Release 50.0, 51.0 & 52.0

April 2021: Click here to access the latest release notes

Please press control + shift + R to refresh your browser and see the latest changes.

We wanted to firstly address items that are being worked on for our upcoming releases. Thank you to all our clients for your suggestions.


  1. The ability to purchase multiple subscriptions in one transaction. For example, a 4-play music pack and a 5-play subscription pack.  (in next release).
  2. The ability to add single tickets to other events in addition to a subscription. At the moment, this can be achieved by adding the events as a cross-sell to the subscription process. (in next release).
  1. Allow customers to pay for their reservations online (in next release).
  2. Allowing a seat map that has tables to force all seats to be purchased on a table (in next release).
  3. Giving the ability to force a customer to choose the same seats across a subscription when purchasing.
  4. Allowing you to update a ticket type (e.g., from child to adult) in an exchange. Currently, if you have upsells connected to an event, updating ticket types is not available.
  5. Allowing customers to add an upsell directly from their online account.
  6. Report printing enhancements including default to Landscape.
  7. Scheduled reports- allowing you to select specific days i.e., Monday, Wed, Friday to schedule and when editing a scheduled report, being able to see all the parameters you’ve selected, particularly the events you’ve selected.
  8. Ability to email reports to yourself without having to use the scheduler system.
  9. Performance items- allowing more than 100 tickets to be sold in 1 transaction and more than 75 performances to be created against an event.

The below items are currently available right now to all clients. Please remember to press control shift R to clear your cache.

  1. Exchanging Tickets for a Lower Value

You are now able to successfully exchange any number of tickets for those of a lower value. To do this, you simply click the ‘Exchange’ button as normal and when you go to select the tickets/items for exchange to a ticket/item of a lower value (e.g. adult ticket to a concession ticket), the system will allow you to process a refund of the difference onto a credit card. If you have fees, you can choose whether to include them or not. In the below example, a $10 ticket was exchanged for an $8 ticket, resulting in a refund of $2 to a nominated credit card.

2. New ‘Floating’ Button Options in the Online Sales Process

The ‘Click here to search for Tickets’ function in the online sales process has been updated to be a floating button, which means the customer purchasing a ticket will always see this button on the screen. 

Furthermore, the ‘Add to cart’ button and the bar at the bottom of the screen that you can expand to show a summary of the order have also been updated to share in this ‘floating’ function. This will ensure that customers online will always be able to see these important functions on the page and have a clear direction to the next step in the process. 

See below examples of these changes. You can see that no matter where you scroll on the screen, the ‘floating’ options will appear.

Image 1:

Image 2:

Image 3:

Image 4:

3. Finalise Order Screen Change – Optins to Opt-Ins

We’ve changed the text of ‘Optins’ to ‘Opt-Ins’ on the finalise order screen in the backend.

4. Customer Name Now Appears Next to Confirmation ID

We’ve updated the successful transaction page to display the customer name next to the order confirmation ID number.  This ensure that when you finalise an order, you can address the customer by their name once again.

5. API Access Page Now Available!!

This release has seen many new features being added to the system, mostly driven by client requests. We have now added an API Access page which can be found in Settings > API Access. This will allow our clients to link API’s with TicketSearch. This has been a big project for development team and we are proud to have it integrated into our system.  To turn on the API access on your menu, go to Settings > Organisation Settings > General Settings, scroll down to API Integration- switch the function to ‘Yes’.

API is short for ‘Application Programming Interface’ and is a set of functions that gives applications access to data and allows them to correlate with external software components, operating systems or microservices. It permits you to link applications together for a more synergistic experience. An example of API use is shown when search engines display relevant data from previous user search queries. To make use of these functions, you will need to generate an API Key. It is imperative that this Key is not shared with any third party as they may be able to access data specific to your organization with this information.

By accessing any of the API’s from the list on the API Access page, you agree to our Terms and Conditions (which can be found on the page).

6. Doorlist/Questionnaire Report Text Update

We’ve updated the text of one of the filter options from ‘Show Area/Section/Row/Table/Seat’ to ‘Show Area/Section/Row/Table/Seat as separate columns’ to make this function as clear as possible.

