New User Step 2: Settings

Select the sales channels (where tickets/items will be sold from commonly):

Select one sales channel that will act as the default when processing sales. This will save time rather than having to select the sales channel to sell tickets from if, for example, 90% of your sales are phone based through the backend application rather than online. When processing a sale, you’ll be able to change the sales channel.

Select a default delivery method:   

Select a default delivery method for the sales channel you have applied for this user. Hint: the default delivery method for each sales channel would have been set up in Organisational Settings -> Sales and Delivery -> Global Delivery Method. This will help you speed through the sales process. e.g.  if eTickets are your most common delivery choice over the phone, select it here. You can always change the delivery method as you sell tickets/items.

The features below are only available when you are printing tickets:

Automatically print header cards for individual sales:

Activate this feature if you want a header card to be printed once a sale is processed. A header card will display your customer’s name, address and contact details. The header cards will allow you easily identify your customers by alphabetising them in files if filing them for specific circumstances.

Automatically print receipts:            

Select the number of receipts you would like to print for each sale. You may want to keep a copy of one receipt, while distributing the other to the customer.

Automatically Print Batch Header Cards for Batch Print Jobs:

Batch print all the header cards to be attached to all tickets for box office collection/ticket counter collection before a session/activity. You could schedule your batch print jobs to occur two hours before the start of an event/activity, which will allow you to print and arrange all pre-purchased box office collection tickets. For any other tickets sold after the event commences, you can easily print these tickets and receipts on the spot.  

Automatically print batch receipts for batch prints:

Batch print all the recepts to be attached to all tickets and header cards for box office collection.