Manage subscription step 2

Step 2: Pricing

Set Pricing and Fees

This area allows you to choose your sales channels, apply fees and add pricing to the subscription and package types you have created.

Please read the HELP wizard carefully to understand how to complete this step.

How do you want to sell your subscription?

Activate sales channels: You can select all the sales channels that you wish to have this Subscription/Package available for purchase by. For example, you may want to have this available through internet or as a walk up/venue special offer. 

Would you like to apply any fees? If you are wanting to add any fees you can simply click on the tick boxes for any fees you wish to apply.

Activate Transaction Fees: Charge a fee no matter how many subscriptions are purchased.

Activate Inside Fees (relates to Events only): By selecting YES, inside fees will apply for all events selected. Inside fees are hidden from the overall price but deducted in reports. This is particularly important if you are working with external companies/departments that will be allocated a ‘cut’ of the purchase.

Activate Ticket Fees (relates to Events only): A fee per ticket sold, per event. This applies to Events only.

Subscription/Package Pricing and Fees Table

The top of the table displays the packages you have created, and you can flick between them to correctly add pricing and fees.

Events & Products: This will display all of your events and products that you have added to your subscription/packages in a list form to easily view the pricing level and type.

Price level: This will display all of your pricing levels that correlate to your subscription/package in a list next to the events/products/memberships. These would have been created along with the event/product itself or as templates previously. At any point if you wish to add a ticket type simply click on the ‘+ Add Ticket Type’ at the top of the table. You can then choose this subscription ticket type from the drop-down list in the new column created.

Click Here to Select the Subscription Ticket Type: This is a drop-down list of your global ticket types, as well as any created from this table. Select one to add it to the table.

Each ticket type added will display in the next columns: From these columns you will see the ticket type name, the ‘Copy To All’ function and the delete bin icon (to remove a certain ticket type). This is where you will add pricing for all events/sessions/products/memberships. You also have the option to edit sales channels for this ticket type.

Add Pricing: Once you have clicked on ‘Add Pricing’ a pop-up table will appear for you to add your pricing to the event/session/product/membership for that ticket type for each sales channel (see below).

Depending on the fees you’ve activated, you will also be able to include them here. Remembering inside fees are taken out of the total price and ticket fees are added on, so if the ticket price is $15 and the ticket fee is $5, the total will be $20 for that ticket. You can add ticket and inside fees as a percentage or dollar value.

On the left-hand side of each row, you will see the  copy icon. Using this feature is an easy way to copy that price/percentage across all sales channels for that row. Select save once you are happy with your pricing.

IMPORTANT TIP: For a faster way to populate the pricing for a ticket type, from the top of the said ticket type column, select the ‘Copy To All ’ function and the pricing table pop-up (as shown above) will appear. Once you have completed it and saved, that pricing will be applied to all events/sessions (events only). If all but a few of your pricing templates are the same, you can use this function and then ‘Edit Pricing’ for the select few that are different. Products and memberships will still need to be populated separately.

For merchandise and memberships, you will be required to enter how many inside fees are required. This is because there may be more than one inside fee associated with it. The amount you enter will auto populate ‘inside fee’ column(s) into the table. These can entered as a percentage or dollar value. You will also need to enter the overall price and per item fees if applicable. Item fees can also be either a percentage or dollar value.

Above: How the pricing pop-up looks for merchandise and memberships.

Edit Pricing: Once pricing has been added, if you wish to make an adjustment at any point to the pricing on the table, you can simply click on the ‘Edit Pricing’ link. This will bring up a pop-up menu to edit. You can do this for individual events/sessions/products/memberships.

Active/Inactive box: Iffor whatever reason you wish to exclude a price level for a particular ticket type for an event/show, product or membership from your subscription build,  you can simply click on the box shown at the top right hand-side of pricing to make it inactive. This will grey out the pricing table from the subscription build and the price level and ticket type will not apply for that package type.

The transaction fees for each sales channel are displayed at the bottom of the table underneath each ticket type. This can be as a percentage or dollar value and the copy across function is available for use.

+ Add Ticket Type Pop-up

Add Subscription Ticket Types

Enter the details below to create a new ticket type

Sub Ticket Type Name: This is the main identifier of your subscription ticket type. A ticket type could be Adult, Child or Concession. In this case, you could add ticket types such as 2 Play Package or 4 Play Package to identify a specific package deal.  

Promo code ticket?

This function gives you the option to add a promo code to access this ticket type. This is a great feature if you are wanting to do a promotional offer for VIP clients or customers. Simply click ‘YES’ to activate this as a promo code ticket and enter the promo code you wish your customers/patrons to enter when going to buy this subscription ticket type. Your promo code can be alphanumeric or even just letters and numbers if you wish.