Release notes 42.0

Monday 29 June: Click here to download PDF version

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1. Membership Top 5 in the customer profile

In the stats on the customer profile, you can now see the top 5 current memberships under the membership tab with a ‘show more’ option if there are more memberships that have been purchased.

Above: Example of what it might look like in the customer profile.


To activate social distancing on your seat maps, go to Events > Manage Venues/Manage Holds > Select Venue > Select Layout > Go to Step 2: BA Path. Please ensure you have the ‘Do you want to show the tickets remaining in online sales?’ function turned off in Events > Step 1: General Information > Options and Add Ons. If you leave this function on, the system will show the available count based on your venue capacity, not on your social distancing selling capacity.

NOTE: All layouts need to be adjusted for social distancing. For example, if you have a cabaret and a theatre configuration layout, you will need to adjust both of these for social distancing.

We’ve added social distancing seat maps that give you the ability to force (x) number of seats to be left between customers to adhere to local jurisdiction and maintain social distancing.

The system will automatically block those seats as ‘SD’ seats. These seats cannot be released by an operator unless you do a refund or exchange of the order that is connected to those SD seats. For example, if a customer purchases 2 seats and the (x) number of seats between customers for social distancing has been set to 2 by you, the system will automatically block 2 seats as ‘SD’ seats. They will be viewed online as unavailable and in the backend as SD. In saying this, technically 4 seats will become unavailable to purchase.

When you select seats from the seat map and click ‘Add to Cart’, only once the payment is finalised will the system display the ‘SD’ labels on the seat map to the existing operator. Prior to that, they will still see adjacent seats available until payment is finalised so that they can add to that order if necessary. All other operators will see the relevant seats around that order blocked as SD unless released by the existing operator without payment.

You can also set your overriding total capacity to adhere to imposed maximum capacities during COVID-19 which may be different from your actual capacity. Backend operators will be able to see the total capacity of the map as well as the selling capacity that may be limited. Please note that the ‘Available’ count does not reflect your new selling capacity at this time.

You are also able to customise the social distancing messages that will appear to customers online in cases such as when they don’t leave the required number of seats between them and the next customer(s).

This function is currently in Beta phase, further updates will be made with social distancing in the near future, including updates with reports.

Above: Backend sales process showing the venue capacity and the social distancing selling capacity etc.

Above: See where you can set the rules for social distancing on your seat map

Above: See how the seat map automatically blocks 2 adjacent seats as SD next to an order of 4 seats

Above: The message a user will receive if they try to process an order that exceeds the selling capacity for social distancing

Above: The message a user will receive if they try to purchase seats too close to another customer/party

3. Additional Ticket Holder Information Update

In Event/Products Settings > Additional Ticket Holder Information, you have the ability to choose whether you want to collect each customer’s details per ticket. Due to social distancing requirements, often venues are now required to collect every attendee’s details.

In Event/Product Settings, you can set the global settings for ticket holder information. Here you can use the check boxes to choose up to 5 customer information fields that you would like to collect for each ticket holder. The toggle switches can be used to make certain fields mandatory for collection. In saying this, the system will not allow a customer or user to proceed with a sale unless this information has been added. Through the selections you make, they will form your default settings which will apply to ALL of your events unless you say YES to ‘Do you want to alter these settings per event?’. Saying YES here will give you the ability to adjust the settings on an event level.

When you create or adjust an event, in Step1: General Information > Options and Add Ons, you will see an option to say YES or NO to ‘Do you want to obtain customer details for each ticket holder?’. This will only show if you have chosen to alter the ticket holder information per event in the global area. By selecting NO, that particular event won’t collect any additional ticket holder information. If you select YES, you will see something similar to what is shown in the image below.

Here you will see your default global settings already pre-populated, but you have the opportunity to adjust the ticket holder information settings to suit your needs or requirements. Remember that turning the toggle switch on will make it mandatory for a certain customer fields to be collected.

Above: Ticket Holder Information in the backend

Above: Ticket Holder Information online

4. Door List/Questionnaire Report – Scanned Count added for COVID-19 tracing

We’ve added to the Door List/Questionnaire Report ‘Scanned Count’ so that you can identify who was actually scanned into the venue for Covid-19 tracing. This matched with ticket holder information collected will allow you to contact relevant customers.

