Release notes 54.0

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Please see below the items included in release 54. If you have any questions, please contact support in your region.

  1. ‘Email Now’ function introduced into reporting

This function allows you to email a report to yourself rather than having to use the ‘Schedule Report’ option. Please allow up to 10 minutes for the report to arrive. Simply enter a report name and your email/multiple email addresses and press ‘Email Now/Schedule Report’.

2. Exchange process updated to allow for exchanging of ticket types even when an upsell is present

We’ve updated TicketSearch to allow for the exchanging of ticket types even when an upsell is present. Select the ‘Click to Edit/Replace Tickets’ option and you’ll be diverted to the event/activity listing page to choose your new ticket types. Simply change your types and then you’ll be re-diverted back to the finalise order screen. Previously, if an event had upsells, the ‘Click to Edit/Replace Tickets’ option was not available.

3. Sales process update – Correct count now showing number of tickets selected

When processing a sale from a seat map, as you select seats, the key on the right-hand side showing the count for ‘Selected’ will now update automatically. In the example below, we can identity 2 seats have been selected, and the ‘Selected’ count is displaying 2.

4. Sales process update – Finalise order screen ticket type expansion window now forced to stay open

On the finalise order screen at the box office, if you clicked to delete tickets/items, the arrow would collapse (as shown in screenshot 2 below) requiring you to then expand the panel once again. The panel will now stay expanded. If you are deleting multiple ticket types, this new update will make it faster for you to delete the required items.

Previously, the panel would collapse after a deletion of ticket type.

5. Sales process update – Finalise order screen ticket type now in seat order

When selecting ticket types for a seated map layout, the system would display your seats throughout the sales process in the order that you selected them. We’ve now updated this process to order the tickets, as shown below, in seat order (i.e. A 112, 113, 114).

6. Event sold out at the box office – Map now accessible

When an event is sold out that has a seat map attached and there are no holds available, you are now able to click ‘View Seat Map’ to access the seat map. Typical functions like double clicking on seats to view seat history will all be accessible to you. If a particular date and time is sold out, you’ll be able to click into the event, select the date/time and access the seat map.

7. Area map enhancement – Area overview position change

For those clients using area maps, we’ve now positioned the area map overview to always be above the seat map. In some instances, if the area map was drawn from top layer to bottom, the area map would already sit on top of the seat map. Please see the example below of a clear selection process of the area maps.

8. Voucher redeemed enhancement

If a voucher has been fully redeemed, the system now displays the voucher line entry in red (see screen shot below).

9. Email/Letter/SMS Templates update 

We’ve updated the email templates to allow the following:

a) Customisation of event name colour: You now have the ability to change the colour of the ‘Upcoming Events’ title text color. In the case below, the colour of the text was changed from black to red.

b) Check box to display date range: You can now check the box to display the date range of the event from start date to end date (see sample below).

c) Ability to hide venue name: If your venue is always the same and you don’t do external events, you now have the ability to remove the venue name from displaying.

10. Update to the ‘Click Here To Search For Ticket Types’ button in the backend (Box Office)

We’ve updated the sales process for seat maps to display the ‘Click Here To Search For Ticket Types’ button. Online, where the ‘Multiple Seats’ option is selected rather than single seat selection, this button can be customised (online only) via Settings > Platform Customisation.  

11. Subscription update – Allowing customers to select same seats per date/time

You now have the ability from step 1 of the Subscription & Package build to force the same seats to be selected across a subscription. This can speed up the sales process but has the disadvantage that if the same seats aren’t available, the customer may see a very limited number of seats to choose from. For example, if Event A has sold most seats for opening night and this was part of the subscription selection by the customer, as the system is searching for all available same seats across the seat map, it may result in the customer seeing seats available only in the back of the venue.

The options available are:

  1. Allow customers to select seats per performance
  2. Force same seats across all dates/times
  3. Allow both of the above options
  1. Allow customer to select seats per performance- This is the default option that has been available to customers. Customers simply click on each date/time and select a seat, meaning they can sit in any seat available to them from the map.
  2. Force same seats across all dates/times- This new option allows the customer to simply pick the same seats across all dates/times for the same venue. If the layout is different via the same venue (e.g. seats have been added to a specific date/time) and a different venue, the system will show multiple seat maps. As stated above, please be aware that the system will look for the same seats across all dates and times. If one performance selected has sold most seats and other dates/times have not, you may find that the system will not show much availability.
  3. Allow both the above options– The customer will have a choice between option (a) and (b). If option b is selected and the customer wants to rechoose their seats, the system will allow the seats to be changed per date/time making option (b) a much faster selling/buying process.

12. Reprint tickets/items update – Select one delivery type and all will be updated

When reprinting tickets where there are multiple lines and you select one delivery type, if the same delivery types are available, the system will default all events/activities selected to the same delivery type saving you time.

13. Primary Marketing Report & Promoter Opt-In report update to exclude inactive opt-ins

Where an opt-in is inactive, we’ve removed it from displaying in the applicable promoter opt-in selection drop-down lists.

14. Reservation-Pay Later orders – Apple Wallet removal

Where an order is a reservation-pay later, we’ve removed the Apple Wallet logo from the confirmation email to prevent customers adding tickets to their Apple Wallet prematurely.

15. Donations added to finalise order screen summary

On the finalise order screen, we are now displaying the donation campaign details (see below).

16. Standard barcodes added to printed ticket layouts

Standard barcodes as well as of QR codes can now be used on your printed ticket layouts. Please note that Apple Wallet requires QR codes, so we suggest clients remain using QR codes as the preferred method. Some of the advantages of using QR codes are:

  •  QR codes can hold more information – While a barcode can represent up to 25 characters, a QR code can go up to 2500 characters. This means you can include much more information, like the URL of one of your listing pages.
    • QR codes can be smaller – A QR code can be up to 10 times smaller than a bar code and still be readable. This means that you can print smaller labels that carry more information.
    • QR codes are easier to read – To read a barcode you have to aim the scanner in line with the code, while a QR code can be read from any angle. When you have many tickets/items to scan, you won’t have to perfectly aim the scanner every time.
    • QR codes work even when damaged – QR codes have a high error correction margin. So even if around 30% of the code is unreadable (erased, damaged, dirty) the code can still work.

17. Error message update for online sales

We’ve updated the error message that appears if something goes wrong while using the system from:

Oops! It appears that you are not connected to the internet or an error has occurred, please try again. You may need to refresh the page.


Oops! An error has occurred. Please also check your internet connection and try again. You may need to refresh the page. If the error continues, please contact support.

18. Batch print update – Quantity count

We’ve updated the batch print process to correct an anomaly with the quantity count. In the case below, the quantity, although displayed as 1, once you ‘View Details’ or click to ‘Print’, the system would have a higher number of tickets available to print. This has now been corrected.

19. Customers paying for their reservations online

When a customer is paying for a reservation online (in their customer account), we’re clearly showing their reservation reference number. We’ve also disabled the continue shopping button to ensure the focus is on completing the payment.

20. Subscription report updates – more filters

The Subscription & Packages report by default will show each subscription purchased. You can now ‘Show Totals Only’ which will show the total summary of subscriptions purchased depending on your chosen filters. For example, if you have sold 5 x 6 play packages, 1 line will be shown displaying the total packages sold rather than 5 separate lines.

‘Show Totals by Sales Channel’ will group together the number of packages that are sold by sales channel, such as Internet, Phone, Walk Up etc., so that you can analyse how successful your packages are for each sales channel.