Release Notes 33.0

Friday 14 February: Click here to download PDF version

5631 Event opt-ins were previously not updateable under the customer profile. You are now able to update the event opt-ins under the customer for an enhanced experience.

5447 Improvements in functionality of the online page have been implemented. Popups no longer overlap each other, creating a more aesthetically pleasing user experience.

5287 Design flow changes have seen improvements in the usability of the ‘snooze’ function under tasks in the back end. You are now able to select different timing under ‘snooze’ including customised timing.

5601 Enhancements in functionality and speed have been made under ‘ticket holder information’. It is now easier to manage multiple ticket holders in this section (even when you have 20+ ticket holders, functionality is smooth).

5666 An error message has been created for security purposes when more than one attempt to login has been made with the same credentials on different devices at the same time. See below for message.

5605 A message has been implemented to inform users that they must choose either ‘by performance’ or ‘sales date range’ when batch printing. This creates a clear sequence of events that must happen to successfully perform batch printing. The message is shown in the below image.

4015 When entering a customer’s address to create their profile, the ability to choose “same as billing address” has been added in the subsequent mailing address section for a better flow.

5660 The mandatory questionnaire during the sales flow is now working correctly and you will now be able to continue without the customer answering. See below for an example of this.

5628 Under email/letter/sms templates, a ‘Reminder Reservation’ option has been added. This function helps customers know that they have a reservation outstanding.

5540 We have improved flow within fast sales > seat maps.

  1. ‘View selected’ to see what best available has produced
  2. Added summary on the right hand side of seats selected as a second preview
  3. New design with the “add to cart” button or choose my own seats functions
  4. Can now pick seats from seat map > fast sales

5629 Design improvements have been made in ‘Customers & transactions’ flow

  • Added ‘sell now’ button to top
  • Name and tags that the customer is already part of/has linked to their profile i.e. VIP, seat preference, accessible options, will display if selected when building a tag
  • Included message if deleted – see below

5253 In Customer field setup functionality improved. We have added the tip “To edit a customer, any fields marked as * are mandatory and you will not be able to save the record unless these fields are correctly completed.” The system will not allow the user to progress unless all required fields are correctly filled.

5634 Design improvements have been made in the events listing page. Now the 20 most recent events are listed there and a “show more” function has been added to view the next lot of events in the list.

5657 In Online, when the customer chooses multiple ticket types – an ddd ticket hyperlink has been added in an orange colour to enhance customer experience and usability.

5636 When in the customer profile, a warning message now appears if you try to “x” (remove) the customer before it clears the shopping cart. This stops any accidents in clearing the shopping cart from happening.

If you press ‘x’, this warning message will appear:

5646 – Reprint functions and Action heading Added

  • Reprint added to delivery method Print when you print from Boca with the alert to check your popup blocker.

When you sell an items, confirmation page now has a reprint tickets function just in case you need to reprint after tickets fail to print a BOCA.

  • In Finalized order screen, there is extra column, name it’s as “Action” now it’s showing as empty column. Action heading introduced, with x option as there was no heading prior.

5416 Sales seatmap selection: New option in backend sales to select multi single seats

You are now able to have the option of selecting multiple seats at once or single seats (which goes through the details of each seat as you select it).

5637 Turn on/off printing…addition of message

To apply your printing preferences, please click submit, then refresh your page to have your settings applied. Alternatively, simply log out and log back into TicketSearch.

5588 Total assigned tasks and today’s tasks- do not include completed in count as you just need to see what still needs to be completed.  

5653 Would you like to enforce customer search before adding new customer? We need to blur the add customer button

You have to search for the customer in the database prior to the “add customer” button becoming available to use. This is to stop duplicates in the system.

Follows rule from org, general settings, would you like to enforce customer search before adding a new customer? See below.

Changes to the ‘holds’ process

Firstly, we already had a function called “Display seat Labels” which we’ve added numbers/letters to make it even clearer and we made the select by options bold, so it is more noticeable.  If you review the seat map below, by the checked option, seats are displayed to make it easier to allocate your holds.

We implemented a “seats selected” option in the table below. It shows 2 seats selected representing 2 seats I’ve selected from the seat map. This will increase or decrease as you select seats and then click to assign holds.

Please also review second screen shot. When in multi seat mode, you can highlight over a desired area, and any seats included in that area will be selected.

Subscription tickets are now printing

‘Add to cart’ change

We have made the “add to cart” button in the sales process larger for more convenient useability and flow.

There have been improvements in the backend and front-end sales flow for subscriptions. Better user experience.

Batch Print improvements

You can now ‘select all to print’ when you go into batch printing. This is especially helpful when you are printing all tickets for a specific date range (rather than selecting tickets individually).

5599 Sell Now button add through customer record

Button added.

Updated bank reconciliation time

You can choose your bank reconciliation time in Organisation Settings > Finance Setup which will then associate that with reporting. When you try to produce a report, you can also click ‘adjust by bank reconciliation time’. This functionality allows you to produce accurate reporting according to your specific bank cut off time. See below screenshots.

Underline added on online to highlight hyperlinked text > more user friendly

See below image.

Fix: Print tickets now

Wheel spin added for ‘Print Tickets Now’ until it’s completed.

The following message will show when you click the button:

“Great news, your Tickets are being generated. This can take a few minutes to process.

Tip: Depending on your browser, your PDF may be blocked from printing. Please ensure you allow popups from our website.”