Release notes 41.0

Friday 5 June: Click here to download PDF version

Please press control shift R to refresh your browser to see the latest changes.

1. Purchase more than 1 merchandise at a time

We’ve upgraded the system to enable more than one standalone product/merchandise item to be sold at a time (see below). This upgrade has been made to both back end and online sales. For example, you can now purchase a red wine and a white wine by selecting the quantity and clicking ‘Add To Cart’.

Tip: upsells already had the option of purchasing more than 1 item at a time.

2. Merchandise enhancement Min and Max introduction i.e. Pack of 3, pack of 5

You can now set a min and max quantity against each product or product type. For example, you could setup a pack of 3 drinks (min 3, max 3), 5 drinks (min 5, max 5) or a range min3 max 5. If a customer purchases a pack of 3 drinks, they will simply enter a quantity of 1 and the system will show the price. This is similar to buying a family pass ticket of min 4 max 5. The system will correctly deduct 3 from inventory and issue 3 barcoded vouchers (where selected). 

For a range, the customer and back end ticket sellers will see the min and max requirements underneath the merchandise type and will not be able to complete the sale unless these conditions have been met.

Tip: you do not need to enter a min and max unless it is applicable. Simply ignore this field.

3. Upgrade to customer search

We’ve upgraded the customer search to display results by direct match of surname, first name.

We’ve also enhanced this process further to allow the entering of surname, comma then first name to find results.  

For example, if you name is James Elliott, by typing in Elliott, you may find 100 results depending on the size of your database. The system was then not sorting the first name alphabetically or the surname alphabetically. We’ve updated this process to sort by surname, and then first name in alphabetical order.

Also, by typing directly Elliot, James, you’ll find an exact match of the surname/first name. This feature is not available when entering first name then surname.

4. Backend System- Mobile Read

You can now build events directly from your mobile, update dates and times, sell a ticket, update settings and more. We’ve been working hard to deliver a total mobile backend experience. We will be continuing to further enhance this experience over the coming months.

5. Update to finalise order screen to show all telephone numbers and correction of Title and Tags not appearing.

You can now view all the relevant contact numbers of a customer record directly on the finalise order screen as M: for mobile, H: for Home, W” for Work.

We’ve also corrected an issue where the customer title i.e. Mr, Mrs, was appearing as undefined and tags were not displaying.

6. Gift Voucher balance remaining display on transaction overview

When searching a transaction that is a gift voucher, we’ve saved you time in having to click into the transaction to see the voucher balance remaining. The voucher balance is now displayed in the transaction overview.

7. Marketing Opt-in increase of Opt-in Name from 50-150 characters

The Marketing Opt-in name that appears to customers online, while the message that appears as an I info link has been increased from 50 to 150 characters.

8. Marketing Opt-in new drag and drop re-order function

You can now drag and drop your markeitng optin’s into your desired position. THis is particularly useful if you add important opt-ins at organisation level and want them to appear in your desired order both for back end and online sales.  In the next release, the order will be reflected in the back end sales and online customer sales. We are also scheduled to remove the word ‘default’ that appears against the default marketing opt-in.

Tip: The drag and drop funtion is only available via Settings > Step 2: General Settings or via Marketing > Marketing Opt-ins

9. Events Listing Screen Fixed Header

When scrolling through events and there is a long list, the header is now fixed meaning that you’ll always understand what column the content that appearing on the page matches too.

10. Resend Gift to a Friend Email

If a transaction is scheduled to be sent to a friend, if the email doesn’t arrive or the recipient deletes the email or any other circumstances, you can now click send to ‘Resend Gift to a Friend Email’ and the email will be resent. You can also update the email address.

11. Gift recipients’ details added to confirmation email

When a customer purchases a gift voucher that is to be sent to a friend, the confirmation email now has the recipient’s name and email address and acts as an extra verification that the details are correct for the Gift Voucher send to a friend email.

12. Custom amount text remove from confirmation emails.

Where a customer can purchase a gift voucher that is a custom amount, meaning they can decide on the value of the certificate,  we’ve removed the text ‘customer amount’ from the confirmation email

13. Resend Gift to a Friend Scheduler enhanced

We’ve created a new scheduler that runs every 5 minutes to send Gift to a friend emails. If the system fails to send the voucher, it will continue to send the voucher until successful.

