Release Notes 43.0

Tuesday 15 July: Click here to download PDF version

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  1. Ticket holder information fields added to E-ticket/Printed Ticket layouts

You can now add ticket holder information fields (up to 5) onto your ticket layouts which is particularly important for matching ticket holder names for COVID-19 contact tracing. For example, if Ticket Holder Information Field 1 is ‘First Name’, Field 2 is ‘Surname’ and Field 3 is ‘Mobile’, the system will print this information on the tickets for verification upon entry into the venue. You will need to click on ‘Insert Tag’ and select from TH1 up to TH5 tags (if 5 tags are required). Ticket Holder Information can be activated via Settings > General Settings, and if you have chosen to adjust these settings per event, you can select different Ticket Holder Information fields e.g. one event could collect First Name, Surname, Email and Mobile and another event could collect Title, First Name, Surname, Email and Mobile.

2. Scanning App Updates

New Scanning App – Addition of Ticket Holder Info and Reservations-Pay Later amount owing

We’ve made various changes to the scanning app including ensuring that ‘success’ and ‘rejected’ sounds are clear. Statistics on the scanners have also been updated for the various modules.

**Important** Ticket holder information has now been added to the scanning app so that you can match the ticket to the individual person’s name assigned at order time to meet COVID-19 contact tracing requirements.

Reservations-Pay Later alert: When you are releasing tickets prior to an order being paid and the reservation hasn’t been completely paid by the time of the event, we are now showing the balance remaining against the order.

3. You can now print logos on BOCA printer ticket layouts.

4. Increased map size to accommodate larger maps in the backend. Previously it was fitting the map to the screen which wasn’t convenient for larger maps.

5. Venue street address formatting update

6. ‘Buy Tickets From’ enhancement – now clickable

In online sales, the ‘Buy Tickets From’ is now clickable. By clicking this option, the system will direct the customer to the calendar/view list area for multiple dates improving the online user experience.

7. Hold type letters now centred when Seat Maps are angled

When seats were angles, hold type letters were appearing off centre. This has now been updated for back end/box office sales.

8. Online updates to the design of the Off Sale and Sold Out Message

We’ve updated the design of the Off Sale and Sold Out Messages from a red outline to the below design.

9. Online Customer Account Updates to Refunds & Exchanges

We’ve made the following updates to the online customer account:

  • Upcoming events no longer displays any refunded tickets.
  • Order History now displays exchanges.  
  • If any tickets have been refunded or exchanged, when a customer clicks ‘Print Tickets Now’, the system no longer displays those tickets. If all tickets have been refunded or exchanged, the ‘Print Tickets Now’ button is removed. 
  • We’ve added the below help tip when clicking on ‘Resend Confirmation Email’.

10. Public transport info not showing on venue preview – now displaying all public transport information correctly.

11. Issues with ‘ / ‘ at the end of a web address in footer of email templates – now fixed.

12. If you set up a 3rd party user (external) and then delete their profile, you are now able to re-use that same email address if you need to use it again in the future.

13. CK editor/HTML field tip update

We’ve added the below tip to the CK editor to ensure that when copying and pasting content into this field, all clients are aware that if the characters are greater than the field allows, the system will reject the copied content.

14. Pre and Post Email Updates – further action required to all clients who have existing templates…

We’ve updated Session Start Time to Session Start Date/Time. This will ensure that customers are aware when receiving their pre event email the actual date and time of the event. Previously, templates were only showing the start time. 

Also, when creating a new template, the system now states on Session Start Date/Time which then converts to ‘on 09 Jul 2020, 02:45 PM.’
Please update your existing templates to replace ‘at’ to ‘on’ in both the subject line and body of the pre and post email templates.

Overall changes:

  1. Session Time changed to Session Date/Time
  2. The date/time has had a comma included in between to make it clearer 30 Jun 2020, 11:00 AM
  3. Session Date Long tag has been corrected to work as a tag on its own if required

Above: Old pre event email template

Above: New pre event email template

15. We’ve improved the performance of the seat history function in the backend. When you click on a seat to see the history, it is now a lot quicker.

