Manage event step 2

STEP 2:  Dates & Time

If you only have 1 date and time, the following modal overlay will appear as a quick process to get to your next step.

For multiple dates, select an option from the list below. The default is Performances.

Performances/Sessions allows you to setup specific dates and times of each performance/session e.g. A theatre show with 21 performance times or a tour that runs daily with 5 sessions a day. 

Consecutive date range are events/activities that run from (x) date and time to (x) date and time. This is widely used for festivals that run for a weekend, for example. You can also hide the dates in the online sales if required so that you show the details in your desired format in the event/activity name e.g. ABC festival 14-16th Feb.

Open pass is a ‘valid to’ option. For example, a museum could allow people to enter anytime up until a certain date. The museum would sell a pass with a particular expiry date. This option also allows you to ‘hide these details in online sales’.

Steps to using the Performances/Sessions and applying to calendar:

  1. Select the start date and end date of your event/activity.
  2. Select the days that the event/activity will apply to (e.g. every Friday and Saturday for the start and end dates above).
  3. Create times by selecting options from the drop-down list. Please ensure that AM/PM is correctly applied. Click the ‘Add’ function to add each time and repeat the process for multiple times on a single date.
  1. Final step is to ‘Add to Calendar’ your default times.

The system will bulk apply these times. If you have specific days with different requirements, i.e. only 2 Saturdays with a morning session of 10am, simply adjust your start and end dates/times as required. To bulk copy, click the applicable days, click on a time and click the (x) option to remove the time. Then simply add your new time and copy to calendar by clicking ‘Add to Calendar’.

Alternative options directly from the calendar:

Tip: You can go directly to a specific month by clicking on the calendar < and > options.

  • Create times directly from the calendar

Simply click into the relevant date and click ‘+Add’ then ‘Custom Time’. To create specific time(s) to your date, create all of your applicable times, e.g. 10am, 8pm, always remembering to click the ‘Addbutton. Then click ‘Save’ and the times will be saved to that date.

  • Using the Bulk Copy Tool
  1. Create your custom dates and times. Then click the ‘Bulk Copy Tool’ to copy these functions to various options.
  1. Select days of the week to copy the times to e.g. only apply to Saturdays and Sundays.
  2. Then select from months (e.g. January only), weeks (week 1 of January only), a start date and end date to copy.
  3. Click save to copy your times to your specified dates.
  4. Repeat this process as many times as required if you have various days with various time slots. 
  • Click the copy icon

From the calendar, click the copy icon to bulk copy your time slot to another time.

Tip: Click on a time and use the pencil icon to edit and the (x) to delete a time slot.

Click ‘Preview and Save’ to preview all of your dates/times. Select a time and click the (x) to remove it from the list if it is not needed.

Click ‘Save and Next’ to continue.