14. Confirmation email updated – payment type Voucher.

The paid by ‘Voucher’ was changed from ‘Vouchers’.

15. Tweak of Step 3: Schedule Editor

We’ve updated the schedule editor page with more content, links to explain how to setup price structure and a wider pricing column. Depending on your screen size, you may now see a bottom scroll bar for the table of dates/times.

16. Deals & Discounts

We are ready to roll out Deals & Discounts. This is in Beta testing and notes will be sent on how to use this section once further testing is completed by Monday 15th June. Recently, we’ve added some highly requested items including:

  1. The ability to send an automated email x number of days before a customer’s birthday that can be restricted by tag, postcode, customer names, companies etc. The deal can be valid for x number of days before and after the customers birthday.
  2. You can now create deals as quantity or sales value ranges. For example, you can add a range where if a customer purchases 4-6 tickets, they will get 10% off, if they purchase 7-9, they get 20% off, and this can also be applied to spending amounts- spend $100-$200 to get 10% off and $200.01-$300 to get 20% off. You can limit these deals by categories, by venues, by events, by ticket types and more.

This avoids having to create a subscription to achieve discounted pricing of quantity purchases.

17. Save button adding to Events, Merchandise, Memberships and Gift Vouchers

We’ve added a save button to all the modules of Step 1 so that you can now save the page and stay on the page to continue editing. Press ‘Save and Next’ to go to the next page.

18. Events- Venues listing column update to show online events, location and To Be Announced.

Where an event is at a location, online event or to be announced, the venue column has been updated to make this clear.

19. Multiple Inside Charges Added to Pricing Templates and Fee templates

You can now setup multiple inside charges. An inside charge is a charge that is deducted from the price of a ticket and is often the venues hidden charge to a promoter.

When you create a pricing template, Step 2 will now ask you how many inside charges you would like to setup. Enter your total max desired quantity.

The system will add the number of inside charges into the ticket type table once at least 1 ticket type has been added. The default names for the inside charges are Inside Charge 1, Inside Charge 2, Inside Charge 3, Inside Charge 4, Inside Charge 5…..     

The table below shows the inside fees presented underneath the ticket price. Simply click into the Inside Fee label to change it to your desired label (see second screen shot).

**Important** As the inside fee labels are across all ticket types that you add into your pricing template, you must against your first ticket type, add in all the relevant labels that you want to use and the system will copy across the labels to all price scales and sales channels.  Only enter the inside fee value for the ticket types, price scales and sales channels that you want the inside fee to apply too. You do not need to enter 0 to make an inside fee not apply.

Fee Table Upgrade to include inside charges

We’ve updated the fee tables via Settings >Event/Product Settings to allow for inside charges to be copied as part of your fee template saving you setup time when building pricing templates. We will be adding in the ability to customise the fee names from the fee template in the coming releases.

What is a fee template?

This allows you to build a pricing template so that when you build your event/activity, based on the price entered of the ticket/item, the system will automatically allocate the fees accordingly by price range. PLEASE NOTE that fee templates are ONLY applicable if you are using price ranges that have per ticket/item fees and/or inside fees. It will not work if you only have transaction fees.

The template will only show the fees (transaction, per ticket/item or inside) you activate. By default, the first price range is 0 to 0 to account for your complimentary tickets. Clients often will charge their external hirers for the sale of a complimentary ticket by way of an inside charge. i.e. ticket price is 0, inside fee is 0.30 cents, this would mean that the external hirer/promoter would have 30 cents deducted per complimentary ticket.

20. Processing exchanges balance due update

When processing an exchange of a ticket to a more expensive item in the back end, the ‘balance owing’ in the Payment Details section is was showing as zero until you select a payment type. This has now been updated to show the accurate balance owing, prior to selecting a payment type.

21. Ticket suppression now removing

When tickets are supressed for eticket, i.e. to be emailed 8 hours before the event, the system on a resend confirmation email was still sending the etickets. This has now been rectified.