7. Calendar Circle Colour Selection in Platform Customisation

You can now change the circle colour when selecting a date on your calendar by going to Settings > Platform Customisation and choosing ‘Calendar date highlight (override)’ from the main page (see below).

8. Update to Transaction Overview Page

On the transaction overview page, the ‘Click here to view email send history’ under resend confirmation email is now in bold and displayed as a clear link as shown in the image below. This area details the exact date and time and user who sent the tickets. This is a great confirmation if a customer calls stating that they haven’t received their tickets. We have also implemented a batch job process that if an email is unsuccessful in being sent, our automated batch job runs every 5 minutes to try again. This batch job also runs for mobile tickets.

9. Building General Admission (GA) and Reserved Seating Price Levels

You are now able to build General Admission and Reserved Seating price levels so customers and staff in the backend are able to purchase from both. Below is screen shot from the backend sales process where all 3 options are available for selection including the new Select General Admission.

When building your price structure that is Reserved Seating, click ‘Switch to General Admission Price Levels.

You will then be presented with the standard general admission table that allows you to build your price level and allocate capacity, holds and doors.

To switch back to reserved seating, click ‘Switch to General Admission Price Levels’.

***Important***You are also able to build General Admission areas within a seat map that are clickable on a seat map.

Against your seat map, check the box for ‘Is this a General Admission Area’, select one of the shapes or draw your GA shape and most importantly, select the correct Label. Will the area be called General Admission? (other options could be standing, GA Section 1, GA section  2 etc).

You can see in the below example, 2 General Admission areas have been created as General Section 1 and General Admission Section 2.  Customers will be able to click the GA areas to select appropriate ticket types.

Below is a view of the price structure for the above mentioned design. Complete the price levels for the seating area in the middle then ‘Switch to General Admission Price Levels’.

Once switching to GA price levels, you can select the ‘Seat Map Area Ref:’ that will match the General Admission area of the seat map. We had created 2 General Admission price levels. Click ‘Add’ to add both to the pricing structure you are creating. Enter the capacity, holds and door and then go step 2 to complete sales channels and ticket types.

Above: you will note that both price levels have been added.

10. Removal of Membership Types from the Listings Page

We’ve removed membership types from showing on your TicketSearch listings page and direct membership page online. Previously if you had types (such as gold, silver, etc.) it would show. There were a number of client with multiple membership types that simply dragged the listing and membership pages down affecting the presentation of the page.

11. Membership or Donation Campaign Can Not Be Deleted After a Transaction

If a membership or donation campaign has had a sale against it, the option to delete the campaign (bin icon) has now been removed. This avoids the campaign being deleted from the system once it has recorded a transaction.  Please note, we always do a soft delete of data to ensure if there are any issues, it can be restored.

12. Checkbox Option for Module Totals in the Primary Reconciliation Report

In the Primary Reconciliation report, we have added the option to check or uncheck (see Image 1) a box that will include or remove module totals from the generated report.

Image 2 below shows a generated report with module totals showing and Image 3 shows the report without module totals.

Image 1:

Image 2:

Image 3:

13. Event Name Added Against Each Transaction in Transactions Report

We have added an extra column for the event name/product to be added against each transaction in the Transactions report. This makes it easier for end of day reporting, so staff don’t have to run multiple reports for specific events.

14. Promo Code Update – Changing Performance Dates

If a customer or box office staff member enter a promo code against an event during the sales process, i.e. ‘Promo 123’, and then the performance date is changed to check availability, if the same promo code is available in the second performance, the promo code will still be made available for selection again the ticket type. This is crucial so you don’t have to click on all the performances to pick seats and then have to go up to the area and re-enter the promo code.

15. Reservation – Pay Later Email Update

If Reservation – Pay Later email templates are made inactive, then the customer will not automatically receive an email even if a reservation transaction is processed.

16. New Address Verification System by Google, Replacing the Current QAS Program
We have changed the address verification system to Google, which has more records for verification. We’ve also created the ability to enter the address manually if the system doesn’t pick it up by adding a link that says ‘Don’t see your address? Enter manually’ (see below image 1 for example). Previously, you would have to type in an invalid address to see the manual address entry appear. 

