Platform Customisation Settings

This area allows you to customise your search display settings within the system.

As soon as this threshold is reached, a search bar will appear on your main listing page allowing customers/patrons to free text search for specific content. Customers/patrons can also use the search bar to filter by event, venue, category etc. We’ve set the default as 30 items before the filter will appear.  The display is shown below for your reference.

Here you can select your preferred display view i.e. when a customer lands into an event/activity, select the display view as per the information below.

Calendar & List: Will show both a calendar where dates and times can be selected or list view that displays dates and times shown down the page. If you tend to have events and activities that only have one session, we suggest list view would be more applicable.

List: Will only show the list view that displays dates and times shown down the page.

Calendar: Will only show the calendar view, perfect if you often have many sessions.    

NOTE: If you select both calendar and list view, you will be able to select your preferred view type, which is the default view that will appear when a customer/patron lands into an event/activity. They can always switch between views at any time.

Below is a sample of both the calendar and view list views.

Maximum number of Sessions to display in Date/Time List before show more sessions is displayed.  As shown in the above image, 2 sessions are displayed. You can enter the number of sessions to display in a list view before the system introduces ashow morelink which will then present all the additional dates/times.  This option is only available if list view is activated above.

Below, if view list is selected, we’ve set a default to 30 whereby if your performances/sessions are greater than the number entered in this field, a drop-down list will appear rather than single dates as buttons down the page. This is highly applicable to organisations that have many dates and times i.e. sessions every day. See “Choose a Date” below for an example. 

The final option relates to an event/activity. The calendar option will display if the number of performances/sessions is greater than the number entered below. For example, you may want the calendar to appear if there are more than 2 sessions, the choice is yours.