22. All images across listing pages are now clickable to improve user experience

When clicking on modules such as events, merchandise, vouchers etc, the customer can now click the image which takes the customer straight into the direct purchase page. The customer can still click ‘Buy Now’ to purchase.

23. Email Templates more mobile ready

Email templates have been further optimised for mobile devices.

24. Password update

The password message for creating an account was different to when a customer logs into their account. The error message presented to the customer has now been updated in both areas too ‘Oops, your password must not more than 8 characters’.

25. Membership type reference for clarity when click ‘Sell Now’

When ticket counter staff click ‘Sell Now’ against the customer record and the customer has purchased a membership, the most recent membership that is valid will show through the sales journey with their tags (i.e. accessibility, favourite seat etc) to improve the customer journey.

26. Subscription & Packages added to Marketing > Tags

You can now ‘Tag’ your subscribers so that subscribers can have access to a number of offers such as Deals & Discounts and Ticket Types.

Via ticket types, you can now allow subscribers to access ticket types connected to your pricing templates that flow into events/activities.  Subscribers could also access promo code discounts exclusively. Subscribers can also access Exclusive offers’ as a cross sell if the  created ticket type is marked as ‘restrict ticket to exclusive offer only’ and selecting the subscriber tag. For example, the subscriber could have access to half price tickets if they buy x event.  The subscriber will need to log into their account to access these discounts and select the applicable events/activities.

Through the ‘Deals and Discounts’ module, you can now click on ‘Set Conditions – Past’, then select the tag the subscriber is connected too.  

Tags can be accessed via Marketing > Tags. Please carefully read the tags module for other great features available.

27. Warning message added to Pricing Templates

When unchecking the per ticket fee, inside fees or transaction fees check box from a pricing template, you are now presented with a warning message. The message clearly states by unchecking the fee, if the fees are applied with a value against the pricing template, i.e. you have a per ticket fee of $3, you must firstly adjust the fees to 0 for these fees not to apply. If you do not follow this process, the fees will still be charged in the shopping cart.

28. Email/Letter/SMS templates – settings- social media buttons option to change to black

We’ve added the option to customise your social media buttons to black. Simply click on the check box as show below.

29. Pre and Post Emails

For both Upcoming events and cross sells within the pre and post email template (accessible via Tools & Templates >Emails/letters/SMS), we’ve added the following options (see below screen image):

  1. Ability to customise the upcoming and cross sells text to your own preference (i.e. You may be interested in the below).
  2. Ability to change the default button text i.e. Buy Now
  3. Ability to change the upcoming events and cross sells background button colour (Buy Now button).
  4. Ability to change the colour of the button text.

30. Ticket Layouts Update

For organisations with custom ticket stock to be printed via a BOCA ticket printer, we are now allowing 2 digits. Also, if you change your barcode type from QR code to standard barcode, the error of blanking layouts has been corrected.

31. Ticket Printing Improvement

We’ve updated the HTML ticket printing process to cleaner design. We will be adding over the coming months a wider range of fonts to select from.

32. Events Listing Page change order to Events followed by dates/times

When viewing the events listing page, we’ve now moved the event name and date/time next to each other which will make it simpler to identify and adjust the right performances.

33. Link Generator Update

When using the link generator to generate your event link, the link was not generating direct links. This has been corrected. A reminder you can also copy your direct link from the event built or any other module directly from the module build.

34. Refunds & Exchanges not updating in statistics

We will upgrading in the next release to handle customer stats and taking into account refunds and exchanges.

35. Local Printer ticket printing slowness

We’ve enhanced tickets requested to be printed via local printer to print within seconds for both back end and online. If you experience any slowness in generating tickets, please report this to support.

36. Updates to help files, links etc

We’ve added a number of help files right throughout the system as shown below.

37. Event listing page- editing pricing template

When updating a pricing template that had already been updated at a session level, the system was requiring clients to enter a unique name on saving. This has been updated.

38. Zero was missing on donations

Where a round up value was ending with the second decimal place as 0, the system as not displaying the 0 value. This issue has been rectified.

39. Info tip added to Ranking

We’ve added a info tip on Ranking to ensure that any staff understand how this has been calculated (see below).

40. Venue- Eye info link has been updated to include Venue State and Country

We’ve updated the venue preview to include entered details in the venue build including Date and Country.

