Release notes 38.0

Wednesday 15 April: Click here to download PDF version

  1. Ticket Type re-ordering

Currently, ticket types appear against a performance/session in the order that you add them to the pricing grid. The new feature allows you to click into any sales channel (i.e. Internet, walk-up) and/or price scale (VIP, Upper etc.) and drag and drop your ticket types to a new order.

Simply click the option ‘SET TICKET ORDER’.

If you have multiple sales channels and multiple price scales, you will be presented with the following:

The below pop-up displays the sales channel and source where you can drag and drop ticket types into your desired order. It’s important to note that ‘available in sales channel’ refers to the ticket type being active in the relevant sales channel/price scale.

  • Transaction Report Enhancement

The transaction report has been enhanced to include an event level filter allowing you to generate data just for a specific event.

  • Platform customisation – removal of “Buy Tickets From” option

As a custom request, we’ve added the ability to remove the ‘buy tickets from’ button from your events details page.

Go to Settings > Platform Customisation and select from the customisation drop down list ‘Events’ then click on the ‘buy now from’ option and click ‘Hide this option’ (from the right-hand side).

  • Onsale direct link enhancement to include clock countdown

When a customer has a direct link to an event going onsale on a particular date and time, the badge has been updated to clearly state the onsale date and time as well as a countdown timer in days, hours, minutes and even seconds.

  • Removal of Transaction Fee and Per Ticket Fee Display if 0

Under Settings > Event/Product Settings, we’ve added the below features. By saying yes to either of these features, in the sales process online and order confirmation, transaction fees and/per ticket fees are removed if the price is 0. 

See below – on then left without transaction and per ticket/item fees displaying, and on the right with the fees displaying as 0.

Above: the display of the online customer account showing transaction and per ticket fees have been removed if 0.

  • Saving customer record and returning to search screen enhancement

When saving a customer record, you will now be returned back to the search panel to potentially search for another customer. This saves you having to click save, then cancel to then get back to the same menu.

  • New alert when clicking cancel

When you click cancel, we’ve added a i info link to warn clients that if their work had previously been saved, this message will be irrelevant. At any stage when you save your work, you can simply click on the left menu to move to another area.

  • ***Important Development***- Promo Code Enhancement at Session Level

This new enhancement allows you to re-use generic promo codes over and over again and adjust the promo code that customers are required to enter at the price structure level or against a specific performance/session. Your generic promo codes created must have a unique name i.e. Promo1, Promo2, Promo3 and the parameters of the ticket type will remain the same. For example, if Promo1 was a min 5 and max 8 tickets, it can only be reused in the exact same circumstances.

Please follow the below process:

  1. Click into the pricing template or session level template.
  2. Click on Step 2: Set Sales Channels and Ticket Types.
  3. The first pencil icon is to edit the ticket type name and conditions at global level.
  4. Click ‘Edit Promo Code’.
  • Enter a new promo code and click save.
  • The existing promo code will now be overridden just for the specific performance/session or price structure.
  • Under Customers and Transactions, against the transaction, the system lists the promo code name and code to easily identify what the promo code entered actually is.
  • In the case below, the transaction is showing in brackets the promo code applied to a student ticket where the promo code can be different across other events/activities.
  • ***Important Development***- Session Level Seatmaps

Session level seatmaps has been completely released and further enhanced. Once an event is live, you can at any stage go into any performance and adjust your seatmap for just one specific session. You are able to add rows, tables, change the design etc. There are no restrictions.

Once you click into an event, using the menu header option, click on ‘Step 3: Schedule Editor’. Edit the ‘Venue Layout’ using the pencil icon.

You will be presented with the following message:

Once you click yes, the system will then create a specific template for the performance/session in question.

Follow the path Step 1 to 3.  Warning: if you add sections/seats/tables, please remember in step 2 to re-configure your best available path. Our system simply adds your new seats/tables to the end of the path and hence will be the last seats sold.

