Release Notes 49.0

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  1. Report Name Enhancement

When you download a report, it now downloads according to the name of the report. Previously it showed an ID number instead of the report name.

2. We’ve Added ‘Title’ Before First Name in the Primary Marketing Report

In the Primary Marketing Report, we’ve added title before first name (i.e. Mr, Mrs, Dr).

3. We’ve Added a New Message in the Settings Area of Email/Letter/SMS Templates

We’ve added a new message in the Settings area when you are in Email/Letter/SMS Templates. As you can see below, it says “Tip: Updating the ‘From Name’ and ‘Reply to Email’ will update all existing templates.” Previously you would have still had to update each template manually.

4. You Can Now Choose to Show Seat Descriptions as a Pop Up (Useful for Setting Up Accessible Seating)

When you build a seat map, under Step 3: Seat Views/Descriptions, you can select an option to display the seat description as a pop up rather than a rollover (section 5).

The below images show how the process appears when setting it up in the backend and also in the online sales process. This option can be applied to many functions, including restricted or accessible seating.

This process now makes it possible for US clients to set up accessible seating according to regulated requirements.

5. Now You Can Change the Expiry and Renewal Date for Memberships

With the correct role/privilege, you are now able to go into a customer’s record and edit the expiry and/or renewal date for memberships. This was a client enhancement request.

6. Performance Filter Enhancement

In some instances, the performance filters were getting stuck so when you pulled a report – even though you had one date, it was still showing the original date. We’ve enhanced this feature to remove this glitch. If any clients notice the same issue occurring, please contact us.

7. Enhancements to the Deletion of Performance/Sessions in Relation to Zoom

In Events, if you deleted a performance time, say 10am, but you left your performance time at 10am in Step 5 for Zoom, when you re-added the performance back in again, the ID of that performance wouldn’t match the ID of the Zoom. As a result, customers were not receiving their Zoom ID and confirmation.

We’ve made enhancements so that now when you delete a performance/session from TicketSearch, it will delete this performance/session from Zoom as well to avoid this confusion.

8. E-mail Reset Password Enhancements to Allow for ‘.asia’

We’ve changed our reset password function to allow email addresses that have (period) extension more than 3 characters. For example, ‘.asia’. 

9. Memberships That Are Private Can Now be Included in the Subscriptions Build

Previously if you marked a membership as private, it wasn’t appearing in the subscriptions build so that you could actually include it in the process. You are now able to add private memberships as part of your subscriptions build.

10. You Can Now Include Free Memberships (With 0 Price) in Subscriptions

Previously, if you had a free membership (with 0 price) it wasn’t saving in subscriptions. You can now include free memberships in your subscription build.

11. We’ve Removed ‘Byram’ From the List of United States

‘Byram’ was showing in the list of United States of America. This has been removed.

12. ‘Country Short Code’ Has Been Added to Telephone Numbers When Performing Customer Database Imports

We have added a column called ‘Country Short Code’ to Customer Database imports to avoid any confusion in the system about the country of origin of a phone number as some countries share the same extension at the front of their numbers (the US and Canada are both +1). See the updated help file instructions below.

With all phone numbers, the downloaded CSV will automatically add a column for ‘Country Short Code’. For example, if you select mobile – you will get a column for ‘Mobile CountryShortCode’ and ‘Mobile’. If you are not sure of your country short code, please click the hyperlink in the next paragraph to access a full list of country short and long names. For example, Australia is AU and the United States is US. When you get to the next field which will be something like ‘Mobile’ or ‘Home’, just add in the phone number as it is (without any country code). You need to add the number keeping in mind that the system will automatically add in the country code based on your country short code. For example, for Australian mobile numbers you would remove the ‘0’ and just add in 456378965 as the system will add +61 to it once you upload it. It is mandatory to fill in both the country short code and phone number fields for the upload to work successfully.

13. In Platform Customisation There is Now a Timer Colour Option

From the main page in Platform Customisation, you now have the option to change your ‘timer colour’ so that if you are using a dark header background, the timer (which is by default black) will now be your chosen colour.