41. Gift Voucher help info tip added online 

We’ve added a tool tip on the finalise order screen to alert customers that if they enter their gift voucher prior to getting to the payment area (final step), i.e. if they add a donation and/or select a delivery type that has a fee, their gift voucher will need to recalculate.

42. Merchandise ticket layouts $0 dollar correction

Where a merchandise item was issued at $0, the system was printing blank tags to a BOCA ticket rather than the actual content. This issue has been fixed.

43. Customer Password reset email custom domain reply too

This was the last email that we’ve now allowed to be updated to your own reply to email.

44. Merchandise ticket layouts $0 dollar correction

Where a merchandise item was issued at $0, the system would print to a BOCA ticket printer tags rather than the actual content. This issue has been fixed.

45. Printed Boca ticket layout fonts improvement to ticket layouts

When printing tickets to a BOCA ticket printer, we’ve improved the font to be more clear.

46. Seat map update capacity to 3000 seats

We’ve updated seat map capacity to 3000 seats up from 2000 seats.

47. Copying Events/Modules- help tip to explain process

When copying an event, the system will copy step 1 only and exclude copying the event line 1 and 2. We’ve update the help tip accordingly.

48. Contact numbers now allowing you to make the work number Mandatory, optional or hidden

We’ve update the customer field setup for phone numbers to allow for Mandatory, Optional and Hidden. For example, you can hide a work number online but leave it visible for ticket sellers to complete.  

49. Schedule Reports Updates

Scheduled reports were not sending due to an upgrade we did to manage global currencies. This issue has been rectified.  Also, when scheduling reports, there is no longer a default end date.

50. Customer Database Import- updates

We’ve done a number of changes to uploading customer data into TicketSearch. Once you click to upload your data, please now wait until you see the upload message and then you can move away from the page. Please carefully read the help file and text on the page before uploading any data. There are limits between 500 and 5000 that can be uploaded at a time. You can process multiple batches to achieve the uploading of your customer database but it must not be done at the same time. Upload only 1 file at a time.

51. Membership count in listing grid not taking into account refunds and exchanges.

This has now been fixed. Membership sub types were reporting correctly but the overall count was not correct.

52. Questionnaire mouse pointer.

When filling out questionnaires the mouse pointer was turning into the four directional ‘move’ type cursor (not the typical clicking hand). We’ve amended this to show the regular cursor.

53. Address online showing postcode in middle of address

When filling in the front end billing address, then selecting ‘no’ for mailing – the format for the copied over from the billing address was incorrect/inconsistent. We’ve now updated this process so that when a customer clicks ‘No’, the mailing address is blank.

54. Platform customisation- Back to Main Website Hover over colour

You can now customise the ‘Back to Main Website’ hover over colour.  As shown below, under Platform Customisation > Back to Main Website URL, you have the option of setting the URL where customers online will be directed too (i.e. back to your own website), the colour of the link and then hover over colour.

55. Platform customisation- Shopping Cart & Customer Login Icon colour change

Due to several clients using black backgrounds in their online listing header area, we’ve now added the ability to adjust the colour of your shopping cart and customer login colour (see below example).

56. Members account

The members account has been updated to include more options for customisation.

Tip: the default customer fields is simply a preview of the default fields available. If you build any custom fields, they will not be visible here. The purpose of this page is simply to customise the text/options around the customer fields.

Click into any field whether it’s a menu option and text, and the system will display on the right hand side the ‘Element Name’. You have the ability to hide the option, change the text, colour and more.

In the instance where fields have dynamic content in between text, i.e. Welcome to your Test Company Pty. Ltd 1234 account, the words ‘Welcome to your’ can be customised, the company name is dynamic, and then account can be separately customised.  

In the case below, the text 71 days is dynamic and calculated by the system to make it clear when the customers next event is. The text ‘Get Ready! Your Next Event Is in … can be adjusted.

All menu names can also be updated by simply clicking on the menu.

57. Platform Customisation- Text Preferences- Hover Colour

You can now not only change the colour of your text, you can also change the hover over colour. This is particularly useful for clients using black. For example, when hovering over marketing codes (How did you hear about this event?) the hover over/rollover colour being standard black would not show the marketing code text as this was essentially black on black.