Once complete, you will be presented with the following message. If you have added seats, tables etc, you will need to adjust your pricing template as the seats will need a price scale and a price set, even if the seats will be applied to an existing price scale (i.e. VIP, Upper, Standard).

If you click to move to the next step without updating your pricing for the performance/session, you will be presented with the following error message:

You will not be able to go to the next step without completing your pricing and holds templates if applicable at the session level. All seats must be assigned a price.

  1.  Refund and exchange enhancement of fees to include/exclude, override as well as adjust at the event level.

Under Event/Product Settings, for both refund and exchanges, you have the option to adjust these fees at the event level. If you do not check this box, the option will not appear under your event > Step 1> General Information > Options & Addons.

This allows you to then override your fee at the event level or reduce the price to 0. This could be ideal in situations where your policy could be to charge a refund and exchange fee, but when a show is cancelled or changed to a new date, this flexibility will mean that you will not need to adjust your Organisation level refund and exchange policy.

Second enhancement is that we’ve allowed you to have the proper authority to be able to adjust refund/exchange fees.

Process Refund/Exchange – Modify Include/Exclude Fees– this allow you to click on the include/exclude of refund and/or exchange fees and any other fees as shown below. Process Refund/Exchange – Modify Any Fees- this privilege allows you to modify any of the fees by change the value.

In the example below, when you click refund or exchange, in the modal overlay, you can simply click Included or Excluded or override the price (depending on your security level access), then proceed to the finalise order screen. For an exchange, on the finalise order screen you can also include/exclude and override the applicable fee. 

  1. Gift Voucher Enhancement

When setting up a voucher, our system automatically adds a row to make it easier for clients to quickly create their voucher types i.e. 20, 50, 100. We’ve updated the process with text explaining that if you setup a campaign that only allows for customer defined value and no suggested values, you can simply delete the pre-defaulted suggested type from the grid as this would not be required in these circumstances.

  1. New registration process

If you register a new or second organisation using our wizard process, tax id is now not compulsory as there are certain thresholds that need to be met to charge tax. It’s up to each individual/organisation to register their correct status.

  1. Help files

We are continuing to add as many help files to the system as possible by way of rollover and/or a help wizard. Click the help wizard to get detailed information about the section/page you are on.

  1. Platform Customisation enhancement to saving images

We’ve fixed a bug that has caused the setup of platform customisation to disappear. We’ve enhanced the way we store images and the file size to ensure the improvement to this area.

  1.  Currency Symbol enhancement to ticket layouts, eticket layouts and all emails that have a reference to currency (i.e. order summary)

We’ve added automatically to all the layouts and emails that are sent which have a reference to price to also include a currency symbol. Below is a snippet from ticket layouts, confirmation email and eticket.

  1.  Logo text correction

We’ve corrected the logo text below which had incorrectly presenting text. This has now been made correct for all manage logo areas to ‘Upload Image’.

  1. Tag enhancement

Once you create a tag through Marketing > Tags that can be manually assigned to a profile, and the manual assignment is done through the customer account, when you click ‘Sell Now’ any text information appears as an i info link.  In the second screen image, if you rollover the info link you can see exactly what the text field is. In the example below we are recognising that the customer has accessibility requirements that is wheelchair access. You could also use this to identify preferred seating preferences, dietary requirements and more.

  1. Printed ticket layouts can now be copied

Click the copy function against ticket layouts to copy your adjusted ticket layout

  • Questionnaire enhancement

We’ve made it clearer for customers purchasing to understand where a questionnaire is mandatory including the process of mandatory questionnaires automatically popping up on the screen. We’ve updated the intro text as well to explain this section.

When completing a questionnaire, we’ve made the Go to Previous Step a link rather than a button which then focuses the attention on moving to the next step. This also is an improved mobile experience.

