How to Process a Refund

Refund: Allows you to refund items/tickets. By selecting the items/tickets or selecting all in instances whereby you will be refunding all items/tickets related to the transaction, and selecting the refund button, you will be redirected to the refund page. Here, you can decide if a refund fee will apply as well as other fees.

To process a refund, you must have at least one of the following privileges which can be allocated to a role via Settings > Role & Users > Manage Roles. Once allocated to the role i.e., supervisor, the user will be able to process refunds. If you have the privilege ‘Process Refund/Exchange – Modify Include/Exclude Fees’, this will allow you to click the excluded or included buttons, to either include or exclude these fees. If you have the privilege to ‘Process Refund/Exchange – Modify Any Fees’, you will be able to override fee values, adjusting the fee up to the total value.

Once your selected fees are include/excluded, you can then confirm the details and select a payment type (usually the same way the order was paid for originally) and press ‘Confirm’. You can select the ‘Send Confirmation Email’ box to notify the customer/patron of the refund.

If the initial payment was made by credit card, depending on your gateway/bank provider, you may be able to refund directly to the same credit card. If the fails/error is received, this may be due to the card being invalid, expired and replaced. In such instances, simply select another method of payment to process the refund.