Release Notes 48.0

Thursday 10th of December 2020: Click here to access the latest release notes

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  1. View Batch Prints of All Operators

We’ve upgraded the system to allow you now to view all of the batch prints that have previously been done by all operators. In the past, you could only see your own.

2. Reporting Code Update

You are now able to remove a reporting code from Step 1: Finance and Reporting when building events. Also, when you were previously copying events, the reporting codes would also be copied across and couldn’t be removed. The system has been updated to be able to remove reporting codes when necessary.

3. Primary Reconciliation Report Filter Called ‘Show Hidden Tags’

We have now introduced a filter in the Primary Marketing Report under tags called ‘Show Hidden Tags’. This will allow you to see all tags in your system that you have hidden. If you make a tag inactive, it removes them from every allocated customer profile. If you hide them, it simply removes them from the list, but they remain connected to customer profiles.

4. Event Line 2 Added to Reports

Event line 2 has been added when you generate reports. See example below – in this case the event line 1 and 2 appear next to each other.

5. Doorlist/Questionnaire Report Update

In the Doorlist/Questionnaire report, there is a new filter option to ‘Show Area/Section/Row/Table/Seat’. By selecting this, when the report is generated it will separate these fields out as columns.

6. Venue Copy Update (BA Path, Seat View, Seat Description)

When you create a venue and adjust the BA path, now when copying that venue, the system will copy across the BA path, the seat views and seat descriptions. Even when you adjust the venue at a performance level, all of these components will copy across.

7. Subscription Update

When you clicked on a seat for a subscription, it would show $0 crossed out and the price. Now it just shows the price.

8. Ticket Holder Information Update

Previously, in the online sales process, if you hadn’t selected a delivery type and you entered ticket holder information; when you then went to select the delivery type, the page was refreshing and wiping the data. We’ve made an enhancement so the system retains that information.

9. Batch Print Enhancement

Batch print would sometimes on an order with an upsell only show the tags rather than all the data. We’ve updated the system so all information is now displayed.

10. Promo Code Colour Update

When you go into Platform Customisation and into Events – you can now change the colour of the promo code display label. 

11. Online Account Update

Sometimes online, when a customer would log into their account, some content wouldn’t load. This has been corrected.

12. Collapse Customer Sign-In Bar in Online Sales

Under Organisation Settings > Step 2: General Settings > Customer/Patron, we’ve added a setting which allows you to choose to collapse the customer sign in bar in online sales. See below for example.

13. Hover Text on Finalise Order Screen

We’ve added a hover text over disabled panels on the finalise order screen to notify customers to complete all sections.

14. Event Filter for Reports Update

Previously in reports when you were selecting by and event which, say, had 20 performances, it would list all of the performances in the report display. Now we’ve changed it so you see it by event to make it easier.

15. Company Name and Report Generated Date/Time Added to Reports

We’ve now added company name and report generated date/time at the top of all reports. See below for an example; you see the company name, report name and report generated date and time.

16. Maximum Quantity Message for Purchasing Subs

We’ve added a newly designed message to show the maximum quantity when purchasing subscriptions. See below.

17. CK Editor – Sub Description

CK editor has now been added for subscription description.

18. Subs – Flex Plan Selection Sorting Update

Previously, if you had to make a selection for a flex plan in subscriptions, it was sorting by created date. Based on feedback, we’ve now sorted the list by event first date.

19. Increase Character Limit for Fields in Events

When you go into Events and click on Page Settings, you are able to change the character limit of fields. For example, you may want to increase your character limit for internal/online alerts.

20. Internal Alert Button in Sales

When you set up an internal alert for an event or product, we’ve added an ‘Internal Alert’ button next to pricing summary just in case you need to view that message again.

21. Event Line 2 in Confirmation Email

Event Line 2 is now included in the confirmation email. Event line 1 and 2 are shown together.

22. Transactions Import Up to 20,000

We increased the number of transactions that can be imported into the system in one go to 20,000 records. So those clients importing transactions into the system can now do so quicker.

23. Notes Against a Customer Record Can Now be Added When Finalising an Order

When you sell a ticket, and you click on a customer and click edit in their record – if you added a note, the system wasn’t saving it and you would have to do it back through searching the customer and opening their profile. We’ve updated the system so that when you sell a ticket and go into edit a customer record, you can add notes and documents as part of the customer service experience when you are finalising an order.

24. Promotor Access Detail Report Update – Upsells

When you pull the Promotor Access Detail report by performance date range and you’re showing upsells, you will only see the upsells that are within the event range for performances. For example, you could see how many cheese boxes have been sold in the last month.

25. Promotor Access Detail Report Update – Merchandise

If you pull a merchandise item and a performance date range, only the events they relate to will show.

26. Sales Listing Page – Filter by Date

In the sales listing page, if you filter by date, the events will show in order from the next show happening. Previously, it was sorting by date the event was created.

27. Theme Colour for Pop Up Alerts

Platform customisation now takes on your main theme colour for pop up alerts. Previously it was using blue branding, now it uses your primary theme colour in platform customisation.

28. New Info Rollover for Customer/Patron Search

We’ve added an info rollover to Customer/Patron Name Search. It says “Input details into the search box below. You can search by first name, surname, email, phone number or address. The results sort in order of surname, first name.”

29. Finalise Order Screen Update

We’ve cleaned up some of the spacing on the finalise order screen to make it look cleaner and more seamless.

30. Questionnaire Description – 1000 Characters

Questionnaire description has been increased to 1000 characters.

31. Text Change – Marketing Code

When you select ‘Other’ as a marketing code option, we have added ‘(please specify)’ to make it clear that a response is required.

32. Error Message When No Sales Channel is Assigned to Price Scale

If you don’t have a price scale added to at least one sales channel, you get the below message. In the below example, ‘A’ is the Price Level.