Release Notes 44.0

Friday 31 July: Click here to download PDF version

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Zoom Integration – Coming Soon

We are currently working on an integration with Zoom to allow you to connect to your customers online. You’ll soon be able to setup your zoom ‘meeting’ directly using our integration when building an event. This is expected to be released in the next few weeks. 

You will notice under Settings > General Settings, there is the option to enable Zoom and enter your API details to connect zoom to TicketSearch. This is simply a placeholder of your details when we release the Zoom Integration. 

Further details about Zoom can be found at:

Our major developments that are in progress include:

  1. Introduction of areas into seat maps, particular to handle venues with levels (balcony, floor).
  2. Integration with a queue management system to handle major on sales.
  3. API connection- allowing you to connect to any other system.
  4. Further reporting updates.

1. Seat map collapsible menu

Click to show or hide the controls menu for row seating, table seating, objects, text fields and images. Simply click the button and it will collapse or expand.

We recently also fixed the header into position to deal with larger type seating plans where you need to see the top tool bar menu.

Above: Collapsed menu and hidden menu.

2. Membership renew and buy new membership improvements

We’ve improved the UI experience for box office operators to easily identify where to renew a membership or, if lapsed, the option to click to purchase a new membership.

3.  Address verification system – Improved messaging

Due to google auto-fill, if your address isn’t correctly entered, it may appear as below where the instructions state to enter your address manually. Just in case a customer doesn’t understand this process, our danger message now appears underneath to make it clear that you need to enter your address.

4.  General admission price level UI change

We’ve improved the UI experience for staff managing general admission capacity and holds by making it clearer what the total price level holds are and what the total remaining tickets/items are.

5.  Training Videos – Timings added

Click the help icon to access videos from our recent group training session. We’ve also added in the specific times of what areas are covered and when so you can easily skip to a topic of interest.

6. Marketing opt-ins update

The merchandise, membership and gift voucher opt-ins were referring to an event level opt-in. This has now been generalised to a module level opt-in and is useful when you are working with 3rd parties and they want access permission to contact customers.

7. Fast sales merchandise – Marketing codes mandatory

If your marketing codes are set to mandatory for fast sales, this was previously only applied to events. This has now been extended to mechanise. If activated, you will not be able to complete a fast sale without selecting a marketing code (i.e. how did you hear about this item).

8. Membership enhancement for lapsed members

If a membership lapses, members will now see a ‘Buy Membership’ button that will redirect to the membership listing page. A membership renewal will divert to the specific membership. Also, memberships that had lapsed were still showing the renewal link which was failing. We’ve now removed the renew button and replaced it with the membership purchase button.

9. Membership online days counted reset

If a membership lapses, the number of days a customer has been a member is now reset.

10. Membership renewal backend restriction of sales channels

Where a membership is being renewed at the box office, the operator will only see sales channels that are available against the membership type. Also, internet renewal from a box office operator has been removed to correctly record the sales channel.

11. Door list report is now sorted in alphabetical order

The door list report is now sorted in alphabetical surname order.

12. Door list report price level name update

When building reserved seating pricing, the seat map process allows you to select ‘No Price Levels’ and the system will automatically allocate the price level as allocated seating. In the door list report, the system was listing the price scale as ‘prucc’. This has been updated to Allocated Seating.

13. Door list report ‘Event Name’ update

The door list report field has been updated from ‘Event Name’ to ‘Event/item Name’ to make it clearer where events and products are mixed in as upsells.

14. Update of general error message, “There are validation errors on the page”

This message has now been changed to the following to make it clear what you need to do:

“Oops! It appears that you are not connected to the internet or an error has occurred, please try again. You may need to refresh the page.”

15. Removal of word preview from per ticket and per transaction questionnaires

We’ve removed the word ‘Preview’ that was appearing for questionnaires as it was unnecessary.

16. Batch print change – New option event drop-down list

A new option has been added, ‘Select Event(s)’, to filter by events when generating your batch print of tickets. Locations have now been filtered out of events. If you have setup an event without a specific venue (i.e. to be announced, this is an online event or a location), batch printing can be isolated by selecting the event associated with the venue/location.

Also, if an event that has location, to be announced or online event that is deleted, the event is removed from the list.

Previously, these type of ‘venues’ were listed under venues and have been removed and allocated to the event drop-down list.

17. Refunded vouchers

If vouchers are refunded, they are now removed from the Vouchers and Credits area of the online customer account. Also, the customer statistics area is now updated to show the correct voucher credit balance.

Above: The customer order history area.