16. Refunded memberships will now be automatically removed from the customer stats in the customer profile. The system now states clearly under the membership tab in the customer record if a membership has been refunded or exchanged.

17. Fast Sales default delivery type correction

For Fast Sales, where an operator had a defaulted delivery type through their User Settings e.g. Local Printer, Print, the system was not populating a customer record against the transaction even though a customer was selected. This issue has been rectified.

18. Reports – date range data correction

On a couple of occasions, the system was creating duplicate entries for the dates being selected and saved to generate a report. No matter what date was selected, the system would generate the same date range data. This has been rectified.

19. Exchanging modules i.e. Events to other modules that are marked as private is now allowed in the backend/box office

If you are exchanging events/modules that have been purchased on the internet, and the event/module you are exchanging to on the internet is private, the event/module was not visible. We’re now displaying these modules in an exchange.

20. Sales Channel by Ticket Type report – removal of deleted tickets

Deleted tickets/items have now been removed from the sales channel by ticket type report.

21. CK editor updates – Source and Latin Text

When select the source button in the CK editor, the CK editor was shrinking the text box to about a third of the size. We’ve implemented code to ensure that the editor remains the same size.

Also, the Latin text that was appearing below has been updated to ‘Insert first line indentation’.

22. Social Distancing Seat Maps Enhancements

The following changes have been made to social distancing seat maps:

  • Implemented for backend/box office operator’s clear logic that if selling capacity (which can be lower than actual capacity of a venue) is reached, the event is sold out with a clear ‘Sold Out’ badge.  
  • Both Selling Capacity and Sold have been put in bold for clear identification. 
  • We’ve applied all logic for social distancing seat maps to fast sales. 
  • When social distancing seat maps are activated and there is no selling capacity set, selling capacity is not shown. Instead, logic works via the Capacity of the seat map.

23. Ticket Holder Information – addition of Section, Row/Table Seat or General Admission against each ticket/item

When collecting information against each Ticket Holder, we’ve added the complete details in back end/Box Office Sales as is currently displayed online to make it clear which ticket/item represents the ticket type and seat details (if applicable). This will ensure the right Ticket Holder information is collected against the correct customer.

24. Subscriptions & Packages Updates

We’ve made the following updates to Subscriptions & Packages:

  • If selecting to display events by session (i.e. show all dates rather than grouped by event), the system now displays each date/time for clarity.
  • Customers can now click ‘Delete Package’ online to remove the package from their     shopping cart.
  • Clicking on the ‘Cancel’ link would intermittently not function. This has been rectified.

25. Tags text addition for clarity

When assigning a tag manually, we’ve added text to make it clear that you must click ‘Save’ or ‘Submit’ to save the tag to the customer record.

26. Tags that are manually assigned can now be edited

Tags that are manually assigned can now be edited against a customer record e.g. Seat Preference (A1), Accessibility (Wheelchair). Previously, tags could only be deleted. Simply click the pencil edit icon, edit the text and click the save icon.

27. Cross-sells – Introduction of new off-sale option

You now have the option of setting an off-sale date/time to a cross-sell. The cross-sell will no longer display in both the backend/box office and online as a recommendation after the selected date/time selected against the cross-sell has expired. The system will take the venue time zone from the module or organisation time zone.  This avoids having cross-sells displaying that have no active content. Please see explanation below.

28. 3rd Party Promotor Access Update

When setting up a 3rd party/promoter to access TicketSearch for reporting, we’ve added Merchandise/Products to the list of modules. Simply select the merchandise and select the desired report the 3rd party will access. The user will only see these options for generating reports.  

29. We’ve added an (x) to close the advanced customer search page rather than having to scroll to bottom of the page for customer lookup where cancel is available. Pressing (x) will take you back to the main Customers & Transactions page.

