Release Notes 36.0

Monday 23 March: Click here to download PDF version

Data formatting

Added comma’s for total spend in customer statistics to make it clearer from a quick view perspective what the spend year to date is and total spend.

Analytics (Tableau) New Reports

Our Analytics Dashboards have now increased to 40, with the addition of a Subscriptions Dashboard, Details and a Browser Stats analysis.

Subscriptions Dashboard

This details your revenue, items and how many subscriptions have been purchased including subscription names, types, revenue and more. You can also see what modules customers are purchasing.

The detailed report provides details of who has purchased and their information.  

Browser stats analysis

This dashboard provides data analysis of the device type that customers are using to purchase. A more detailed analysis is available through the ‘Reports’ menu, ‘Browser Device’.  You can generate the report by purchase date, by a specific event, and more.

Inactive customers

Customers who are inactive are now displayed in red for clear differentiation.

We’ve added the following tip to make it clear for internal users how to identify inactive customers:

Tip: Any customers who are inactive, are displayed in red for your reference. You can still click on the record to access the customer.

The inactive customers check box has also moved to the left-hand side under customers for clearer visibility. Tick this option to search for inactive customers. You can always click into a customer and uncheck the ‘active’ box to make a user inactive.

Global search has also been enhanced to inform an operator that if they click ‘Search’, they must type at least 3 characters/numbers in the search field to continue.

Online Customer Account Update (Design Upgrade)

We’ve updated the online customer login process to a more friendly UI design.

Please review the screen shots below for further information on this important area where customers can access and update all of their information.

Below is the ‘My profile’ page which contains all the key details of the customer and can be updated at any time.

Below: Customers can opt-in or out of communication as well as select their interests based on what’s been activated to display under Marketing > Categories and Interests from your box office system.

Below shows a friendly text that allows customers to know how long they’ve been a member for.

Below: Customers can find all of the details regarding how many orders they have; they can resend their confirmation email and more.

Under the upcoming events tab, customers can see how many days until their next event.

Customers can also view their invoice, resend or reprint their tickets and ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ their tickets. 

The Voucher section allows customers to see all their voucher transactions and how much credit they have remaining overall and against each voucher.

For Donations, thanking customers for their generosity is key, Donation details including how many times they’ve donated is included. Customers can click ‘Show more’ to view their invoice.

New Reports Added – Browser Device and Card Payment Failure


This report provides data analysis of what browser and platform customers/patrons are using to access the online sales portal.  The customer’s name, email address, browser name, browser version, operating system name and version and transaction date/time are tracked for your reference.


This report details any failed credit card payments/transactions and the reason for that failure – i.e. wrong credit card number or insufficient funds. This will help you clearly understand why credit card payments may be failing.

Schedule report enhancement

Scheduled reports have been enhanced to generate according to your bank’s reconciliation time as long as this has been set up through Settings > Organisation Settings > Step 4: Finance Setup > Bank Reconciliation Time.

From the view below, to schedule a report, simply enter the report name that the receiver will view i.e. Event Name, enter the email address, set the frequency and select your parameters.

For receiving a reconciliation report daily, enter -1 in the Relative Sales Date field. If your reconciliation time is 6pm, and you select to receive the report daily at 8am, the system will generate the data 2 days prior at 6pm to the previous day 5.59pm.

For example, assume the date is 22 March and the reconciliation time is 6pm. The report will adjust to the 20th March at 6pm to 21st March at 5.59pm and the report will be scheduled to be received at 8am on the 22nd.

As another note, if you’re not using the reconciliation time, simply enter how many relative sales days you want to go back in your reports i.e. if for an event you would like your promoter to receive a report for ‘Event A’ daily for the previous 365 days, simply enter -365 days into the ‘Relative Sales Date’.

The option, ‘Include Current Days Data’ essentially means that if you receive the report at 10pm each night, do you want to include the current days data up until the time you receive the report.

Further details about the reconciliation time are listed below:

“Enter the reconciliation time below (you may need to contact your bank to get the correct time). This time can be used against your reports to match transactions where applicable to the bank’s cut off period. For example, if your bank reconciles at 6pm each night, the reports will adjust to 6pm the day before until 5.59pm that day. Those takings will then appear in the next working day in your bank account. By default, reports are set to generate date from 12 midnight to 11.59pm.”

Relative Performance Date

Various reports have the Relative Performance Date. This allows you to schedule a report of all your performances as a negative (-), i.e. past 7 days, or future, i.e. 7 (no plus is required).  You may enter 365 in Relative Performance Date and receive a daily or weekly report that shows how performances are selling.

Donation direct link updated

We’ve updated the donations link to display the direct donations link rather than the general fundraising link.

Back end enhancement to modules to wait for data to load

All major modules have been adjusted to ensure that data is loaded (particularly with slow internet connections) before you can click save and next to get to the next page of your module.

No Internet connection Message

If you do not have internet connection, rather than a generic IT error, the backend user will now see the following message:

Added Organisation Name to top header

Added Organisation Name to top header. See below for easy reference when you click through the system. When you first login, your Dashboard has your organisation name. This is important for those clients logging in with multiple organisations i.e. a promoter.

Link Generator

The link generator has been enhanced to allow the hiding of the menu (i.e. Home, Events, Vouchers etc). This will simply allow the linking straight to whatever is being selected below. Stay tuned as more functions are being added to this area.

**For direct links straight into the ticket purchasing page, please click on the relevant module to find your link.

Online sales process validation reinforcement and help for customers

When you purchase online, any mandatory fields that aren’t completed are now highlighted in red outline, marked with text and at the top of the page, we’ve introduced a summary of what fields have been missed.

Event date/time enhancement for edit mode

When you click into an event to edit it, step 2: Dates & Times will default to the next performance date rather than the current month. The assumption is that if dates/times are being added, it will closely be aligned to your current or next month.

Display venue address update

We’ve now included the suburb and country for a venue address.

Online, the prefix for Australia being AU is displayed. This will be important for international visitors.

Donations update from customer record

From a customer record, you can now click straight into a donation to view the transaction details.

Ticket Type inactive status

If a ticket type is made inactive, it is now marked in grey and has an i info link rollover that advises you how to make it active again.

Membership Enhancement

When processing a membership, you can now print membership letters (if applicable) rather than through the batch printing process under Build & Manage Members > New Members. The system removes the letter from the batch print process if printed via the confirmation page and will also put a mark against the customer’s record detailing the last print date.