18. Pre and post email upgrade to allow for images to be uploaded in the main message area

Under Tools & Templates > Email/Letter/SMS templates, click into any template, whether it’s a pre or post event email, confirmation email or birthday email, and you will see that you now have the option of adding in an image.

Simply follow the same process for uploading images as you do with e-tickets – click ‘Upload Images’. Once you upload your image, click ‘Insert Images’ making sure you are pinpointed onto the page of where you want the image loaded. The system will load the actual image size, so you may need to crop/shrink the image prior to upload.

Please Note: You must add all of your images and then refresh the page to view the images under ‘Insert Images’.

19. E-ticket & ticket layout inactive status removal

If e-tickets/e-vouchers or printed templates are made inactive, they are no longer shown in any of the modules such as events.

20. Platform Customisation – Orange border removal

The orange border default colour around price scales i.e. General Admission has been removed.  

21. Finalise order screen – Customer overall upgrade

When on the finalise order screen, and conducting an advanced customer search, you can you can now scroll using your cursor or directional arrows. Previously, on scroll, the background area (finalise order screen) would scroll.

22. New inactive module alert

When an event is inactive and the customer clicks on the link for it online, they will receive the following error:

‘Sorry, this item is no longer available.’

In a future release, we will allow the customisation of this message as we do with sold out messages, allocation exhausted and off sale messages.

23. Off sale delivery type adjustment to fast sales

In fast sales, where no delivery types are available and the event/module is still on sale, the system was allowing the order to be finalised. This has been rectified.

As a default, print and local printer are set to automatically go off sale 5 hours after an event. In this particular scenario, no print option was selected against the event.

24. Step 4: On sale/off sale by ticket type

In Step 4 of the event build > on sale/off sale > option b) by ticket type, a UI design change has been made to make it more clear what ticket type you are selecting. Also, to close out of the copy function, the (x) option has been enhanced.

Above: New design.

Above: Previous design.

25. Mailchimp (email marketing) increase of key length

We have increased the length allowed for API keys to connect you to Mailchimp after we found one instance of version 3.0 not connecting.

26. Customer database import – Ability to import 0 value records

We are now allowing transactions with 0 value to be loaded into the system. Head to Settings > Customer Database Import > Transaction Import.

27. Private events now showing in fast sales

Private events weren’t previously showing in fast sales. This has been corrected.

28. Reservations – Pay later enhancement

When processing a reservation, ticket holder information and questionnaire information is collected. On editing of the reservation, this information was required to be recollected. The system now retains the information. Please remember that it is important to continuously check the accuracy of this information with each reservation.

29. Highlighted info enhancement on events

The ‘Highlighted info’ field has been enhanced to allow for colour.

30. Logos can now be added and printed on header cards & receipts

To add your logos to be printed by your Boca ticket printers, head to Events > Tools & Templates > Ticket Layouts. On the top right-hand side, you have the ability to customise your header card (printed with the customers details and ideal when you are batch printing tickets just before a performance to separate orders) and receipt.

31. Fast sales correction for postcode collection.

Previously, if you had turned off postcode collection (see below Settings > General Settings) for fast sales but left ‘is the postcode mandatory?’ on, the system was not displaying the payment panel. This has been fixed.

32. Internet transaction refund – Update to include operator details

Where a transaction is refunded that was processed via the internet, the transaction is now recording the operators details for the purpose of an audit trail.

33. Platform customisation – Update to gift voucher ‘send to a friend’ calendar branding

We’ve updated the colour branding of the gift voucher calendar to reflect your primary colours rather than the standard TicketSearch branding colours.

34. Added ‘Customer Full Name’ tag to Eticket & Printed Ticket layouts

The new tag ‘Customer Full Name’ has been added to Eticket & Printed Ticket layouts. The new tag can be found by selecting ‘Tag Options’ for ticket layouts or ‘Insert Tag’ under printed ticket layouts and under the ‘General’ area (first grouping of tags).

Tip: This tag could not be added to the customer grouping area and instead was added to the ‘General’ area as it is not a customised tag that is generated directly via your customer field setup. For example, you have the option under customer field setup to update fields such as First Name and Surname to whatever you like. Customer Full Name is not a customised field.

35. Update to the My Account customer area

Previously, when a customer logged into their account and didn’t purchase a voucher, membership or donation, and they would click onto any of the ‘Buy Now’ options, they would be diverted to your home page. Customers are now diverted to the respective dedicated page e.g. ‘Buy a Membership’ will now divert the customer to the membership page.

36. Sales listing page update to include an events count

We are now displaying in the sales listing page how many events you have to sell (see image below).

A reminder that you can use the ‘Save Filters’ on an individual user basis for your search preferences e.g. sort by grid, list, by performance etc. Click on ‘Filter Sales Listing’, select your options and click ‘Save Filters’.

