Release notes 56.0 & 57.0

 AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2021: Click here to access the latest release notes 

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Please see below the items included in release 56-59. If you have any questions, please contact support in your region. 

1. Change of Date/Time automated notification to all patrons with an email address 

In update 57, we released the function that allows you to change the date and time of an event/activity and the system will resend all e-tickets and SMS tickets. 

We had also advised that we were enhancing this area further to also include the ability to send patrons an email notification of the change of date/time. This template will go to any patron that has an email address no matter what the delivery type is- This function is now live. 

The new option below, ‘Would you like to resend email to all customers’? Once you flick this option, you will view the below screen: 

Flick the switch to orange, then simply select a template. We’ve already setup a template to make this process simple. The template simply advises the client that their event/activity has had a change of date/time. 

To adjust or create a new email template, head to Tools & Templates > Email/Letter/SMS Templates. 

Select the option ‘CHANGE OF DATE/TIME’. 

Click ‘Edit’ to adjust the template or click copy to create a copy. ‘Add Email Template’ will simply create another default template for you. This is particularly useful if you’ve extensively adjusted your default template. 

2. Change of date/time confirmation email resend update 

When you resend e-tickets and SMS tickets, the confirmation email which is also sent has now been updated to show the refunded tickets/items to ensure the patron has clarity over valid tickets. 

3. User & Global Settings updated to include option to turn off ‘Send Confirmation Email’ per sales channel 

Under your user settings and global settings, you now have the option to turn off ‘Send Confirmation Emails’ against any sales channel (Admin, Box Office etc.). For example, you may process complimentary tickets through an admin sales channel which by default you prefer not to send a confirmation email. Once you proceed to the finalise order screen, the confirmation email will be turned off by default and you can simply check the box to turn it on for that specific sale channel. 

An important reminder that you can click on Settings > User Settings > Global User Settings to adjust these settings for all users by default. 

4. Automatic Delivery method selection when only one delivery method is available 

When only one delivery method is available, the system allows you to click ‘Next’ to go to step 3 without the patron requiring to select the single delivery option. We still require this step to be included in the booking process, particularly as it’s important that the patron understands the delivery process once the order is generated. 

5. Patron online automatic expand of ‘Orders’ tab 

When a patron logs into their online account, we’ve now automatically expanded their online account to show the orders tab which includes their order history, upcoming events and Memberships. This will enable patrons to quickly identify all the options available to them. 

6. Patron Reset Password new process implemented 

Based on your valuable feedback, the password reset process had changed. If you have adjusted your password email template via Tools & Templates > Email/Letter/SMS > ‘Customer Account Password Reset’ template, your body text has been automatically updated by engineering to the new process. Please carefully review the content. Header, logo and footer images have not been updated. 

Once the patron clicks to have their password resent, they will receive the below sample email. By clicking ‘Let’s Go’, the patron will be directed to the password reset page. By enter a new password and reconfirming this password, once clicking reset, they will diverted to the organization listing page. Previously the patron had to copy and enter the temporary password into reset password page. Once they reset their password, often they would forget to visit the Change password page to ensure they update the temporary password to ensure a smooth next purchase. 

7. Exchanging Tickets Update 

We’ve updated the exchange process so that when an event is not available in a particular sales channel, the ‘from’ exchange event/activity no longer needs to be active. Previously an error would appear on your screen. Please note, the event/activity you are exchanging too must be available in the desired sales channel. 

8. NSW Diner & Discover voucher integration update 

A reminder to New South Wales, Australia clients that the in the last release 55, we went live with our integration to the NSW Dine & Discover program which allows patrons to use their NSW Government vouchers on entertainment as part of NSW’s Covid stimulus program. 

For those clients that have not been able to locate their business id number, please see the update below which was also sent as an email campaign. 

To retrieve your BUSINESS ID you will need to contact SERVICE NSW directly on 137788. You will need to supply your ABN and organisation name to retrieve through SERVICE NSW. Please remember your BUSINESS ID is not your unique ID and you will need to contact SERVICE NSW to retrieve. 

Once you have retrieved your BUSINESS ID, simply log in to your TicketSearch account, go to SETTINGS-> ORG SETTINGS-> STEP 4. FINANCE SETUP-> DINE AND DISCOVER VOUCHERS. Activate your Dine and Discover Vouchers and you will be required to input the 3 below fields. Simply copy and paste your required below fields into their correct position, validate details and SUBMIT.

