Release Notes 34.0

Monday 24 February: Click here to download PDF version

Door List report enhancement

  1. Door list report auto sorts by customer surname
  2. Ticket types with a price override on door list report are now show with a *
  3. Deleted events are no longer shown
  4. Filters in reports auto collapse rather than show all module content such as events (i.e. loads faster rather than generating multiple performances and long lists).
  5. Totals are calculating financial value against the door list report rather than displaying 0.
  6. When you click to generate the report and then click back, the system will remember your previous filters used saving you time.
  7. Each report now has a help tip.
  8. FY for financial year has also been added that can be adjusted from your organisation settings.

5746 – Reservation Pay later

Reserve pay later are now shown on seatmap and blocked. Also holds on an induvial session now also include these types of seats for your reference when allocating holds. In the legend we’ve added Reserve Pay Later as a status so you can clearly see seats that are on reserve. We’ve also updated session level holds to include these seats to make it clear what seats are still available.

5679 – Added Product type name in Merchandise on finalise order screen

On the finalise order screen, prior to processing a transaction, we’ve added the product type name for clarity

Batch Print Enhancements

  1. Introduced loaders and explanations on each page of the batch print process to ensure clients are aware that their tickets are being generated.
  2. Added a checkbox to select multi events at a time, then by clicking select all to print, only those events will be generated for printing.
  3. Sales date range input was using UTC time, this has now been changed to organisation time.

Moved sell now button against customer record

The sell now button has been moved closer to the heading. See below.

Subscription link copy function

When clicking copy on a subscription link, the link was not being copied. Manually copying the link was working correctly. This has now been fixed.

5607 – Customer search finalise order screen

Once you search for a customer via the advanced option on the finalise order screen, select a customer, you are now returned back to the finalise order screen.

5698 – Freezing payment screen

To ensure customers are not clicking anywhere around the page on the finalise order screen when they click complete order, we’ve locked down the page completely by greying out all functions. This ensures the focus is on paying for the transaction.

5698 – Subscription, enhancement, general look and feel and changing delivery methods

  1. We’ve enhanced the look of the subscription process both online and backend with a newer design.
  2. Seat numbers and dates have also been added when a customer makes selections.
  3. Both backend and online, if a customer selects a single ticket type, we are now auto populating the same delivery types to all items as long as they are available i.e. if a customer selects eticket, all events will have eticket preselected as long as one event has eticket selected.
  4. Holds no longer appear online for subs.
  5. In the sub display page, we’ve added date range and also more info that explains more about the event, enhancing the user experience.

5630 – customer lookup/view- restricting number of transactions displaying

We’ve restricted the number of transactions that display against a customer record by default when you click ‘Transaction History’ to 10 with a clear ‘show more’ link.

5738 – Exchanges

Exchanges now accept a negative value, i.e. a refund to a customer’s credit card. An example could be a customer purchases a $12 ticket then exchanges it for a ticket of a lower price. The negative value is accepted now by the system.

Also, in an exchange, the transaction fee was missing, this issue has now been fixed.

5727 – Fast sales

We’ve enhanced the process so that if the performance only has 1 price scale, this price scale will be auto selected for speed.

5717 – Confirmation email

We’ve fixed an issue where the logo on a confirmation email wasn’t appearing for the receiver.

5596 – Questionnaire enhancements

We’ve enhanced the process for questionnaires by automatically displaying online questionnaires that are mandatory.

The user experience has also been enhanced by ensuring that per ticket questionnaires simply flow from one ticket type to the next. If you purchase 4 tickets and need to answer 4 questionnaires, each questionnaire will flow one to the next.