Image 1:

Image 2:

17. Scheduled Reports Update
We have updated the scheduled report email template text as well as added a new tag which will link to the scheduled report (see below image for example of email template). The header, logo and footer have not been changed. The new link to the scheduled report is to account for issues with the attachment to emails. If the files are large (2mb or more), due to mail requirements, they may be rejected by outlook and other services which is why we’ve added the ability to click on a link instead (sample below). 

For those clients that are already using this email template, you will need to manually go in and add the tag to your message text. You can do this by going into Tools & Templates > Email/Letter/SMS Templates > Other Emails > Schedule Reports > Edit > Message Text > Insert Tag. Once you’ve done this, you can reschedule existing reports. We have kept the text generic for those clients who choose not to update their existing scheduled reports. 

18. Currency Symbol Now Only in ‘Title’ Column in Reports

In reporting, we have removed the currency symbol from number/currency fields and have placed the symbol only in the ‘Title’ column at the top (see image below for example). This feature has been added based on many requests from clients who are trying to total columns or use formulas in an excel spreadsheet. 

19. Number Fields Now Not Converting to Text Fields When Exporting Reports to Excel

In selected reports (Primary Reconciliation report, Transactions report and Operator End of Shift report), we have updated the functionality so that when you export the report to an excel spreadsheet, number fields are not converted to text fields. This allows for correct excel formula application to the spreadsheet. 

20. Platform Customisation – Waitlist Text Update

In Settings > Platform Customisation > ‘Event’ drop-down list, you are now able to update the ‘Join The Waitlist’ hyperlink text that displays online. You can also use the editor to hide this option, change text, font, colour and increase text size. This change has come after we received some requests to be able to increase the text size.

21. Adding Upsells to Subscriptions

You can now add upsells to subscriptions. Like in events, when you are building the subscription – you can add upsells by selecting at the header and copying down or selecting from the drop-down list individually. You also have the ability to edit or delete the upsell once it has been selected. Upsells can be added right down to a price level/sub ticket type and are separate from event level upsells added. Event level upsells do not apply that are created at the event level. This provides great flexibility to target upsells specifically to subscribers who are often dedicated customers to a venue.

22. ID Codes Removed from the Backend for Subscriptions

ID codes for subscriptions were previously showing in the backend when the event was a location, to be announced or one-off venue. We’ve now removed this from showing.

23. Reservation – Pay Later Update

After processing a Reservation – Pay Later transaction, if a complimentary ticket reason and order note details had been added, then the system was not holding onto these details when you tried to edit it, as it’s part of a partial payment. We’ve now updated the system to allow it to retain this information.

24. Reservation – Pay Later: Partial Payment Functionality Update

When partially paying for a Reservation – Pay Later, if you clicked confirm, the order would confirm even if the reservation wasn’t fully paid. We’ve enhanced this functionality so now you are forced to enter a payment amount to finalise the order or re-reserve the order.  The system will state that there is an unpaid balance.

25. Membership Renewal Update from Customers & Transactions

Under the customer record (in Customers & Transactions) – membership tab, you can now edit both the expiry and renewal dates even if the membership has expired. Previously if it had expired, you couldn’t update it.  This also means that at any stage, you can go into a record and update these details for specific members.

26. Warning Message Added When Making a Merchandise Item Inactive

When you make a merchandise item inactive, as the upsell is individually added to modules such as events, the warning states you need to go into each module and remove the upsell i.e. specific events it’s associated too. Because of this, we have added a warning message when trying to make a merchandise item inactive.

27. Platform Customisation – Search for Available Tickets Update

Through platform customisation, you are now able to customise the button that you click to search for available tickets if you are using the ‘multiple selection’ option for searching for tickets. If you are using single selection, then you choose each ticket and select ticket types as you go. With multiple selection, you choose your seats then search for tickets. By default, the text for the button so search for available ticket types is now ‘Click Here to Select Ticket Types’.

28. ‘Tickets May Not Be on Sale Yet’ Messaging

We’ve added a message when customers choose a performance date and time and there aren’t any tickets on sale yet. Customers may still be able to find tickets if they enter a relevant promo code or if they have the required status and are signed in.

29. Event Line 2 in Pre and Post Event Emails

Under Tools & Templates > Email/Letter/SMS Templates > Pre and Post event emails, you can now add event line 2, not just event line 1 in your templates.