Business Id: (Each of our partner businesses will need to provide this) Key = y9WGmyJXHf58Xdgy4LHXblj99NG2AyC1 

Secret = gjULM4BwawKcQOqo

Once you have submitted this your method of payment table found in SETTINGS-> ORG SETTINGS-> STEP 4. FINANCE SETUP will contain DINE & DISCOVER NSW and your INTERNET and WALK UP sales channels will automatically be activated. Your customers will now have the opportunity to use their Dine & Discover vouchers for online purchases. 

9. Online sales- phone number and email now displaying as hyperlinked 

We’ve updated the online sales flow to allow your contact details, phone and email to appear as hyperlinked so that the customer can clearly understand that they can click on these options for further action. 

10. Membership Enhancement- Ability to either increase or decrease the price on renewal 

We’ve enhanced the membership renewal process to allow for both a increase or decrease the price as a percentage or $ value. Previously, you could only increase the price. You can also select which renewal periods to increase or decrease. For example, year 2 you may increase and year 3 decrease the price of the membership. 

11. Membership enhancement – promo code restriction 

Restrict your membership type by a promo code that the patron must enter in the finalise orders screen or staff need to enter processing a membership. The membership (type) 

will not be displayed until the promo code is entered. To activate, simply click on ‘Add Promo Code’ and in the box provided, enter your code. 

If you have activated the function to allow your memberships to be renewed and the price to either increase or decrease based on a predetermined $ or % value, you’ll also be able to add a promo code into a specific renewal period. For example, all customers after having purchased a membership on their rollover are offered 20% off the next time they renew. 

Please note, if there are specific members such as staff/cast members who are offered a discount via the promo code while all other members are not being offered the discount, you will need to setup a new membership type. If you don’t setup the new type, all members will need to enter the promo code to access the discounted value. 

12. Membership enhancement – restriction by tag 

Restrict your membership by a marketing tag. Marketing tags allow you to tag patrons based on what the patron purchases, spends or donates. Tags can also be manually assigned. For example, create a VIP Membership type that is only available to your VIP big spend patrons that are now being offered an exclusive price to join under a new membership program you’ve started. 

To activate the restriction against the membership (type), click on ‘Restrict by Tag’ then select the applicable tag. 

If on the other hand the membership (type) is publicly available but you are wanting to offer specific patron (i.e. staff) a discounted for renewing, create a new membership type i.e. Staff Membership and then once again click on ‘Restrict by Tag’. Select the applicable tag. Please remember to click the save icon. 

‘Important information’ – you must carefully consider if the restriction will occur on the membership type and/or the renewal process. Each renewal period can be restricted by a tag. Also, if you are still selling a membership type but want to offer only some members a discount by a tag, you will likely need to create additional member types. 

13. Membership enhancement – Drag and drop of membership types to change order 

You can now drag and drop your membership types on step 2 of the membership build process. This ensures that if you add additional types, you can always control how they appear during the sales process. For example you might add a Premium membership type at a later stage and this is the one you want to appear first in the list. 

In the example above, I’ve began dragging the silver membership type to allow gold to appear first in the list of available types. 

14. Patron Address Update- Finalise Order Screen when using QAS 

When using the QAS address verification system, the system was on occasions missing comas between the street name and type and the suburb/town/city. We’ve corrected this issue. 

15. Membership Report – addition of new column Legacy Date Joined & rename Join Date to Renewed Date 

We’ve added a legacy date joined to the Membership report and when a membership is renewed, you can always keep track of their original date joined. We’ve also renamed Join Date to Renewed Date to provide more clarity. The Renewed Date will then allow you to see the latest date the member renewed. 

16. Membership Enhancement- Customers & Transaction Update 

Under customer and transaction > membership tab, we’ve created a new column name “Legacy Date Joined” which is the original date the member joined. We’ve also changed the “Joined Date” to “Renewed Date” for more clarity. 

17. Membership Enhancement- Addition of Membership Renewal Template 

We’ve added a new renewal Membership email and Letter template to the system. Previously, a membership renewal would use the New Member template process. This now allows you to assign a more logical template for those renewing. The new templates have the key word of renewed for clarity rather than buy. 

18. Membership Menu updates 

We’ve updated the membership menu for letter printing to the following for clarity. 

*Please note, membership emails are automatically sent based on parameters selected in the membership build. 

New/Renewal Members: We’ve added a drop down list for ease of use so that you can print your New Member letters or Renewed Members letters. 

Manage Renewal Reminders: This includes your first and second reminder renewal letters that need to be printed. If a member renewal, they will not receive the renewal reminders. 

