Marketing Codes

Marketing codes are used to understand how customers heard about an event/activity. By default, we have added several standard marketing codes.

When creating an event/activity, you have the option of selecting which marketing codes apply (or creating new ones). This is your default list.

Customers and staff selling tickets/items, can then select the appropriate marketing code so that you can direct your advertising methods to successful marketing codes.

Click the option “ADD MARKETING CODE” to add a new marketing code (you may have guessed this already). Enter the name of your marketing code and select whether the marketing code is available Online for customers to select or Backend which is from a counter sale or a “Private link Only”.

A Marketing Codes private link must be created under Marketing > Marketing Codes and marked as ‘Private Link Only’. This link ensures that when a customer clicks on the link, (i.e. through a marketing email campaign), they will not be presented with any reference to a marketing code which is collecting information about how you heard about the event/activity/product (i.e. flyer456, VIPMar16Campaign). You’ll then be able to generate your marketing report to determine how successful your marketing campaign (number of tickets, transactions, revenue).

Searching for a marketing code. Simply enter the term you want to search for, select from Active, Inactive or All, and click “SEARCH”. Please remember to click “CLEAR FILTERS” to see your full list after a search.

Click the active switch to turn your marketing code on or off. Any sales that have already occurred will not be affected by making the marketing code inactive. However, if you edit an existing order that is using the inactive marketing code, you will need to select a new marketing code.

Click the pencil icon to edit a marketing code. If you do edit a marketing code, all existing orders that have the marketing code associated will be updated i.e. if you change the marketing code Facebook to Facebook Advertising then the system will update all orders to Facebook Advertising.

Click the bin icon to delete a marketing code. You can only delete marketing codes that have no sales associated with it. If there are transactions associated with the marketing code, you will receive the following message:

The Marketing Code Website you are trying to delete has been associated to transaction data and cannot be deleted. Please instead make it inactive.

Re-ordering Marketing Codes. You can always re-order Marking codes by dragging and dropping them into your desired position. You can also click on the arrows to sort in ascending or descending order.


If you have the “Enterprise” plan, you will be able to create groups which allows you to apply or segment your marketing codes into groups to then apply it to an event/activity. For example, you might create a group called Theatre, another called Library or Workshops, or create groups by Venues if sharing the system across multi venues. Each of these groups could have different marketing communications. When creating an event/activity etc. through the system, you’ll be able to quickly apply the group and simply select all items in the group or select individual items in the group.

Marketing Code Settings

These are your Marketing Code settings that were set up under “Organisation Settings, Step 2: General Settings”. This is a “view only” setting to enable you to understand what defaults the administrator has setup in the system.

To change any of these settings, you need to do this through “Organisation Settings, Step 2: General Settings”. If you don’t have access to this area, please speak to your administrator.