Marketing Opt-ins

Opt-in marketing is a form of permission marketing in which there is a formal opt-in process for receiving follow-up communication, offers etc.

Below is a list of your current Organisation wide Marketing Opt-ins.  These opt-ins can also be updated via Organisation Settings > Step 2 > General Settings and both areas will be instantly updated.

Active/Inactive switch: Toggle Active/Inactive to switch the opt-in on or off from display across your organisation. If you do turn off an opt-in, the opt-in will be hidden from all areas of the system including the customer record. If you do turn it back on, the opt-in will be available as per normal.

Deleting an opt-in: Your organisation level opt-in cannot be deleted. Any other opt-in can be deleted unless it has transaction data associated to it. If you do attempt to delete such an opt-in, you will receive the following message:

Opt-in  <opt in Name> has been associated to transaction data and therefore cannot be deleted. It can only be made inactive.


 To create or edit Op-in, click ADD OPT-IN or click the edit icon (Bin) to edit  details.

Fill in all the details as outlined below.

  1. Select Marketing channels for this opt in: Options are Email, Mail or SMS. Tick the desired options that you want presented to the customer for choice or a staff member selling from the back end application (e.g. walk-up or telephone sale).
  • Marketing Opt-in Name: Enter the name of the opt-in, (e.g.  ABC Theatre, ABC Tour Company or even a sponsor’s name) and whatever you build through a module (e.g.  events/activities), you always want to visible. Remember, at the event/activity level, you will have the option to add specific opt-ins that relate (e.g.  The Lorde Event has a third party/promoter who also wants access to the data). To ensure that you keep your marketing opt-in area clean, limit the number of opt-ins that are created.
  • Marketing Opt-in Message: Enter the message that your customers will see about the opt-in (e.g.  Check this box to receive information about events and activities and ABC Theatre).
  • Would you like your customers to automatically opt-in to this marketing list? Do your customers need to opt-in or opt-out? For example, to opt-in, the question may state “Uncheck this box if you do not wish to receive information from ABC Company”. On the other hand, an opt-out option would mean they are automatically opted-in and they must uncheck the marketing opt-in box (e.g.  Uncheck this box if you don’t want to receive information from ABC Company).
  • Opt-in by Default- If your opt-in will be used quite often, and you prefer it to be automatically activated as on rather than having to flick the active switch to associate it to the event/activity/product etc, then select (tick) this option.

If you don’t select this option, the opt-in will appear in all your modules when building an event/activity etc, but you’ll have to flick the switch to turn it on for customers and back end staff to be able to select against the customer record.