Lapsed Members: If a member doesn’t renew, you are able to print letters a notification letter to be sent via mail or for collection. 

19. Membership update for renewals 

We’ve updated the membership process so that renewal letters will not appear under Memberships > Manage Renewal Reminders until my renewal period begins. Please note that if a member renews, they will not receive any automated renewal reminder into the renewal letter than appears under the Manage Renewal Reminders menu. 

20. Membership Enhancement- Add new customer QAS now added 

When adding a new customer, we’ve now updated the process to enable QAS address verification. 

21. Membership Enhancement- Improvement to the buying process for multiple memberships 

When purchasing multiple memberships, we’ve improved the design process (see below). Copying from one member to another has been vastly improved. 

22. Gift Voucher Report – option to display order note 

When generating a gift voucher report, you now have the option to check the box to display the order note. 

23. Membership Enhancement- If membership renewed, removal of letter from renewal process 

If a membership is renewed, we are now removing the record from the printing renewal process to avoid patrons being confused about receiving such a letter when they have already renewed. 

24. Reservation Pay Online- removal of pay reservation button 

If a reservation is paid online, we’ve removed the pay reservation button once the reservation has been fully paid to avoid any confusion. 

25. Ability to make all membership letters inactive 

We are now allowing you to make all membership letters inactive from Tools & Templates > Email/Letter/SMS to remove them from any batch searching. 

26. Update to Date Joined and Renewal Date online 

In the example below, we now list against the patrons account the ‘Date Joined’ and ‘Renewal Date’ for clarity. We understand that members are sensitive about their join dates. 

27. Print all button wheel spin added 

When printing letters via the below menu, previously, there was no indication that the data was generated prior to moving to the print function. Depending on the number of letters required to be printed, this process can take a few minutes. We are now showing a wheel spin against the ‘Print Selected button. 

28. Ability to remove venues from Membership restrictions 

When restricting a membership by a membership, when you remove that venue and click ‘Save’ or ‘Save & Next’, the venue was still appearing selected. This error has been fixed. 

29. Scanning App Optimisation 

We’ve optimized the scanning app for large scale event to return scan results quickly. Previously, due to our database table sizes, the scan could potentially be delayed a few seconds from returning a result as it searches the table for an entry. We’ve also optimized Desktop/Manual Scanning which allows you to scan using a USB connected scanner. 

30. Sales Channel by Ticket Type (Performance Statement) update for holds 

The Sales Channel by Ticket Type Report has been updated to now show a 0 value if there are no holds assigned to a particular hold type in a price scale. Previously the report would only show holds where a value was assigned. To show holds, you must check the box ‘Show Holds’. 

31. gateway update for reservations 

When processing a reservation with where on finalising the part payment there is still a balance remaining, the system was confirming the order. This issue has been resolved. 

32. Deal & Discount update for reporting codes 

The drop-down list for reporting codes under Deals & Discounts was showing duplicating entries for reporting codes This issue has been resolved. 

33. Membership/Voucher update for onsale date 

Where a membership or gift voucher was more than 12 months, the onsale, these modules were not appearing in specific selections across the system including ticket type restriction by tags and tags in general. This has been corrected. 

34. Facebook login update 

Facebook have made a number of changes to the login process that we’ve now updated so that patrons can use the function to login. We are also working with Facebook on a sub domain name registration process and awaiting further advise. 


A reminder that under Settings > API access, you have the ability to review our API which allows you to connect to our system and pull data automatically. You could be connecting to your only website and formatting event data in your own preferred display or connecting to a separate email campaign system to our integration of Mailchimp. We’ve been working with a number of clients to update the API to meet a range of different requirements. We strongly encourage clients to explore the options available in the API. 

Below is a list of the most recent updated: 

New Scanning API’s – Three new API’s for scanning have been created and 3 existing API have changed. 

• barCodeAcitvity log requested 

• Single barcode scan 

• Mutiple scan Barcode import 

Below are some further changes 

• New API: External and TicketSearch barcode activity . This allows you to pull data relating to external barcodes you may have imported from a 3rd system as well as the existing Ticketsearch generated barcodes that could already be pulled from the API. POST 

• New API: Single Event barcode scanning POST 

• New API: Bulk Scanned event barcode import POST 

• Scanning API- we’ve added scan setting detail (i.e. number of doors allowed) 

• Customer list API has had a filter added to be able to pull data based on modified date and time 

• Order list API has had a filter added for order created date time