14. Tip: How to Make Sure ‘Continue Shopping’ Doesn’t Disappear When You Hover Over It

On your main theme page in Platform Customisation, you are able to change your hover colour so that when you hover over something like ‘Continue Shopping’, it doesn’t get lost in the background colour. See the below images for examples.

15. We’ve Added A Temporary Banner So You Can Have Direct Access to Our PCI Certificate of Compliance

16. Filter By Ticket Type in the Doorlist/Questionnaire Report

You can now filter by ticket type in the Doorlist/Questionnaire Report. For example, you may want to filter by ‘Adult’ tickets only. You must select an event first.

17. Tag condition ‘Not’ is Now Available in the Primary Marketing Report

Under Marketing Filters in the Primary Marketing Report, you can now choose ‘Not’ under Tags to exclude certain tags. For example, if you wanted to see members who have not renewed in 2021, you could choose to exclude new 2021 members from being pulled in the report so they are not included in a campaign targeted at members who have not renewed recently.  

18. Primary Reconciliation Report Update

If you’ve got a GL account code against your gift voucher, when you generate your Primary Reconciliation Report, we’ve added the ability to show the GL Account Code against the Gift Voucher (Credit) line.

19. QR Code Size Adjustment

You are now able to adjust the size of the QR Code when adding it to ticket templates. To increase the size of the QR Code, click on the code itself to select it, then click on the tool next to the flag from the toolbar (as shown in the first image below). A popup will appear (as shown in the second image below) and you can adjust the width and height etc. as desired.

20.  Waitlist Report Update

In the Waitlist Report, we’ve added a column called ‘Tickets/Items Required’. See below for an example.

21. Reservation – Pay Later Update

When finalising a Reservation – Pay Later transaction, the system has now been updated to send e-tickets at the time of payment.

22. You Can Now Customise the Donations Section on the Finalise Order Screen

When you go into Settings > Platform Customisation, you can click on the ‘Donations’ sub menu and edit the look and feel of the donations page. You are able to change the text, font size and font type etc. of the ‘Go to next step’ button. This is a client request and allows you to customise this area to make it as easy as possible for your customers to understand how to both make a donation and move to the next step.

23. New Field Columns Have Been Added to the Fundraising Report

We have added Preferred Name, Work Contact and Home Contact field columns to the Fundraising Report.

24. Promotor Optin Report Update

We’ve added the field columns ‘Module ID’, ‘Session ID’ and ‘Mobile’ to the Promotor Optin Report. We’ve added these columns for importing purposes, such as if you would like to import information into another third-party program.

25. Primary Reconciliation Report Now Shows ‘Refund Amount’ Column

Primary Reconciliation Report shows the ‘Refund Amount’ column against each performance/session.

26. Refund Reason Report Update

You can now see the ‘Refund Amount’ when generating the Refund Reason Report.

27. CSV Downloads Now Working in Reports

When you generate a report, you can now successfully go to the top left-hand side and export the report as a CSV file. Previously this function stopped working due to a Sync Fusion upgrade with reporting.

28. We’ve Added a Feature to Select Your Preferred Date Format

Under Settings > Organisation Settings > Step 2: General Settings > Region, we’ve added the choice to select your preferred date format that will be used throughout the system when importing in data. This will apply to transaction, voucher, donation and membership imports. US clients will have mm/dd/yyyy automatically selected, whereas other clients will have dd/mm/yyyy as their default. You can always go in and change it.

For other date formats that are used in your customer data, such as date of birth, please click on Settings > Customer Fields Setup and update the date formats according to your preferences by clicking on the pencil icon next to the relevant customer field.

The following items have been developed and tested and are now being pushed through for our next major release in the coming weeks. These are highly requested items, so we want to assure you we are getting them live as soon as possible.

  • Redeeming Multiple Gift Vouchers in a Single Transaction
  • General Admission (GA) and Reserved Seating Price Levels to Allow Customers and Backend to Purchase from Both.
  • API Access is almost all ready to go and will be live in the next couple of releases.