30. United States Org Date Format Update

If you register for a USA org, the system will configure the ‘date created’ and ‘date of birth’ options to USA date formatting. This ensures that when you do a patron import, it will follow these parameters.

31. Transactions Report Update

The Transactions report now shows exactly which events the order is associated with and some enhancements were made to previous spacing issues with the credit card reference column.

32. Pop Up and Splash Alerts Added for Subscriptions

You can now add Pop Up and Splash Alerts for Subscriptions that will appear to backend staff or customers online. You are able to adjust this messaging (if applicable) in the subscription build process. For example, you may want to explain how the subscription works or add any special conditions. This works the same as in Events.

33. Unique Identifying Email Address in TicketSearch

We have had some questions about scenarios where perhaps a couple shared an email address and one wanted to buy tickets online for the other. With TicketSearch, email addresses are used as unique identifiers for user accounts and can only be used once. For Gmail users, you could set up a different account based on the following information taken from Gmail:

Gmail email aliases using plus and dot notation

When you choose a Gmail address, you actually get more than just Here are two different ways you can modify your Gmail address and still get your mail:

1.    Append a plus (“+”) sign and any combination of words or numbers after your email address. For example, if your name was, you could send mail to or

2.    Insert one or several dots (“.”) anywhere in your email address. Gmail doesn’t recognize periods as characters in addresses — we just ignore them. For example, you could tell people your address was or (We understand that there has been some confusion about this in the past, but to settle it once and for all, you can indeed receive mail at all the variations with dots.)

Keep in mind, however, that using these rules still means that any confirmation or communication emails will still go to the original email address.

34. Reports Now Saving with the Name of the Report Type

Reports are now saving with the name of the type of report, such as ‘PrimaryMarketingReport’ to avoid any confusion. See image below.

35.Online Alerts Enhancement

Online alerts were sometimes showing multiple times. We have made changes to solve that.

36. Membership Renewal Date Vs. Expiry Date

When renewing a membership, the system will take from the date of expiry not the actual date of renewal. In saying this, if a membership expired on Feb 1st, and the customer renewed on Feb 15th, the system will backdate the renewal to Feb 1st.

37. Doorlist Report Update

The Doorlist report is now displaying customer data for donations/fundraising campaigns – i.e. First Name, Surname etc.

38. Scheduled Reports Setup Update

We have introduced a start date for scheduled reports. This means that you are able to schedule a period of time (from start to end) of when you would like specific reports to be sent out. For example, you could schedule reports to start in line with when an event goes on sale. Previously, with only an end date, reports would start immediately when scheduled.

39. Donations Tab in Customer Profile Updated

The donations tab in the customer profile (customers & transactions) has been enhanced and is now showing refunds as red along with the transaction type.

40. Social Distancing Capacity – Reports Update

We are now showing the social distancing overriding capacity in the reports such as the Sold Out Status, Performance Access Basic and Detailed, and Holds report. It also shows in the Sales Channel by Ticket Type report when selecting holds. For example, if your venue is 500 seats, and you reduce it to 200 seats for social distancing, we are now using the 200 capacity in the reports detailed above.

41. Venue Capacity Now Clearer Across the System

When you set the overriding venue capacity under Step 2: BA Path (In Manage Venues/Manage Holds), it will now also be reflected in Step 3 of the Event build and also on the main listings page under Build and Manage Events. In the below example, the capacity was set to 99 and this has been reflected in the other areas mentioned.

42. Added Link for Members to Renew Their Membership from Email

From the ‘Renew Membership Now’ email (the template for which can be found under Tools & Templates > Email/Letter/SMS Templates), customers are now able to follow a link to renew their membership as shown below without having to call the box office.

43. Print Header Card Only Hyperlink

When printing/reprinting tickets, we’ve added a hyperlink next to ‘Print All’ which permits you to ‘Print Header Card Only’. This allows you to print the header card for the customer then add it to the front of envelopes for mailouts.  

44. Order of Upcoming Events as Seen in Communications to Customers Update

When ordering upcoming events in email communications, we have updated the choices to order by next options – so if you order by ‘Venue’, you will see the next 5 events showing in the chosen venue.

