Release Notes 37.0

Monday 28 March: Click here to download PDF version

Delivery method ‘Print’ information link

When a user selects print as the delivery type, we’ve added a help link to ensure that all users can setup printer/browser preferences to ensure their tickets print correctly from a BOCA ticket printer.

Min and Max quantity enhanced

Where the min and max tickets are equal, i.e. a family pass, Ticketsearch allows the customer to purchase 1 pass that would then equate to 4 tickets. In reserved seating, that pass is represented as 1 and 4 seats still need to be selected. If the pass can be purchased in multiples, then there is no max limit – 2 passes would result in 8 tickets in the above scenario as a sale.

In the case below, if the ticket type is setup so that pass cannot be purchased multiple times in one order, the system shows a max quantity of 1. We have removed the scenario of showing min 0 to avoid any confusion to the purchaser.

Introduced new function and change of wording

We’ve introduced the ability to disable marketing codes being displayed at any module level such as events, memberships, products etc. We’ve also made the message much clearer… “Would you like to turn off marketing codes for this Event”. Yes, will turn marketing codes off while no will keep marketing codes visible in a sale.

Date field in customer record enhanced to allow manual entry

All date fields whether it be date of birth or an added date-custom field now has the ability for the date to be entered manually in the field rather than using the calendar. This is particularly important for date of birth scenarios.

Delivery message display improvement

The input to enter/update your delivery message has been increased in size (see message area below). The delivery message now drops down to 2 lines.

Qas address was not operating correctly where Mailing Address was made mandatory, but Billing Address was not mandatory

Where the mailing address has been made mandatory for all records rather than billing address (the billing address being non-mandatory), if no billing address was entered, the QAS address verification system failed. We’ve updated the system to handle this scenario. This could happen because the system is programmed with a yes/no function to make the mailing address the same as billing address. 

Add to apple wallet removal of Ticketsearch branding

We’ve removed our logo from the Apple Wallet ticket(s) to keep the branding more generic.

Added ‘From’ and ‘To’ into tags for gift vouchers

We’ve added From and To into the ‘Voucher From Name’ and ‘Voucher Recipient name’ tags of the gift voucher template. The tag has the automated labels so that if they are applied, i.e. sent to a friend, they will display. The other option saw a FROM and TO always being displayed on the template.

Updated venue address for display online and for backend sales

We’ve updated the address details to include the state and postcode.

Customer inactive correction

In customer and transactions, inactive customers were not saving. This error has been fixed.

Donations updated to include additional modules as defaults

We’ve added donations to be auto applicable for selection in the Membership, Subscription & Packages module by default. If you do not want the fundraising campaign(s) to appear in these modules, simply click the (x) option next to the module. When you are building (events, merchandise etc.), you will still need to turn on donations. However, this functions simply implies that the modules won’t even display for selection.

Gift voucher correction for end date

If a gift voucher had an absolute end date value, the system was displaying an error message that the end date had to be greater than the onsale date. The system message was incorrectly displaying this error as it was correct. This has been rectified.

Registration process, Tax id is no longer a compulsory field

Tax id/GST has been changed in the registration process to no longer be compulsory to deal with individuals who want to register an account and do not need to charge GST.

Subscription and Package enhanced with Promo Code

You can now add a Promo Code into a subscription build. Customers online can enter the promo code to gain access to discounted prices.

Loader added to display transactions is processing when data is loading

While you load a customer’s transaction, you may now see the below message.

Membership inside charges displayed against order

When loading a membership transaction, inside charges are now clearly displayed in a dedicated column.

Mailchimp message displayed when validation API key is not valid.

When entering your API key to connect to Mailchimp, we’ve updated the error message to be clearer as to why your API may not be valid.

Platform Customisation

We’ve added the below message when updating specific pages of platform customisation, i.e. memberships, merchandise or events as opposed to overall customisation

This page allows you to click on specific elements, hide them, rename them, move elements into a different position (restricted on some pages) and change the font name, size and colours of specific text. You can even change the colour of specific buttons.

Tip: the colour applied to this page is our standard orange and grey theme colour. If you have applied customisation of colours via Overall Customisation, they will not be visible on this page.  

Scroller added to payment method table

Under Organisation Settings > Step 4: Finance Setup, we’ve added a scroller to handle different screen sizes and those organisations that have a number of sales channels. Payment methods allows you to activate payment types and set charges against different payment methods.

Data import updated to include a ‘select all’ function

When importing data and selecting the fields you would like to match to our system, we’ve included a quick ‘Select All’ function which avoids you having to click on each individual field. 

Membership Name was not displaying on online sales home page

This error has now been fixed.

Price from issue on online when you disable ticket from pricing template

If you have multiple price scales (e.g. upper and lower areas with different pricing), and you made the lowest priced ticket type (e.g. child) inactive across all price scales, the system wasn’t displaying the price range online. This issue has now been resolved.

Google pay and Apple Pay description update – Stripe payment gateway service

We’ve added content in Organisation Settings > Finance Setup to make it clear that Google Pay and Apple Pay are only available for Stripe Payment Gateway.

Memberships Enhancement

Customer record – if a Membership is refunded or exchanged, we’ve greyed out the membership transaction under the membership tab, disabled the ability to print Letters and Emails for welcome, the renewal and lapsed scenarios and also added a link to the related confirmation number.

Eticket Layouts

When adding an image in etickets, you must first add the image into the TicketSearch system. We’ve added the below message to make this process clearer:

Tip: You must first add an image through ‘Manage Images’, then click into your template. Use the ’Enter’ key on your keyboard to move the cursor into your desired position (e.g. below your ticket) and click ‘Insert Images’. From here, select your image and your image will be added into the template.