Manage venue: BA path

This is the area that allows you to customise the ‘Best Available’ path for customers/patrons to purchase seats i.e. how the system will sell seats and in what order. It’s important to note that when a seat map is created, the system automatically allocates a BA path, however, you have complete control of how you want to manipulate that path here. You can only have 1 BA path per layout. To enter into this area from the manage venues table after a venue has been created, simply click on the pencil icon under BA Path in the correct row.

  1. Template Name: This is the name of your BA path template.
  2. Select BA Path Type:
    Automatically – This will automatically assign your BA pathway.
    MousePointer – You can click on a focal point and draw your desired pathway with your mouse.
    FocalPoint – Choose your best seat and TicketSearch will assign a pathway in all directions from that focal point.
  3. For re-sorting your BA Path, you have two options:

a. Drag & Drop

In the table below, choose the correct row(s)/seat(s) and drag and drop into your desired position(s). If you have many seats to change around, option (b) is the best course of action.

b. Download and Upload BA Path

If you need to move a number of seats, and the dragging option isn’t suitable, simply click ‘Download the BA Path’, make your desired changes and then click ‘Upload BA Path’ to upload the spreadsheet. 

When you download the BA Path, to move the seats, select the entire spreadsheet row containing your seat and move the entire row into the correct order. The best way to do this is to select the row, cut it and insert it into your desired position. It’s very important that the lines on the spreadsheet be moved intact! Data in the rows must not be changed, only the position of the row itself on the spreadsheet can be changed.

You can also move your ‘seat splitters’ which is what the system understands as where aisles, spaces etc. are located to ensure that customers sit together where possible. To add a ‘seat splitter’, simply insert a blank row in the desired position and once you click upload, our system will create the seat splitters. You will not be able to upload your BA path if there is more than 1 blank row on the spreadsheet. To delete a seat splitter, simply delete the entire row.

Undo All Current Changes: This will undo any changes made so far to this template to the default format.

SeatMap Viewer

Display Seat Labels (numbers/letters): By clicking this option, any row labels i.e. A, B, C, as well as seat numbering will be displayed to allow you to easily identify seats on the seat map.

There are controls on the page to help you better view your seat map. On the left-hand side there is a zoom in and zoom out option, as well as a re-focus button which will bring your seat map back into its original view. On the right-hand side there are directional arrows to move around your seat map and a button in the middle which will centre your seat map. You can also drag the seat map with your mouse on the page.

Click ‘Save And Next’ or ‘Save’ depending on whether you are creating or editing a template to save any changes.