5. New note field for adding a reason for comp tickets and refunds

Under Event/Product Settings, you will now see the option to activate a note field to enter a reason for giving a comp ticket (under ‘Options and Add-ons’) or a refund (under ‘Financial Transactions’) when processing a transaction. You also have the option to make it mandatory for staff to enter a reason into this note field. This is an important feature to track comp tickets and refunds.

Above: This will display on the finalise order screen if you have activated the note field for comp tickets (as an example).

Above: This message will display if you have made it mandatory for a reason to be entered and the staff member tries to process the transaction without one.

Above: In the Transaction report you have the option of having the reasons for complimentary and refunded tickets included in the report.

6. Platform Customisation – Upload header image update

We’ve now updated the header image to allow for a banner style to fit correctly into the area.  After the last release, this was appearing as squared shaped.

7. Reserve – pay later updates in the customer account

In the customer account online, under the ‘Reservations/Unpaid’ option, they now have the ability to resend their reservation – pay later email to themselves. This email contains all the information about their reservation – pay later purchases. We’ve also updated the ‘Amount Due’ and ‘Total’ so that they display 2 decimal places correctly (previously if the second decimal point was 0, it would have not displayed it).

8.  Updates to the ‘Upcoming Events’ option in the customer account online

In the customer account online and under ‘Upcoming Events’, we’ve added a wheel spinner when clicking on the ‘Re-Send Tickets’ button (see above image) to ensure customers understand that tickets are being generated which can usually takes some seconds.

Above: The customer is then alerted when the tickets have been resent successfully.

9.  New features for obtaining membership holder information when purchasing multiple memberships

In Memberships > Step 2: Set Membership Pricing, when you try to say YES to ‘Do any membership types include more than one person?’ the system now gives you a warning stating that you will not be able to turn on this function without going back to Step 1 > Options and Add Ons and selecting YES to ‘Do you want to obtain customer details for each membership holder?’. This is because the system needs to collect each member’s details.

In Step 1, when you select YES, you will see the options for which information you want to collect for each membership. As a minimum, first name, last name and email is selected (as shown above).

By selecting YES to ‘Do any membership types include more than one person?’, you will activate a min and max members field in the pricing table. This will give you control as to how many members can be added against that membership type. E.g. Couple’s membership, where you purchase 2 memberships and you’ll need to enter 2 customer details.

10. New wheel spinner function in the backend sales process

We’ve added wheel spinners to certain components in the backend sales process so staff are aware that their request is loading, but that it is just taking a moment. This prevents backend staff from clicking on the function many times.

11. Promo code price hidden in price range online

Under Events > Tools & Templates > Ticket Types…Where you have selected for a Promo code ticket type to not be shown in the price range online, the system was still showing it if there were 2 or more price scales in allocated seating. This has now been rectified in the system.

12. Holds template value update

When selecting a hold template from the header of Events > Step 3: Schedule Editor (reserved seating), the system now automatically updates the holds value rather than having to go to the next screen and come back again.

13. Better flow between sales process steps online

Online, you are now able to go back to all steps from the payment page. Previously you were not able to go back to the ticket holder info page once on the payment step.

14. Capital letter update with email addresses online

Email addresses can now be entered by customers online with capital letters included. Email addresses are not case sensitive, however, if you type it in capitals the system will not reject it.

15. Expansion buttons in customer profile update

In the customer record (backend), when you click to expand an area, the system now takes you directly to that area rather than you having to scroll down the page.

16. Improved usability of the shopping cart online

When clicking ‘Add To Cart’ online (as shown in image 1 above), the system adds all tickets/items to the cart and the page redirects you to the top to clearly display the contents of the shopping cart.

17. Reserve – Pay Later tip update

Under Settings > Event/Product Settings, if you have the function to allow tickets to be issued before the reservation is paid (e.g. school bookings, customer paying off a subscription), we’ve added the tip to make it clear to staff that they will need to click `Reprint’ against the order to email or print the tickets.

