Manage Privileges

Every function available to a user within the system is classified as a privilege and can be restricted. For example, the ability to process a sale, a refund, issue an exchange, or even look-up or add a customer/patron are separate privileges. By default, we grouped all privileges into pre-defined privilege groups, but you can move any privilege between any privilege groups, and even create new privilege groups as needed.

Privilege groups simplify the creation of roles (step 2), that meet your organisation’s needs, by allocating multiple related privileges, rather than having to select from the, over 100, individual privileges. Roles are the security level access to the system.

Roles are used in the creation of users (step 4). Each user is assigned a role, which defines the privilege groups and/or the individual privileges available to them and therefore their level of access to the entire system.

How does this page work?

Tick the privilege group (to move entire group) or click the (+) icon to expand (to move individual items) then tick 1 or more individual privilege(s). The “Move To” button will appear to the right of your selection. Click the “Move To” button and select the “Target Privilege Group” which is the privilege group you want to move the privilege(s) to. Click “Save Move” to save your changes or click “Cancel Move” to cancel the move of privilege(s).

To add a new privilege group, click the ‘Add Privilege Group’.

Note: Default privilege groups cannot be deleted. Any custom privilege groups created cannot be deleted unless ALL items have been moved from the group.

Default Privileges Groups
Click here to gain more insight into each of the privileges below.

Settings: this is the key settings in the system such as being able to create new users, roles, access platform customisation and more.

Reporting: contains all the reports in system.

Marketing: has all the relevant marketing functions such as Pixel Tracking, Marketing Codes etc.

Events/ProductsAbility to build all the modules in the system such as event/activities, merchandise etc.

Supervisorcontains supervisor privileges such as refunds, exchanges, price override etc.

Event/Products: Do Not View – allows you to customise the system to remove from module build areas such as event/activities and products functions within the build that a particular role may not require. For example, if the library division was building events, they may prefer not to see functions such as upsells and crossells, while the events department does. It allows for further customisation of your system to meet not only your organisation needs, but each department/division or venue. 

Scanning: allows you to scan tickets from the mobile app.

Saleshas the main sales functions such as selling tickets, items, customer search, add etc.

Creating a new privilege group

Simply click Add Privilege Group at the bottom of the page. Type in desired name and click the save icon or cancel (x icon). Why would you create a new privilege group? You may want to further define more privilege groups to meet your organisation needs.

Editing and Deleting Privilege Group

Your default privileges groups can only be edited rather than deleted. Simply click on the edit icon, change the name and click the save icon.

To delete a privilege group that you’ve previously created (not a default one), simply click the bin icon. Before the bin icon will appear, all privileges must be moved from the privilege group and the count should be (0). 

Moving one or more privileges from one group to another 

Click on the privilege group or click the + icon to expand to move individual items. Then click on either the entire group or individual privileges. The “Move To” button will appear on the page. Simply Click the move to button, this will activate the “Target Privilege Group” which is the privilege group you want to move the privileges too.  Click “Save Move” to save your changes or click “Cancel Move” to cancel the move of privilege(s).