58. Online Customer Account ‘Please select’ update

In the online customer account, the ‘Please Select’ function had a dot after the text. This has been removed.

59. Platform customisation-  ability to hide back button

You can now hide the Back link as show below. This option simply takes the customer back to the page they’ve come from. The back option acts the same way as when a user clicks the back button on the browser.

60. Platform customisation-  upgrade to allow numbers

You can now add numbers and our CK editor will display the content as below.

61. Platform customisation- Members account important information added to page

We’ve added the following text to the Members Account customisation to explain that the fields that are displayed are generic fields and not your custom fields. We’ve created this area to enable clients to update text to page.

The fields you are viewing are sample fields only. If you had re-organised your customer fields or introduced new fields, they will not appear here. This area allows you to customise the field around this area including menu labels, intro text. For example, by default, the system states ‘Welcome to your xxxx account. The xxxx represents your organisation name. You can click onto the ‘Welcome to your’ and customise this text to something else. Then as your organisation name is dynamic, this cannot be changed here. Instead you then click on ‘account’ and customise the text.

62. Platform customisation- New Members Login page created

We’ve created a new login page that takes into account the customer sign in panel and what appears on the finalise orders screen.

We suggest clicking into the field ‘SIGN IN FOR EXPRESS CHECKOUT’ and adjusting the text if you are allowing customers to skip sign in, i.e. edit text to SIGN INFOR EXPRESS CHECKOUT OR ENTER YOUR DETAILS BELOW.

63. Platform Customisation- Finalise Order Screen updates.

We’ve updated the finalise order screen to allow you to customise the content that appears on the page including the comma that appears after the text. This now means you can add instead of the comma other characters that may be more appealing. A reminder that there is no table structure in place online to represent this content to ensure that we are very mobile friendly.


We’ve updated the Subscriptions & Packages text in platform customisation to include the text ‘Share this’, similar to other modules.

65. Making venues inactive and impact

If you make a venue inactive via Events > Manage Venues/Manage Holds, this will not deactivate any existing events. You need to go into each event that is associated to the venue and make it inactive. We’ve updated the system to still display the venue name in the listing page and any associated seating layouts. When creating a new event, this venue will not be available if inactive.

66. Private Flag in Modules Subscriptions and Memberships

Where the private flag has been checked in step 1 of memberships or Subscriptions & Packages, this was also hiding the membership in back end sales. This issue has been rectified.

67. Memberships types appearing online when check box is marked as disabled

Where a membership type is marked as not checked for online, the membership type was still appearing. This issue has been corrected.

68. Edit Reservation-Pay Later text change

The rollover text for edit reservations pay later had the words ‘edit roles’ this has been updated to edit.

69. Customer Search update of search buttons

We’ve aligned the customer search button to be on the left with the Customer Search options and Transaction Search on the right hand side to align with Transaction Search options.

70. Promoter Access Basic (Sold Out Status)

You now have the option of select under the Marketing Filters ‘Show Basic’ – this will strip back the report to show only the capacity, sold count, sold % and available count (see below).

We’ve also re-organised the columns and heading names. Below is a example of the standard report that displays.

71. Membership Report Update

The membership report has been updated to include the membership type, renewal date and grace period. Columns have also been re-organised.

72. Door List/Questionnaire Report -Upgrade to display Upsells with Events & Upsells Only  

The Door list/Questionnaire report has been upgraded with the following:

  1. Show Upsell with Event: We’ve updated the Door List report to show upsells with an event (by default). In the case below, the event has an upsell of Chocolate and the upsell is connected to the Beyonce in Concert event that is on 31st July 2020. This then allows you to understand how many chocolates you need to prepare to be distributed on the performance night.
  1. Show Upsell Only: This will show the upsells only according to all events. We’ll be further upgrading this report in the next release so that when you select an event, only the upsells of the event will be shown. 
  2. Merchandise Only showing associated upsells- By selecting a specific merchandise item, the system will display upsells accordingly to enable you to understand and forward plan the events and upsells associated i.e. how many dinners are being ordered across events to forward prepare an external catering department.