45. Seat Map Creation (Area Map) Update

When creating area maps as a seat map, you are now able to use an image as an area. You will find the option to do this under the ‘Area’ tab as shown below.

46. Finalise Order Screen for Mobile/Tablet Devices Have Been Optimised further for mobile.

We’ve also Added ‘+ Add Addition Voucher’ link so it’s clear when redeeming multiple gift vouchers online.

  • Addition of PayPal Button.
  • Order and Continue Button Updates.
  • Mobile font-size made smaller for optimised use.
  • Optimised style of side menu on mobile/tablet devices and fixed issue where text was squashing together when you opened or closed the menu.

47. Redeeming Multiple Gift Vouchers

You are now able to redeem multiple gift vouchers (as shown in the image below) in a single transaction. This has been a much-anticipated update to the system. Simply click the + Add Additional Voucher link if you have more than 1 voucher to redeem.

48. Online Optimisation for Mobile/Tablet

We have updated the online experience from mobile/tablet devices. This includes updates to the upsell popup and event promo codes. Buttons and input fields have been made full width and paddings and spacing for mobile have been adjusted. Examples are shown in the below images.

49. Doubling Up in Customer Search Issue Resolved

Previously, when you would search for a customer, you would sometimes be met with duplication customers in the results e.g., John Smith would produce two identical customer search results. This has been corrected.

50. Pixelated Image Fix

We have resolved and issue where the banner image in Platform Customisation (in Settings) was sometimes displaying pixelated even though the uploaded image was not.

51. Customer Account Login Update

We’ve updated the text that appears when a customer enters incorrect login details to make it clearer that a mistake has been made.

52. Selling Capacity Added to Selected Reports

The system will now reference the selling capacity (if you have that activated) rather than the total capacity of the venue in selected reports. This means that the ‘capacity’ column will show whatever capacity you have set for that venue for that event. This has been updated in the ‘Sold Out Status’ report, the ‘Promotor Access Basic’ report and the ‘Promotor Access Detailed’ report.

53. Update to Door List Report -order by date/time

When generating a door list report by event that has multiple performances, the system will now display the data in date order then by surname order.

54. Waitlist Update for When you Add an Additional Show to an Event that has Sold Out Shows

We have completed an update to the system where if you have an Event with sold out shows and a waitlist, then add more shows – you are able to go into Manage Events area and the waitlist (bell) icon will always appear so that you can then contact any customers to book tickets for the added performance/s.

55. We Are Now Accepting 0 dollar value for a Membership Import

When you go to Settings > Customer Database import and you import memberships and it creates a transaction, it will now accept $0 value memberships. This is important as a membership could have been given as a comp.

56. Update When Editing GA ‘Capacity/Holds’ from the Events Listings Page

When you are on your Events listings page, and you select the Edit (pencil icon) for a GA event in the ‘Capacity/Holds’ column and changed any data in the pop-up – there was a small glitch happening on occasions when the save button was being pressed multiple times while it was processing. This has been fixed and rectified in the system by adding a wheel spinner once you press save.

57. Fundraising Report Update – Removal of Refunded Donations

The Fundraising report was previously including refunded donations in the generated report which was producing incorrect information. All refunded donations have now been removed from the report.

58. Doorlist Report Update – Price Level Filters

When choosing an event that has multiple price levels attached to it for a Doorlist report, it will now allow you to select those price levels individually and pull that data (only once you have chosen the event and performance date). For example, if you just wanted to pull the report for VIP’s only.  Just a reminder that you can also generate the report by ticket type i.e. comps, adult etc.

59. Ticket Holder Information Change

Previously, if you entered any ticket holder information in title case, it wasn’t appearing in title case in the system. We have updated this so show exactly how it was entered.

60. Task Update

When setting up a task in the system, previously it was coming up with an error if you entered more than 200 characters. We have now updated this so no more than 200 characters can be entered.

61. Waitlist Now Available for Events with ‘Allocation Exhausted’

In the backend sales listing page, backend staff are now able to waitlist people for events that have ‘Allocation Exhausted’. This means for events where the allocated ticket amount has been exhausted (but there may still be holds for certain people or groups), people can still be waitlisted if tickets become available or potentially could be sold held seats. The ‘Join the Waitlist’ link appears online to customers for Allocation Exhausted events. Previously, you could only waitlist for ‘Sold Out’ events.

