over 1000, you have the ability to create a multi-level tag. 

7. Refund Reason report update – Sales Date Range replaced 

We’ve updated the text of the refund reason report from sales date range to ‘Refund Date Range’ for clarity. 

8. Relative Refund Date added to schedule reports 

You are now able to schedule a refund reason report and use the ‘Relative Refund Date’ to display refunds within that period. This option was previously not available. 

9. Voucher Values aligned 

We’ve aligned the voucher values to ensure they don’t overlap in specific instances online. They will appear now as below. 

10. Update to batch sending timing of email alerts (date/time change) 

If an event/activity date/time is changed, e-tickets and SMS tickets are sent within the hour of pressing ‘Submit’. You also have the option of sending an automated email communication of the change of date/time. We’ve changed the email sending to 15 minutes which then ensures the patron receives the notification email first followed by the eticket/SMS tickets. This will prevent any confusion for the patron of why they are receiving these tickets. 

11. Addition of cheque/check number to patron order 

A transaction that is paid by cheque/check now displays the cheque/check number for clarity. This avoids you having to go to the transaction report to seek this information. 

12. Membership family pass update 

When purchasing a membership, the system will now total the price and allow the patron to enter quantity as i.e.1 that will then deduct 4 memberships. This process aligns with event/activity ticket types. In the case below, the price per membership type is 20 which then totals 80. Min and max values are displayed for clarrity. 

13. Exchanged/Refunded Memberships removed from patron account 

Where a member has had their membership exchanged or refunded, the order reference is now removed from the membership tab of the online patron account. A reminder that the online patron account has many functions available to the patron including viewing order history, upcoming events, accessing their memberships, gift vouchers and more. 

14. Sales Date filter added to Manage Renewal Reminders & Lapsed Membership letter printing. 

We’ve added a Sales Date Filter to Manage Renewal Reminders and Lapsed Membership letter printing to allow you to narrow what view and how much data you are displaying or printing. 

Above: renewal reminders letter search 

Above: lapsed members letter search 

15. Platform Customisation update for Online Customer Account 

We’ve updated the Platform Customisation area to apply the newly introduced field ‘Expires’. This is accessible via Settings > Platform Customisation, then click the sub menu Member Account > Membership. 

Click on any of the fields, i.e. expires in this case and update the text, colour and more. 

16. Patron search and patron record display update 

When searching for a patron, if imported, the first name and surname was appearing when free text searching in the imported field format while the patron record was the 

format as per your patron field setup. The data now displays based on your patron field settings (title, lower, upper). 

17. Membership letter printing validation 

When printing any of the membership letters, if a template hasn’t been assigned to the membership build, we are now alerting clients to the fact that a template has not been assigned. This can be easily fixed by going into the membership build and adding the template. 

18. Membership ID search option 

You are now able to search a membership under Customers & Transactions using he membership id number. This will ensure you find a direct match when searching to the membership. 

19. (payment gateway) now allows exchanges to lower value 

If a patron purchases for example an adult ticket and exchanges this to a lower priced ticket (child type), now allows the excess to be refunded back to the patrons credit card. This avoids having to refund the ticket and then reprocess the order. 

20. Securepay payment gateway update 

Securepay the main gateway being used for payments in Australia has been sending communication to all clients about an upgrade to their authentication platform. These changes have already been made by the TicketSearch development team and there is nothing further required by clients. 

21. Gift Voucher online change 

We’ve changed the positioning of the ‘Redeem’ and ‘Add Additional Voucher’ options to ensure that the first process is to enter the voucher, next for those that have multiple vouchers, add all the voucher numbers and then click ‘Redeem’. We’ve also updated the info tip to explain this process. All vouchers must be entered before redeeming due to the validation checks required for each voucher. 

22. Password reset update to logic 

When password reset is set under general settings to ‘Set a number of days’ option, when changing other settings from general settings, the system would on occasions ask operators to reset their password after submitting this page (submit and continue and save). This issue has been resolved. 

23. Event/Activity step 3 update 

When editing a layout of an event/activity from step 3, we’ve updated the messaging when you click to edit the venue layout. As the venue layout is assigned a new name and against our database recognized as its own unique layout, It crucial to ensure that all steps are followed including updating the pricing template, holds and doors even if these elements haven’t been applied to that event/activity. 

24. Duplicate billing suburb/town displaying in patron record 

The suburb/town would in some occasions appear duplicated. When displaying the data from google, our system interprets the address and then displays it. We’ve updated the code further in this analysis to prevent where possible, these duplicate details displaying. 

25. Patron field labels 

When creating a custom multi select field, once a patron selects an option, it was not visible until the page was saved and refreshed. The display now shows the selected option. 

Also, multiple selection was not showing the file uploaded until the patron would save the record. This has been updated to prevent any confusion to the patron that it hasn’t been successfully uploaded. 

26. Drag and drop GL Account Codes 

You can now drag and drop your general ledger account codes by simply clicking onto the GL account code and moving it to your desired position in the list of all your GL account codes. 

27. Apple Wallet Membership Cards 

As more patrons move digital, the function of adding to apple wallet is becoming more widely used. We’ve now updated the apple wallet membership cards with an expiry date that calculates correctly the logic of the expiry date. 

28. Off-sale Date correction when editing date/time 

If you off-sale was set to 0 days, 0 hours 0 mins, on editing the date and time of a performance/session, the system would make the event off-sale according to the original date/time. This issue has been corrected. 

29. Exchange update when changing prices 

When processing an exchange and changing any of the fees, if a user did not click outside the input box, the system would highlight the field in red indicating an error. You would then have to click outside the field to ensure that the change was correctly reflected. This has been updated and you no longer need to click outside the box. 

30. Peurto Rico and Turks & Caicos Islands added 

We’ve added these 2 countries to the list of available countries when adding a patron to the system.