18. Membership reporting update

If a membership was marked as ‘Private’ in the build, it was not displaying in reports to be selected. This has been rectified.

19. Reports scheduler update

When scheduling reports, we’ve now blocked the ability to enter a date in the scheduler that is earlier than the start date. This will prevent any errors occurring unnecessarily.

20. Confirmation email logo/header image update

In Tools & Templates > Emails/Letters/SMS Templates, when using a logo image and header image, some versions of outlook were showing the confirmation email with a large grey area to the left and squashing the template. This has been rectified. The above image displays the corrected version.

21.  Marketing opt in update

Marketing opt ins have had the word (default) removed from the end of the default opt in that the system auto adds. 

It used to appear as ‘Organisation Marketing Opt in (Default)’ (above image).

We recommend that you update your opt in default message to your organisation name or something more personalised. Your opt in name can be up to 150 characters.

22. Email/Letter/SMS Templates – Warning when changing your ‘Reply To Email’ address

If you would like to update your ‘Reply To Email’ address from, you must contact us at to update the address with our hosting provider, Amazon Web Services.

We’ve added an alert on the page that if the email addresses you intend to use are not registered with us, emails will fail to be sent to customers.

23. Sample email tag update in Email/Letter/SMS Templates (‘Microsoft’ removed)

When sending a test email through Tools & Templates > Email/Letter/SMS Templates, we’ve now removed the sample text ‘Microsoft’ and replaced it with the actual tag that is used – ‘Business Registered Trading Name’ to stop any confusion about which organisation name would be listed on a client’s confirmation email.

24. Chrome web browser – Send test email update

The Chrome auto-fill function was replacing the subject line with your email address when it entered your email address in the ‘Send Test Email’ text box under Email/Letter/SMS Templates. We’ve blocked this from occurring.

25. Menu Update – rollover menu name

All menu options now have a rollover so that when the menu is condensed, you can see which option it is.

26. Reports update – Alphabetical order

We’ve updated the Events and Merchandise data in reports to be listed in alphabetical order. Please remember you can also use the ‘Type here to filter elements’ function to filter content.

27. Upcoming Update – Filter by report code

We’ll also be adding a filter by reporting code in the coming releases.

28. Report filtering updates

Primary Reconciliation Report 

Filters have been added to this report including:

Ability to filter by Vouchers

Ability to filter by Membership

Ability to filter by Donations

Transaction Report 

Filters have been added to this report including:

Ability to filter by Vouchers

Ability to filter by Membership 

Ability to filter by Donations

29. Gift voucher custom amount update (remove the words ‘custom amount’)

We’ve updated the gift voucher details so that when the gift voucher is sent to a friend, the ‘custom amount’ text is not displayed as the gift voucher details.

Instead, the amount of the voucher is displayed i.e. in the case above, as $2.00.

30. Event level marketing opt in update

Where you have event level marketing opt-ins, we’ve added a colon at the end of the event name (client request).

31. Custom gift vouchers now accept any value above the minimum value set

Custom gift vouchers now accept any value above the minimum value to be entered i.e. $2.82 as shown above.

32. Membership letters and email unselect option update

Membership letters and emails now have the option of unselecting a template if required.

33. Reservations – Pay Later and Complimentary tickets were not available to be processed in the phone sales channel. This has been rectified.

34. We’ve updated the calendar to have all days that have availability to have the number completely centred (client request). 

35. Marketing Code reports in the Firefox web browser was not showing some labels under the primary marketing report. This has been updated (see below for the labels that now appear in Firefox).

36. We’ve added the ability to price override memberships. Press ‘Click To Price Override’ then update the price and fee (if applicable) then click ‘Update Price’.

37. Categories update

Categories in the Primary Marketing Report 

When selecting categories from the Primary Marketing Report, data will generate based on the category assigned against the event/activity and for customers who have purchased tickets to events in that category. This now gives you flexibility to update your categories at any stage.

38. Sales Channel/Ticket Type report now shows the Net Total i.e. the original price ($10) less inside fee ($1) = Net total of $9.

39. Marketing Codes – Role access update

If a user did not have access to Marketing Codes in their role access (Roles & Users > Role Management) when selling a ticket, they were unable to see Marketing Codes. This has been updated.

