Release notes 40.0

Thursday 14 May: Click here to download PDF version

Please press control shift R to refresh your browser to see the latest changes.

  • Added commas for financial figures

We have cleaned up customer statistics under Customers & Transactions to include commas where necessary for financial values e.g. 8,093.56.

  • Password reset function in customer record

Next to the ‘Sell Now’ button within a customer record, we have introduced the ability to send the customer a password reset by clicking on ‘Send Reset Password Email’ which will then allow them to reset their password for their online account.

  • Customer record ‘Save’ option enhanced

Once you click ‘Save’ to save a customer record, we’ve added a clear confirmation on the top of the screen. The system now states “Your record has been successfully saved. Nice!”

  • Door template name

The door name is now accessible and printable on eticket and ticket layouts for both Reserved Seating and General Admission structures.

  • Waitlist Enhancement

We’ve updated the Waitlist template with the ability to also collect the number of tickets a customer would like if joining the waitlist. This is particularly useful if only a limited number of tickets become available and you then prioritise who to call back.

You can also change the defaulted text that appears to the customer (see below) and if it’s mandatory for the customer to enter the number of tickets/items they would like. You can also preview a waitlist from the waitlist templates area, rather than having to assign it to an event to test it.

  • Questionnaire: Other Response – adjustment after go-live

Once a questionnaire is live and has had sales against it, we’ve now enabled you the ability to go back and include ‘Other’ as an option one time per question. This is ideal if you change your mind and wish to either collect this information or turn the function off.

As a reminder, once sales have been processed against questionnaires, they can have a number of changes made to them including updating the question, adding responses, changing the order of the questions, adding new questions, adding an image, adding additional pages of questions etc.

  • Price Structure – New copy over function

The copy function is now available even if you have entered a price, per ticket fee, inside fee or transaction fee into any field. This is useful if you need to update any pricing and/or fee. Click the copy icon and the system will copy the price across saving you time. If you have multiple price levels, click the option to copy across to all sales channels and all the pricing structures will be updated.

For example, may have a per ticket fee that needs to be changed from 1.50 to 2. Under the previous structure, you would have to go into every single cell to update the field if a price/fee had already been entered.

  • Pricing Template – Update to fee template process

When applying a fee template (created in Settings > Event/Product Settings) to your pricing template that already had price ranges in place, if you were then trying to update your fees, the system was defaulting back to the fee template per ticket/per item price. We’ve corrected the process to allow for the update at any stage directly from the pricing template.

  • Pricing Template – New process to alert you directly to missed fields in pricing template

When submitting your pricing template, the system warns of any errors with an alert message on the top right-hand side of the screen.

We’ve gone a step further and we now show the missed fields in a red danger outline, in particular where the % or $ value have been missed from being selected against per ticket/inside and transaction fees. See below.

  • Fee Template – Text update

We’ve added the following text against fee templates, available in Settings > Event/Product Settings, to clarify that if you do not have price ranges with per ticket and/or inside fees, the fee template is not applicable. It is not applicable if you only apply transaction fees.

Text is as follows:

PLEASE NOTE that fee templates are ONLY applicable if you are using price ranges that have either per ticket/item fees and/or inside fees. The template is not applicable if you only have transaction fees.

  • Fee Template – Update to error text to auto update when error is completed by user

Under Settings > Event/Product Settings, we’ve updated the error text to ensure that when you fix the errors stated on the screen, they will now disappear.

  • Payment fee update % value

When implementing a payment fee that was a percentage, the percentage was being represented as %1. This has been corrected.  

Also, the payment fee has been updated to represent the value paid (i.e. $) in the confirmation email.

  • Event Test Link

When sending a link via Events > Step 5: Event Summary to be viewed and/or tested etc., we’ve updated the email text information to the below:

  • CK Editor Upgraded

We’ve upgraded the CK editor to include the font Verdana, the option of underline. The correction of the issue where bullet points weren’t displaying online properly will be released in the next update.

  • Ticket Layout Groups

When groups are activated and you add a new ticket layout to that group, the ticket preview function was not visible. This has been fixed.

Groups are available in Enterprise plans only.