  • Cleaning of design for tables of various modules

We’ve cleaned up some of the designs around tables in modules to ensure that when you have types to expand by i.e. Merchandise (T-shirt) that has product types (XL, L, M), the tables are aligned for quicker viewing. See below.

  • Spinners on Event- Performances

Depending on the number of performances/sessions, and your internet connection, data can take time to load. The spinner allows you to understand that data is loading and avoids clicking the button multiple times unnecessarily.

  • BA Path view correction

We’ve corrected the best available path that had seats hidden by the overlap of the ‘Previous Step’ button.  A reminder that the best available path allows you to change the flow of how the system sells the seats from best order. You can always drag and drop seats into the desired order or for more complex venues, download the CSV file, arrange the order of seats and upload. You can even add your own seat splitters which dictate where the system will consider breaks between seats. Please follow the on-screen help.

  • Keeping up to date with the latest information

To keep up to date with the latest information, we’ve added on the dashboard of each organisation the below link to join our Ticketsearch list. This is crucial for software releases and general updates. 

  • Marketing Opt-in update to allow more special characters that are safe to be included

We’ve updated the Add Opt-in area to now include more safe characters against the opt-in name.

  • Transaction Fee override

If you have the privilege to override any fees, we’ve enabled the ability to override a transaction fee from 0 to another value, giving you more flexibility.

  • Customers and Transactions – global search enhancement

When using the global search in Customers & Transactions, we’ve changed the display to appear in Surname, First name order rather than the previous random order.

Tip: if searching by email address, please enter the details up to the @ of the email address to ensure that you get a more specific returned result.

We’ve also increased the search results to display 100 max results. 

  • Refund confirmation emails correction

When refunding tickets and turning OFF the send confirmation email, the refund confirmation email was still being emailed to customers. This issue has now been fixed.

  • Customer import update

When importing customers into the system, we’ve made it clearer that if a customer is found with the same email address in the system, the import will override their profile with the latest information from the spreadsheet. This is particularly important in the case where you might be maintaining a separate CRM system.

Alert: If we find a customer/patron id number that is the same as an id number in the system, would you like to override the information from this spreadsheet to TicketSearch?

Changed to

Alert: If we find a customer/patron id number that is the same as an id number in the system, would you like to override the information from this spreadsheet to TicketSearch?  

Tip: if an existing email address is found in TicketSearch, the customer record (use jargon) will be updated.

  • Customer import identification

When importing customers into the system, they are now identified as ‘import’ status when viewing customer statistics against a record.

  • Customer ID Search

When entering a customer id, we are now restricting the returned results to the exact customer id rather than any id that closely matches. This avoids entering 1 and returning the entire database.

  • Paypal added for Malaysia and Singapore

We’ve added Paypal for our division in Malaysia and Singapore as an additional payment method to their gateways; CyberSource, Stripe, Ipay88 and Boost Wallet.

  • Tasks

Tasks that are set for further action and are marked as high priority now have a default colour of red, altered from black. You can always change your priority colours via Marketing > CRM > Tasks.

  • Pricing template correction

When managing pricing on an individual performance/session basis, the system was failing to display the ‘select by’ functions to change your price scales (i.e. change seats in Section A to Section B). You previously had to save the performance/session template, then make the adjustment. We’ve made the process simpler by allowing you to adjust on the first instance. 

  • Adjust refund/exchange fee at an event level – New Feature

In Settings > Event/Product Settings > Financial Transactions you are able to check a box next to a question under both refunds and exchanges which says, ‘adjust fee at event level?’. When you check the box, you are saying that you would like to be able to adjust refund/exchange fees at an event level. For example, if your global refund fee is $5, but you have a scenario where an event has been cancelled; you can override the value to $0 just for that specific event. It can also work if you hold a special event which perhaps has different refund/exchange conditions i.e. for members.

Note: Please know if fees have been changed on an event level and you have a multi-event order, this circumstance will only work if the refund/exchange is processed against the specific tickets/products of that event only (only that event is selected, it will not work if you select multiple events).