62. Multi-Order Price Breakdown

Now when you go to do a multi-order with fees associated with it, you will be able to see how exactly the fees (such as transaction and delivery fees) have been allocated for a multi-order by pressing ‘Price Breakdown’.

63. Method of Payment Added to the Doorlist Report

The Doorlist report now has the option of showing method of payment when generated. In the below image you can see the options to include – the last of which is ‘Method of Payment’. This is useful if shows are cancelled and you need to follow-up customers and understand the payment type used for the order.

64. We’ve Added Additional Options When Scheduling the Sold Out Status Report

When scheduling the Sold Out Status report, you can now use relative sales or relative performance date. See image below for example.

65. Social Distancing ‘Capacity’ Updated in Various Reports

Where an overriding capacity is being used for social distancing rules, e.g. your venue capacity is 30 but your selling capacity should only be 20 with COVID restrictions, the system will now display on the following reports the overriding capacity (20). 

  • Sold Out Status
  • Promoter Access Basic
  • Promoter Access Detailed
  • Holds Report 
  • Sales Channel by Ticket Type Report, where holds are selected to be displayed.

This will ensure that that selling capacity is clearly identified rather than the misleading total capacity.

66. Area Maps Update

When you move your mouse over an area in an area map, the hand symbol will now display to indicate that you can click on it to open that area. The colour of the area will also display darker as you roll over it signalling an action is in progress.

67. Doorlist Enhancement to Show Price Level Selection

When selecting a specific performance of a Doorlist report, you now can select to filter by price level and ticket type. For example, you may want to only generate a report of customers who have purchased tickets in the VIP area.

68. Primary Marketing Report Update

We have updated the Primary Marketing report to show the following fields by default when generating:

  • Customer/Patron ID
  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Email
  • Mobile

These fields will be automatically selected and then you will be able to easily select any other field that you require from the drop-down list as shown in the image below.

69 Gift Voucher Button Customisation Update

Under Settings > Platform Customisation > Vouchers, we’ve added the ability to change the buttons for gift voucher suggestions/amounts. This has been an important update for clients that were using darker colours for their primary and secondary colours. 

70. Complimentary Ticket Report ‘Status’ Column

In the Complimentary Ticket report, we have added a ‘Status’ column so it’s clear if the ticket has been refunded, exchanged or is simply ‘Active’.

71. Doorlist Report Enhancement

We’ve added checkboxes to include the Event/Item Name and also the Date/Time of the event in the generated report. Clients reported that the event name and date/time are already in the header of the report and this is more useful where you are selecting multiple sessions of the one event and require this info. By Default, we’ve turned this option off. 

When generating this report and using/including the Event Name and Date/Time fields, they appear next to each other as shown below.

72. Primary Marketing Report: Tags – 2 Enhancements – Description Field & Data Assigned/Update Date Added

When adding a tag to a customer that can be manually assigned (see Marketing > Tags), the Primary Marketing report now displays the description field. In the case example below, I have created a tag called ‘Accessibility’ and the description is ‘Wheelchair Access Required’ which is assigned against the customer.

We’ve also added the ability to tick the box to show the tag description and tag assigned/modified date. For example, a tag such as Accessibility may have assigned in 2020 but was updated today. The system will show both the original date and the newly updated date.

73. Default Text Change Online When Selecting Tickets

We have changed the button text that used to say ‘Click Here to Search for Tickets’ to ‘Click Here to Select Ticket Types’ to make it clearer to customers as to the next action. This is also customisable in Settings > Platform Customisation, selecting the drop down list ‘Events’.  

74. Reserve -Pay Later and Mailchimp Integration and Setup Help Files Added

We have added help files to help customers navigate through the process of Reserve – Pay Later orders and how to integrate Mailchimp with TicketSearch.

The Reserve – Pay Later help file can be found in Settings > Event/Product Settings > Reserve – Pay Later > Select the wizard.

The Mailchimp Integration and Setup help file will be available in the next couple of days and can be found in Marketing > Email & SMS Marketing > Mailchimp/SMS Settings > Select the wizard.

