Release Notes 35.0

Wednesday 4 March: Click here to download PDF version

Inactive/Deleted Events Blocked from Online Purchasing

Inactive and deleted events are now blocked from purchasing online via direct link.

Group and Family Tickets Error Fix

The bug that was preventing group and family tickets being sold online has now been resolved.

Show/Hide Seat Maps Option Added

We added a link to click to show/hide seat maps against the number of tickets when a customer is buying so that they can then see the individual tickets in their shopping cart. The standard directional arrow remains in place. (>).

#5775 – Remaining Balance Details Added for Vouchers

You are now able to see the remaining balance for a voucher in Customers and Transactions. See below for an example.

Remaining Balance of a Reservation Added

Remaining balance of a reservation is now displayed. See below.

Improvements to Seat Selection

If you double click a blank seat, a message will appear if it is not available for purchase. See below.

# 5747 – Help Files Added to Reports

Help file icons with explanations added to the “REPORTS” section, allowing a more in depth understanding of the data that each report pulls.

#5759 – Better Filtering Functionality for Sales Listings under Sales

When you go into Sales and then drop down the Sales Listing menu, you can now sort by functions for date and A-Z as well as Z-A. Each user can also save their individual settings by choosing to ‘Save Filters’. This functionality improves the user experience, particularly for the Box Office team.

#5760 – Single Date-Range Filter Improvements under Transaction Search

Updates have been made under Customers and Transactions > Transaction Search. Now when you search for a specific date, only the same days data will display.

#5774 – Filter Enhancement for Customers and Transactions

Functionality has been improved to the Customers and Transactions section of the system. All the filters are now performing better.

#5782 – Generic Message Added for Inactive/Deleted Events in Online

In the ‘Sales Details’ screen in online, a generic message has been added for events that have been deleted or made inactive rather than the offsale message.

#5314 – Seat Map Build added to Standard Platform

The ability to build seat maps have now been added to those organisations on “Standard” platform. This means Enterprise and Standard clients now have this functionality.

#5742 – Report Generating Filter Changes

  1. Any inactive events (including all performances), are not included in the list to generate reports by. If you pull data between sales date ranges, however, it will be included.
  2. Any event that is deleted, will not be displayed AT ALL. An event can only be deleted if it has no sales.
  3. The date for reports has been set to show all to today’s current date and 12AM/MIDNIGHT to 11:59:59 seconds.
  4. When you select filters to generate a report, those filters will be saved for the next time you return to report filters from report view.

#5749 – Price Override Functionality Improvement

When you override a price it’s now shown under the transaction for easy reference and better functionality. This also applies when you try to do a price override to many items at a time…now all items are updated rather than just the one on the finalise order screen.

#5556 – Privileges Audit Completed

An audit was completed on all privileges to ensure a smooth system process and enhance useability.

#5741 – Report Event Filter Updates

  1. We have added collapsed menu functionality for all modules when you load reports.

E.g. For events, not all performances will be shown, instead you are able to click to expand and show the performances. You will notice this structure is used throughout the entire system.

  • If the panel (i.e. modules and other filters) are not relevant in the event filters, that panel with automatically not appear.

#5504 – Updated Direct Link Text in All Modules

To make it obvious to staff what their direct link to any module is, we’ve updated the text to show clearly what the direct link is for customers to purchase online. See below.

#5777 – Update to YouTube link in Venue Build

The YouTube link in the Venue Build was showing both the link and the video, we have now updated functionality so that only the video is now showing. This creates a more seamless and aesthetic view of the page.

#5778 – Improvements to How Marketing Codes are Applied to Specific Events

Functionality has been improved so you can now turn off marketing codes for specific events. This is particularly useful if you have external events and don’t want to collect all of the info/data. This applies to all modules such as events, memberships etc.

#5676 – Transaction Fee made Clearer when Purchasing a Membership

When you purchase a membership, you can now see the transaction fee label in the checkout page, informing customers of the exact breakdown of pricing for the membership they are purchasing.