30. Updates to the sales process involving marketing codes and complimentary tickets

Where a transaction had a ticket type that was complimentary and marketing codes were mandatory, after selecting the marketing code, the system on the finalise order screen would show a mandatory marketing code message. We’ve corrected this error. 

Also, for complimentary tickets, on the finalise order screen, the system was showing payment types, and if you selected a payment type, a customer was mapped to the order. If no payment type was selected, you could finalise the order and a customer was therefore not assigned to the order. We’ve updated our code to simply not display payment types which will improve usability.

31. Sold out message for Subscriptions & Packages

We are now showing a sold-out badge and message where a subscription/package is sold-out on your organisation listing page and the direct link.

32. We’ve updated Fast Sales to now show the capacity and selling capacity if the capacity is overridden to deal with social distancing limitations. The operator at the box office will now clearly understand what their selling capacity is when dealing with customer sales.

33. Email templates crop area footer image update

The dimensions for the footer image are 572 x 80 pixels, however, previously when adding an image at this dimension, there was spare space at the top and bottom in the crop field. We have now removed the spare space around the footer image.

34. Reservation-Pay Later and releasing tickets prior to a reservation being paid – Update

When you are allowing for tickets to be released prior to an order being paid, the system on reprint was not attaching e-tickets to the order and local printer was not generating the tickets. We’ve updated our code to ensure that selected tickets are issued by attaching or being printed.

35. Facebook connection – Removal of message online

Previously, when a customer tried to purchase and attempted to use their Facebook login, and closed the Facebook popup window before authentication was able to happen, we were showing a connecting to Facebook error message. This has now been removed to avoid any confusion with its association with the system.

36. Link Generator Updates – Private events/modules linking through the link generator

You can now link to multiple private events/modules using our Link Generator. Simply click ‘Include Private’ and the system will include any private events/modules in your link generator via direct link only. Previously you were only able to link to 1 private event/module and into the ‘buy tickets direct’ page.

37. We’ve updated multiple online messages for a better and clearer customer experience

If the customer is entering an email or address combination that is incorrect, we’ve updated the message to ‘Looks like either your email or password were incorrect. Please try again’.

Password and email validation:

When a customer enters their email address or password, then removes it, or simply tries to move forward without entering anything, the system now states the below danger text. Changed from ‘Email is required’ and ‘Password is required’.

38. 3rd Party/Promoter Access – Opt-in Improvements

We’ve upgraded 3rd party opt-in access to force clients to select the type of opt-in the promoter should have access to. When creating an event or merchandise item, you can create event/merchandise opt-ins. For example, if you are working with a one-off event promoter, you can set them up with access to data where customers are well aware they are joining the promoters opt-in and want to receive information via email, mail or SMS. A number of clients reported that they also wanted their 3rd party/promoters to be able to access organisation level opt-ins. This is particularly useful if you have a promoter who has many shows at your venue. You may decide to set up an organisation level opt-in e.g. ‘Join the ABC Promoter List’. When you create an event, you will simply activate their organisation level opt-in saving you time from having to create an event/merchandise level opt-in for every single event/merchandise item.

39. Seat Map Changes

Editing tables once a table has been created. 

When selecting a table, you can now choose whether you would like the seats inside the table or on the outside. You also have the option of increasing spacing between seats and adjusting the x and y co-ordinates.

40. Ability to add seats to an existing row

You can now add seats to an existing row in a seat map prior the map being allocated to an event which gives you more flexibility with seat map creation and editing.

Tip: A reminder that at any stage, even after sales have occurred, you can adjust a venue layout (add rows, tables, change the general design) from Step 3: Schedule Editor of an event build against the specific date/time.

41. Kill holds issue on sales listing for ‘Sold Out’ and ‘Allocation Exhausted’

When using kill holds which physically remove seats from a seat map, once all seats are sold or only holds are available, the sold-out message and allocation exhausted messages will now activate.  

Reporting Changes:

A number of reporting changes have been made and will continue to be made during this week. Full notes to be distributed early next week.