The grid display is also available as a preference option for a more visually appealing sales view.

37. Gateway: Securepay/Paypal information update

We’ve added further details to improve the setup experience with PayPal. We’ve also added a Securepay link that runs through how to log into Securepay to view your transactions and reconcile comparing them to TicketSearch transactions (see examples below).

38. Messages enlarged on final order screen

We’ve made messages such as whether a marketing code is mandatory or a delivery type such as email, which requires an email address, more visible for users (see example below).

39. Customer database import showing all uploaded data

When uploading multiple files, a record of your data upload was restricted to the 10 most recent uploads. There is now no limitation to the data uploads we display.

40. Customer database import clarity on fields that cannot be uploaded

We’ve restricted uploads of images and passwords that cannot be loaded into TicketSearch. A clear info tip is available on data fields that can’t be uploaded.

41. Display of voucher barcode in the online customer account

We’ve added the voucher serial number to the order history for easier access for customers online.

42. Social distancing correction to ‘Key’ seats count

We’ve updated the sold count under the ‘Key’ count to align correctly with the sold count against the date/time summary.

43. Scanning App updates  

We’ve updated our scanning app with the following changes:

  1. Ticket Holder Information is now included when scanning barcodes or doing a manual scan in for COVID-19 contract tracing purposes. 
  2. If you have the setting turned on to release tickets for reservations prior to payment and the reservation has an outstanding balance, this is now displayed on the scanner.
  3. Under settings, sounds were not audible, this has been corrected.

44. Link Generator update to include private events

We’ve updated the link generator to include events that are private. For example, if you are linking to events categorised as ‘Comedy’, by checking this box, it will now include events that are private and only available by direct link.

45. Introduction of Pre and Post Email/SMS report

We’ve introduced this new report that details the event name, date and time of the event, the email/SMS type (i.e. pre or post 1, 2, 3 etc.), when it’s scheduled to be sent, the status (scheduled or sent) and how many customers have received the email. The customer count will increase past 0 once the emails are sent.

We’ll be introducing more analytics in the near future.

46. Door List/Questionnaire report enhancement

We’ve updated the following on the Door List/Questionnaire Report:

  1. The report is now being sorted by Last Name as default.
  2. Confirmation Number was added to the report. The spelling of this was also corrected.
Confirmation Number
  1. Event has been changed to Event/Item Name to represent the diverse nature of items being sold.
  1. You can now report on multiple merchandise/product items e.g. white or dark chocolate rather than having to generate these reports separately.
  1. The most important update after a number of requests was to allow for a Basic Door List/Questionnaire report and then be able to include into the reports the data that you require.
  1. We’ve changed a few of the headings including:
  • Item to ‘Quantity’
  • Total to ‘New Price’
  • Ticket Fee Original to ‘Original Price’
  1. We’ve added the ability to include Reserve – Pay Later orders to this report. This is particularly useful if you are allowing customers into an event/activity prior to them finalising payment. The report will clearly display reservation tickets in a column with a Y or N to indicate if the ticket is connected to a reservation.
  1. Where multiple responses were selected against a questionnaire, only one response was     displayed on the report. All responses are now included in the report.

47. Promoter Opt-In report

We’ve updated the promoter opt-in report to display multiple marketing codes (if applicable) against the customer’s profile that has opted in for more information from the 3rd party promoter.

48. Marketing Code report update to ‘Show Totals Only’

We’ve updated the marketing code report (as default) to display totals only rather than individual line items per transaction. Uncheck the box to view the full data.

49. Marketing Code report update – Sorting of results by no. of items

1. Marketing codes are now sorted based on the number of items instead of alphabetical order.

2. If other is selected, it’s clearly displayed as Other: and the response.

50. Primary Reconciliation report update

The primary rec report was showing multiple lines where more than one reporting code was selected. This has been updated to merge the reporting codes into one line.

51. Sales Channel by Ticket Type report updates

1. We’ve moved ‘Include Reservations-Pay Later’ under ‘What Fields/Options would you Like to Display on the Report?’.

2. By venue has now been corrected allowing you to pull data by specific venues.

52. Customer Evaluation report update

Where a customer had multiple tags assigned, you would see multiple lines on this report. Tags for a specific customer have now been merged into one field.

53. General updates to Sold Out Status and Promoter Access Basic & Detailed Reports

1. % have been adjusted so that if the % is 0, it will display as 0 rather than 0.00.

2. % will be shown with 1 digit or 2 digits e.g. 74.45%.

3. Hold counts were showing incorrect. This has been updated.