40. Customer Statistics under ‘Customers & Transactions’ has been updated to include totals that take into consideration any refunds and exchanges that may have taken place. Please note, a batch job runs every 10 minutes to keep the data updated.

41. We’ve added Gift Voucher and Membership filtering options to the Door list/Questionnaire Report so that you can generate questionnaire information (per ticket/item, per transaction).

42. We’ve updated questionnaire collection to allow both the name of the questionnaire to be selected or the ‘Incomplete’ status to be selected to progress.

43. Reservation – pay later distribution  of local printer and e-ticket update

You can now issue local printer and email tickets prior to a reservation being completely paid. Previously this was limited to the ‘Print’ delivery method.

44. Auto cancelled reservations releasing seats update

Auto cancelled seats are now releasing reserved seating seats at the date and time they are scheduled to release. Manual reservations are correctly releasing seats back when they are not paid on time.

45. Reservation – Pay Later – Update to enforce payment method selection when editing

If a payment type wasn’t selected on an edit of a reserve pay later, the system was previously allowing the transaction to be processed by an operator. We’ve now enforced at least one payment method to be selected.

46. Reservation and refund transactions email tracking activated against transaction record

The system now has the ability to track email success to the customer for reservations – pay later and refund transactions by clicking on ‘Click here to view email send history’.

47. New ‘Sold Out Status’ report added to TicketSearch – Capacity, Sold Count, Sold % and Available

We’ve added a new report. The ‘Sold Out Status’ Report is a snapshot version of the ‘Promoter Access Basic’. This allows you to then enable this report for 3rd party access such as promoters with limited view of total Capacity, Sold Count, Sold % and Available. If you would like to allocate this report to users who may be part of a role that has restricted access to reports, please remember to head to Settings > Roles & Users > 2: Manage Roles and add the privilege of the Sold Out Status Report.

48. ‘ALL’ option added to selected reports

We’ve added the ‘ALL’ filter to the ‘Events’ filter (to select all events) for the following reports:

Sold Out Status

Sales Channel by Ticket Type 

Promoter Access Basic 

Promoter Access Detailed 

  • We’ll be adding the All option in the coming months to more reports.

49.  Upgrade: Pricing summary popup for both Fast Sales and Standard Sales now instant

The ‘Pricing Summary’ against all modules (such as Events) for both Fast Sales & Standard Sales was taking approximately 20 seconds to load.  Pricing is now loading instantly.

50. When a reservation-pay later has already been processed and the transaction fee was overridden, when editing the reservation, the system was reverting to the original transaction fee. This has been rectified.

51. Update to online messages where tickets are restricted to a member, tag or promo code

We’ve updated the messages in the online sales process where all tickets/items are only accessible by being a member, tag or promo code.

If the customer attempts to login and they still don’t have access, we’ve updated the message to state that promo code access may still be an option to access tickets/items. Please view the below 2 screen shots.

52. CK editor update: Bullet points

Bullet points are now rendering correctly online, see below.

53. CK editor update: Field length display

CK editor updated to allow clients to see the full length of the html editor field.

The directional arrow was missing – this has now been updated so that you can now use the directional scroll bar rather than having to click into the CK editor box to update your text.

54. Delivery Method text updated for operator visibility

We’ve updated the text for the delivery method for box office sales to ‘Select Delivery Method’ and in red for greater visibility to operators.

55. Update: Reservation extra checks when mandatory information is not collected

When ticket holder information (each ticket holder’s details such as first name, surname, email) and the customer name was not added to the reservation and these fields were mandatory, the system would wheelspin on the confirm button, not allowing the order to be processed. Also, once you had completed the required information, the wheel was still spinning, requiring you to Press ‘Cancel’ and then click ‘Confirm’.

 We’ve updated the process so that the confirm button does not initiate a reservation until the required data is collected.

56. Marketing Tags – Activate an alert each time a tag condition is met has been introduced

You can now activate an alert email each time the tag condition is met. For example, you may want to be notified each time a customer makes a donation to specified users/email addresses. Please read the help tip carefully.

