Release Notes 45.0

Friday 14 August: Click here to download PDF version

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The following updates have been made since our last release on the 31st July 2020.

1. Zoom integration – Beta testing phase

Zoom is an exciting new integration with TicketSearch. We will provide further details about this new feature later next week after testing is completed in the live environment. We ask that you please not activate this feature until Beta testing is complete.

Zoom allows to host your events/activities online, with the power of reaching a wider audience both domestically and internationally from the convenience of their homes. This gives you more flexibility to provide entertainment in this current climate. The show must go on!

2. Area Level Maps – Beta testing phase

Area level maps is currently in Beta testing. This function will allow you to create areas such as ‘upper’ and ‘lower’ where the customer would first click on a particular area to then view the seat map. If you would like to be part of the Beta program, please email

3. Membership update to allow for adjustment of expiry date on an individual customer basis

Once inside a customer record (Sales > Customers & Transactions) click on ‘Memberships’, then under expiry click the pencil icon, adjust the expiry date and click the save icon.

If the membership is a rolling membership, any associated renewal emails, letters and lapsed processes will also update.

4. Seat map descriptions/rollover info added

We’ve added descriptions and rollover information when building seat maps under Manage Venues (Step 1: Seat map Builder) to help you understand how to successfully create your seat map. A reminder that you can also watch our training video by clicking on ‘Click me for help’ and then clicking ‘TicketSearch Training Videos’. A summary below video 1 details the correct times to watch specific areas including seat maps at 3hrs 20 mins.

5.  Venue scroll – Fixed header for easier use

Under Manage Venues/Manage Holds, particularly for organisations that have a number of venues, we’ve now fixed the menu so that as you scroll down the page to view your list, the header menu will remain visible. This makes it easier for you to view which edit options against the venue represent what heading labels (see below).

6. Online sales process updated to show ‘*is mandatory’

Where fields online are mandatory, e.g. email, we’ve now added *is mandatory (see below) to ensure that the customer completely understands which fields are mandatory.

7. Special Note added to pre and post emails

When building an event, Step 1: General Information> Emails & Messages allows you to enter a special note that appears in the confirmation email. This could be used to highlight important information about an event that is unique to the event.

You can now add the tag to your pre event emails rather than being restricted to the confirmation email only. Simply go to Tools & Templates > Emails/Letters/SMS Templates and adjust your pre event emails.

8. Faster load time when clicking on seat to view seat history

When clicking on a seat from the back end, box office application that is sold from the seat map, a pop up appears that shows the entire history of that seat. We’ve now improved the performance of this pop up to load instantly.

9. Event/Module name – What is the name of the event restriction added

We’ve restricted the following characters |,”,<,>.  from being added to the name of any of the modules. For those clients that are using documents for events against a specific ticket type, TicketSearch sends the attachment labelled with the event name. Files don’t allow for these characters and were previously blocking them being sent.

You will now see the following error if trying to use these characters.

10. Consecutive date range update to online sales flow

We’ve updated the consecutive date range sales flow (an event that runs from ‘x’ date to ‘x’ date e.g. festival), to a cleaner design. We’ve removed the date and time reference (as shown in the first picture below) of the start of the event. For a consecutive date range, it is best to include the dates in the event title e.g. ‘Summer Festival 2021 18-20 June’. We’ve also corrected a bug were details in online sales were still showing even when you chose to hide them.

11. Online customer account – Correction to random error undefined

In the online customer account, on rare occasions, the word undefined would display when the currency symbol was unable to load. This has been fixed.

12. Seat map loading addition

While the seat map is loading in the seat map builder section or displaying in sales online and back end, we’ve included a loader message, ‘Please wait a moment’ to ensure that the customer/user understands the seat map is loading. This may show for 1-2 seconds depending on the customer’s internet speed. 

13. ‘Operator’ field column in Transactions report expanded to fit name

The operator field in the ‘Transactions’ report has been made bigger/wider to correctly fit full names of users who completed the transaction.

14. Membership email/letter templates:

If you are looking to reprint or resend any existing membership email/letters, then you will need to go in and change the {date and time} tags as, by default, they choose the current date and time. In the situation that you are resending/reprinting emails and letters from the past, this will not correctly reflect the transaction/expiry date and time. Please see the below steps to change the tag to the transaction date and time or membership expiry – this will only have to be completed once. New clients on the system will not need to make these changes, existing clients will need to action this as you may have created custom templates already. By releasing the changes to existing systems, it would override any custom templates hence why it’s not practical to do so.

For example, with the ‘Membership Welcome Email Template’ you will need to:

Go to Tools & Templates > Email/Letter/SMS Templates > Membership Emails and Letters > Edit Membership Welcome Email > Go to message text on the right hand side and replace {Date}, {Time}…

with {Trans Date}, {Trans Time} > Click Save.

Please follow the above steps for the ‘Membership Welcome Letter’ as well.

With the ‘First Membership Renewal Reminder Email Template’ you will need to:

Go to Tools & Templates > Email/Letter/SMS Templates > Membership Emails and Letters > Edit First Membership Renewal Reminder Email > Go to message text on the right hand side and replace {Date}, {Time}…

with {Membership Expiry} > Click Save.

Please follow the above steps for ‘Second Membership Renewal Reminder Email’ as well. Moreover, the same steps will also apply to ‘Lapse membership Email Notification’ with the {Membership Expiry} tag even though the text in the email is different.

15. Complimentary reason update

Where an order had a complimentary ticket with a questionnaire that had an upsell, the system was removing the complimentary reason which is the reason why you are issuing a complimentary ticket. This has been rectified.

16. Reports – Door List/Questionnaire report: Other responses

The Door List/Questionnaire report has been updated so that where ‘other’ has been selected as a response against a questionnaire, we’ve now included the word other (e.g. Other: Letter) and the text for clarity.

17. Marketing Code report sorting

The Marketing Code report now sorts by number of tickets/items rather than marketing code name. This will allow you to quickly identify your best performing marketing codes (i.e. how did you hear about this event/product?).

18. Postcode report not showing data if event status is off sale: Fixed

If an event was off sale and still active, the system was not generating any data against the postcode report. This issue has been fixed.

19. Help rollover text added to Door List/Questionnaire report for upsells

We’ve added help text against the upsell check boxes to help clarify how each field works. Please read these help tips carefully.

20. Door List/Questionnaire update to image reference

Where an image is uploaded against a questionnaire response, rather than showing the image id code that we store, we are now displaying the file upload name.

21. Customer Evaluation report update

Where a customer had multiple tags (i.e. VIP, Donor, Sponsor), the system was creating multiple lines with the same information for the customer evaluation report. This has now been updated to group together.

22. Holds report update

We’ve now added a ‘Total’ column to the holds report which is particularly useful if you have multiple price scales.

23. Marketing Code report – ‘Transaction’ column update for postcode summary

The Marketing Code report displays marketing codes and also has a postcode summary. The report was showing incorrect transaction quantities. This has been fixed.

24. Pre & Post Email report update

The Pre & Post Email report has been updated with wider columns. When filtering by performance date, the content is now displaying only the specific date selected.

25. Door List/Questionnaire report – Upsell data correction

Where an event/module had an upsell and the upsell had a questionnaire assigned, the questionnaire responses were displaying twice. This has been corrected.