75. TicketSearch Scanning App Update

As TicketSearch is now completely live in the USA and Canada, the servers used are slightly different for the different regions.

Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Asia are on the ‘BO’ server ( and USA and Canada are on the ‘SA1’ server ( As a result, the scanning app will look slightly different. The changes help to ensure that North American clients who are holding events can do so on the SA1 server. 

The login page of the app will default to the BO server (Australia/NZ/Asia/Mexico) so for USA and Canada clients, please simply click the field to see the drop-down list and select the SA1 server. 
As you can see in the example below, country and server selections are made clear. A ‘remember me’ process is also in place with the app to ensure that you only have to undertake this scenario once in order to not confuse any operators. We do suggest it best to update your staff in advance anyway. 

BO Server:

SA1 Server:

  1. New Items Added to the f Process –

When clicking ‘Add Ticket Type’ in Step 2: Pricing, you are now presented with:

a. Minimum amount of tickets and maximum amount of tickets: This is important if you have a group subscription package on offer e.g. min 6 max 20. If a customer was purchasing a 5-pack subscription, that would mean a minimum of 6 subscriptions would be purchased at a total of 30 tickets.

b. Restrict this ticket to members only? By clicking yes and selecting one or more membership types, the member will be required to login to their account to access the discount.

c. Restrict this ticket to customer tags only? By selecting yes, the customer must have the tag assigned to them to access the subscription e.g., VIP, donor etc. You can create tags via Marketing > Tags.

In the backend view, a member’s badge is displayed so that it’s clear that this subscription ticket type should only be made available to members. You can also see that any min and max requirements are clearly listed.

  1. Primary Marketing Report Changes

We’ve updated the Primary Marketing report to ensure that you only see the data that you want to see. By default, the generated report will display First Name, Last Name, Email and Mobile Number. You can select the other fields you wish to add.

We’ve also added the ability for any custom fields you have created via Settings > Customer Fields Setup to be generated in the report. For example, you could have created an ‘Internal ID Record Number’ that can now be generated in this report.

  1. Reserve – Pay Later Memberships

We’ve updated the status of a membership that is ‘Reserve – Pay Later’ to display as in the below example. This is particularly important for clients who are including memberships as part of their subscription process and the entire subscription is on a Reserve – Pay Later status. During this period, the customer will have full access to their membership benefits.

  1. Reserve – Pay Later Now Displaying in the Membership Report

We’ve added filters to allow you to generate the Membership report with ‘Orders Only’ (default), ‘Reservations – Pay Later & Orders’ and also Reservations – Pay Later Only.’

This allows those clients selling memberships as part of a subscription package that is on a reserve – pay later status to be able to generate the membership report.

  1. Ability to Select Multi Seats in Subscription Sales

We’ve added the ability to select multiple seats in subscription sales. This is particularly useful for organisations processing school booking subscriptions or for backend staff when processing a customer intending to purchase 10 subscription packages.

For online, the function will follow what you have activated in your Settings > Event/Product Settings for single or multiple select.

  1. Membership Report Has New ‘Sort By’ Filters

The membership report has new filters to ‘Sort By’ Transaction Date, Expiry Date, Renewal Date or by Grace Period.

  1. Memberships Update – Adding in Acknowledgment Names

For those clients wanting to setup donations as memberships that can be auto renewed, we’ve added into the membership build the ability to activate ‘Acknowledgement Names.’ Customers will then be able to enter their details e.g. ‘The Sample Family’, to be recognised this way.  

Under option 2, you can also activate the allowing of anonymous names.

 The below will then appear in the backend sales flow:

Alternatively, it will appear online as follows:

From the customer account, you have the ability to edit the acknowledgement details.

Furthermore, in the Membership report, the following 2 columns have been added to provide you with the information detailed in this release item i.e. whether this membership is anonymous and what is the acknowledgment name.

  1.  Membership and Gift Voucher – Inactive Sub Type Update

With memberships and gift vouchers, if you deleted or made inactive a sub type, the total on the listings page was still showing the total including the deleted or inactive item. This has now been updated.

  1. Vietnam is Now Live

Vietnam is now live with TicketSearch and it has been added to registration for registrations.