  • Email/SMS Upgrade: Coming Soon

Shortly, we will be releasing SMS pre-event and post-event notifications. There will be an unlimited number of email and SMS templates that you’ll be able to send to your customers. This will then allow you to send an SMS scheduled in advance, e.g. for an online conference, online event, at a performance interval with an offer of 10% off drinks, 2 for 1 and more. As we do these major upgrades, the pre-emails are also being upgraded and will be unavailable during the service restructure. You can still go in and select your templates and click save, but these will be available after our next upgrade.

  • Email/Letter/SMS Template Text Update for Cross-Sells

For Cross-sells, we’ve added the text ‘You Might Be Interested In’ rather than ‘Cross-Sells Available’. We’ll also be doing some further work in this area to allow you to edit this text and the ‘Upcoming Events’ text per template.  

  • Email/Letter/SMS Logo Image Upgrade

Templates have now been updated to allow the logo Image (shown below) to be presented as a banner across the top of the email rather than the previously small logo that appeared in the left-hand corner of the email template.  

  • Rollover of seat in seating plan, upgraded to include seat view

For venues with seating plans, when a customer rolls over a seat, seat views are now visible online. They are also visible in back office sales.

  • Allocation Exhausted correction

We’ve corrected an error where if you changed the allocation exhausted message for a specific event, it would activate the allocation exhausted message automatically and prevent a sale.

  • Platform Customisation – Header Logo Hide Option

We’ve added the option to hide the default header logo in your online sales banner. This allows you to simply add one header image with your logo incorporated into the banner image itself in your preferred position.

  • Menu Colour of Voucher

The menu colour of Vouchers has been updated to allow colour change as per the other menu options. This is desirable if you want to highlight a particular menu compared to other menu options.

  • Back to Main Website URL Colour Change

In the last released, we introduced an option to change the Back to Main Website URL colour. If you had implemented link colours, this function was unavailable. We’ve updated our code to override any link preferences and adhere to what is selected below.

  • Platform Customisation Updates

For events, you can remove price range from displaying. Also, font sizes for event name and performance date can now be changed. The ability to update venue font size will be in the next release.

  • Gift Voucher send to a friend

Where the gift voucher was being sent to a friend on the same day (rather than a future date), we’ve now introduced a batch job system that will schedule these requests every 5 minutes to be sent. We also introduced another process that if ever the batch job fails to send the gift voucher, the system will keep on trying until successful.

  • Venue Information Update to Hours of Operation

We’ve updated the text that was displaying in the venue page as ‘Enter hours of Operation’ to ‘Hours of Operation’. We’ve also removed some extra spacing.

Tip: Please remember you can always head to ‘Page Settings’ on each module and in venues that allows you to make fields compulsory, change field names and field length e.g. change the description capacity from 1000 characters to 2000 and move content around the page.

  • Seat Map Seat Description tag added

We’ve added ‘Seat Description’ into the list of available tags for eticket and printed ticket layouts. For example, against a seat, when you build a venue, you can identify the seat with a description such as restricted view, hearing impaired etc. This can then be added to your layouts to further remind customers of the particulars of the seat. You can find the seat description tag under ‘Insert Tag’, then under Events sub menu, and it appears last on the list.

  • Seat Map Seat View Image Size

Under Manage Venue > Step 3: Seat Views, we’ve added a validation message that if you try and upload an image size great than 2 MB’s, a warning message will appear.

  • Marketing Tags Update

If a marketing tag was less than ‘1’ under total spend or donation values, the system was ignoring the tag being allocated to a customer. We have now updated this to allow for a minimum value of 0.01.

  • Seat maps inactive update

If you make a seat map inactive, this will no longer display when creating new events and selecting a venue > seating plan.

  • Gateway reference column in Transaction History Report

We’ve added in the ‘Transaction’ report the payment gateway reference number as shown below. This allows you to then log into your gateway, i.e. Securepay, Stripe, Paypal, and check the transaction from your gateway provider (i.e. if your takings didn’t balance). 

  • Pre & Post Email Settings

Under Emails/Letters/SMS Templates, you were unable to save your settings page due to the introduction of mobile SMS. We’ve now resolved this issue.