Manage Venues

A venue/location is the place where you will be holding your event or activity. This information will be displayed to your customers during the sales process and will also be shown on their tickets and order confirmation.

By creating a venue/location in advance and defining the details such as the seating plan configurations, when building an event/activity, you can simply select the venue/location from a list and have the details and seating plan already set up by default. You can also create venues on the fly directly via the event/activity build process. It’s your choice.

The Manage Venues page shows the list of all the venues/locations created in your system.

Please note: Basic customers do not have access to venue seating plans. Please upgrade your plan if this is required.

To build a new venue, click ‘+ Add a New Venue ‘.

Filters allow you to search for venues/locations.

  1. Search options- To search for a venue/location name, enter your search term and click search.  You can also do a partial search such as AB in the “enter search term” field to return venues/locations that begin with “AB” such as “ABC Venue”.
  • Status-All” will show all venues/locations that are both active and inactive. “Inactive” will only show those venues/locations you’ve made inactive. “Active” will only show venues/locations that are active.

Table explanation:

Active switch: To make a venue inactive, simply click the active switch off. The switch will turn grey. Once inactive, simply click it again, it will turn green and active. It’s important to note that making a venue/location inactive here will not make it inactive throughout the entire system. You will need to go through each specific event/activity and update it through there. For example, if you have a live event/activity associated with a venue/location, making it inactive here will not affect it or turn it off. It is simply to tidy up the Manage Venues grid.

Venue/Location: This is the venue/location name e.g. ABC Venue. If you see the button “+ SHOW”, this means that there are seating plan(s) so simply click the button to review these seating plan(s). Click “-HIDE” to shrink your venue to basic information.

Address: This is the physical address of the venue/location where your customers/patrons need to go to.

Once you click to see further options for the venue by selecting “+SHOW”, you have the option of reviewing:

  1. Layouts (edit)
  2. Capacity
  3. BA Path (edit)
  4. Seat Views/Description (edit)
  5. Door/Gates (add)
  6. Hold Templates (add and edit)


Edit a venue/location- This allows you to alter your venue/location details such as the name, address, add image and more.

Copy a venue/location- Allows you to copy the venue/location, including all details except for the Venue Name which must be unique. This is useful if you have multiple rooms within the same venue/location that you are selling tickets for. If seat maps are attached to the venue, you’ll have the option to just copy the venue/location and be able to select which seat maps to copy across.

Heart a venue/location- You can always click the heart icon to favourite a venue/location or multiple venues/locations. If you have added a heart to multiple venues, the system will sort the venues by alphabetical order.

Preview (eye icon)- Click for an overall preview of your venue/location by clicking on the eye icon.

Delete (bin icon)- You can only delete a venue/location if it hasn’t yet been assigned to an event/activity. Once it has been assigned, you can only make it inactive.  

Adding a New Venue

Click ‘+ Add A New Venue’ to add a new venue/location to the system.

Enter the details about your venue/location in the fields that appear below Add Venue. Only items marked with an * are compulsory.  Any fields that are left blank will not display.

Click ‘Preview & Save’ when complete.

Important: Pay particular attention to the TImezone your venue/location is located in as that will dictate the onsale date and time and offsale dates and time.