  1. Integration with CyberSource Gateway Processing 3D Security

Integration with CyberSource gateway processing 3D Security. This is particularly important for Europe and Asia that have mandated card 3D security that will often send you a pin code to your mobile to enter to validate a transaction. Cybersource is one of the biggest gateways in the world, owned by the VISA.

  1. Event Line 2 Displaying Correctly for Offsale or Inactive Events

Previously, if an event had Line 2 in the title and was off sale or inactive, Event Line 1 was displaying twice. This has been rectified.

  1. Header Card Update

The Header Card, when printed, was counting number of items in order, including exchanged or refunded items. This has been updated.

88. Subscriptions & Packages report

The Subscription & Packages report is now live. This allows you to see all your orders relating to subscriptions from individual packages to all packages. Total revenue broken down by upsells and memberships that may be included in the subscription is also detailed. This report is being updated to show totals only and also totals broken down by sales channel. This report states coming soon as is being further enhanced. Submit any feedback to

89. Seat Map update to 4 characters-

We’ve updated the seat map system to accommodate Rows and tables with 4 characters. This custom development was done to accommodate Del Mar Race Track and the Breeders Cup, one of the most famous races in the United States. We welcome them to the TicketSearch Family.

90. Membership Renewals now keeping the same membership number if renewed

Where a membership is renewed within the renewal period, TicketSearch will now maintain the same membership number. We understand that customers often have a connection with their membership number.

91. Tags now being assigned for exchanged orders

Where an order is exchanged, tags are now being assigned to these orgs. For example, if a customer purchased a subscription 10 pack and exchanged this for a 5 pack, the tagging system will profile their booking and add the appropriate tags. Tags are a great way of generating reports with and or not scenarios. To learn more about tags, head to Marketing > Tags.

92. Cybersource Gateway now appearing as Credit Card online

Where multi types of payment types are made available online, i.e. Credit card and Paypal, we’ve updated Card to Credit Card. This will also shortly be applied to the Securepay gateway as well.

93. Sales Channel by Ticket Type Report & Promoter Access Detailed Report improved performance

When generating data for these 2 reports in large date ranges and many tickets types were present, we’ve updated the performance so that the report will generate faster. Please note, if your report does not load within 1.5 minutes, our security system Cloudfare blocks any length greater than this. To generate the data, simply schedule the report to yourself with a start and end date of today. You can set the report to arrive to you within 5 minutes. There is no restriction on downloaded files as they don’t cross our security system.

We will soon be adding adding the ability to simply enter your email address and have the file sent to your nominated email address. This will avoid having to schedule larger files.

94. Removal of Text Box Office Online

Via Platform Customisation, you can now remove the text for Box Office Online. Simply add a space and the system will remove the display from online (see first screen shot and second).

Removal of Box Office Online Below

95. Editing a price structure at session level update

When editing a price structure and activating a session level template (i.e. Tuesday night you are offering a discount price and hence breaking away the price structure from the organisation level template), if you had on sale dates and times against ticket types i.e. Adult, Child against your event, the system was wiping the dates. We’ve updated the system so that data will be maintained and you will only need to update any newly added ticket types for applicable on sale dates and times.

96. Ad blocker update to ensure that TicketSearch online operates correctly

We’ve updated the system so that ad blockers don’t recognise buttons through the sales process as advertisements. This could occur due to our Facebook and Google tracking process attached to most buttons through the online interface.

97. Reservation Pay Later Update

Where a reservation is cancelled manually, we are now displaying the date and time of cancellation against the record for clarity.

98. Tags now applying to Reserve- Pay Later orders

As many venues are offering Pay as you go subscriptions and using the reserve pay later function to fulfil such orders, we’re now applying Marketing > Tags to such orders. This allows you to generate data by tags using the and or not function with your relevant database.

99. Gift Voucher re-send to a friend option

If you need to resent from box office a gift voucher that was scheduled to be sent and hasn’t arrived, you can resend the voucher by looking up the confirmation number and clicking into the order, then clicking on ‘Resend Gift to a Friend Email.

100. Upsells by Batch Printing

You are now able to batch print your event ticket separate to your upsells. Simply select your event tickets, batch print them then go back into your filters and select you upsell items.

101. Copying a Seat Map

When copying a seat map, the system was copying the BA path only. The system will now copy the BA path and Seat Views.