Merchandise and add-ons: How to best use to table

Please note, some of the features below may not be visible as they were not selected in the Options area above. Simply re-select the options to display in the table.

  1. To Make a product inactive, switch the active check box to turn off a type.
  2. Set product type e.g. S, M, L,
  3. Enter Price for the product
  4. Select sales channels applicable. If you don’t want to sell the product in an available sales channel. Uncheck the checkbox applicable to that sales source
  5. Inventory- set a number or unlimited. If you have sold inventory for a specific product type, your inventory cannot be less then sold count.  
  6. Set your Transaction Fee name e.g. Internet Transaction Fee, and fee as either local currency value or % value.
  7. The delete button in actions only appears if there are NO sales against a type due to data integrity. Simply make the product (product type) inactive.

Click Save and Next to go to the finalise order Product Summary/Verification Page.