57. Donor level tagging introduced to Marketing > Tags for tracking

Donor Levels have been added to Marketing > Tags. By selecting a donor level, you can then identify who your donors are (e.g. Silver, Gold) and give them access to special pricing such as discounted tickets. When setting up the donor level tag, you do not need to set-up an expiry date. The system will expire the donor level on the donor level date (or grace period if one is applicable).

If donor levels have access to different ticket type discounts, set-up each donor level as a separate Marketing > Tag.

You can also set-up an alert so that when a customer reaches a specific donor level, the system will send you an alert. View ‘Tag Settings’ under Tags.

58. Seat map updated to allow changes or removal of border

You can now change or remove the borders you draw on a seat map.

To delete the border, simply click on the border and click the delete bin icon.

To change the border colour, click on the border and highlight it, then click on the top tool bar pallet, select the new colour and click outside the pallet.

59. SMS Templates can now be made inactive from Tools & Templates > Email/Letter/SMS Templates > SMS.

60. Door List/Questionnaire Report Update – Added check boxes – Show Questionnaire Info, Show Tags, Show Ticket Holder Info

We’ve added ‘Show Questionnaire Info’, ‘Show Tags’, ‘Show Ticket Holder Info’ as an option under ‘What fields/Options would you like to display on the report?’ against the Door List/Questionnaire Report. When checked the data will display on the report. By default, Show Tags is unchecked.

Show Questionnaire Info- 

Shows any per ticket/per transaction questionnaire responses in the generated report. This feature allows you to reduce or add to the number of columns in the report. 

Show Tags- 

Shows all tags against the customers (such as VIP, Accessibility) in the generated report. This feature allows you to add to or reduce the number of columns in the report. 

Show Ticket Holder Info- 

Shows any additional ticket holder information collected against each ticket in the generated report. This feature allows you to reduce or add to the number of columns in the report. 

61. Promoter Access Basic report update – New ‘Show Basic’ checkbox

We’ve added a new checkbox filter ‘Show Basic’ which will show a limited version of the report – Capacity, Sold Count, Sold %, and Available.  By default, the report generates this data as well as holds, comps and reserve-pay later tickets/items. If you are wanting to grant restricted access to a third party, we suggest you allocate the ‘Sold Out Status’ report.

62. Invoice Reservation Report – Event Name and Ticket/Item(s) count added

We’ve added the following to the Invoice Reservation Report:

  1. Event Name Column – If multiple events have been purchased, this is listed with a comma. If merchandise or any other items are purchased, they will be listed under this column.
  2. Tickets/item(s) Column to show operators how many tickets/items are part of the reservation.

63. Sales Channel by Ticket Type report was showing all events instead of the selected event, this has been fixed. Please note, further work will be done to this report over the coming weeks including the ability to show holds.

64. Membership Report Updates

Membership Report

  • Report was showing the same membership numbers for all patrons/customers that had purchased memberships. This has been corrected.
  • Totals Added – We’ve added a total at the bottom so that you can clearly see how many memberships you have sold.

65. Door List/Questionnaire Report – Added ‘Expiry’ date column

We’ve added an ‘Expiry’ date column to the Door List/Questionnaire Report to ensure that if you select merchandise, you are able to view their expiry date, particularly if purchased outside of an upsell that may be connected to a show/event (e.g. pre-show dinner). This option is also available for the gift voucher and membership filter although expiry dates are available in the dedicated Membership and Gift Voucher Reports.

66. Platform Customisation Updates:You are now able to change the colour of the event name (Select Events – Platform Customisation).

1. Header image now correctly accepts a banner style image rather than a square image (see below).

2. ‘Hide Header Logo’ was not hiding it in the menu under the platform customisation preview (right-hand side) but was updating this function online. We’ve updated this so you can instantly see the logo hide.

3. Logo size update – We’ve updated the logo to allow for 251 x 70 rather than 251 x 66.

4. HOVER COLOURS – Under Text Preference > Hover colours, we’ve updated platform customisation to allow for the main menu (i.e. Home, Events), ‘Terms & Conditions’ and Questionnaire name to display the hover colour. See below for an example.