Global User Settings

Global User Settings allows you to add a default setting for all users to speed up the settings process involved in setting up a new user. Simply click on the relevant options, and click Save.

The following warning message will appear:

Please note: applying Global User Settings will wipe out all local and customised user settings. Would you like to continue?


Set up the key commonalities you want across all users such as whether for walk-up sales, when a staff member clicks on the finalise order screen to process a sale, the delivery type can be pre-populated as Print while on the Telephone source eTicket. This will help speed up the sales process.

Once a preference has been selected, you have the opportunity to override this at an individual user level. It’s important to setup your Global User Settings first before setting up a new user.

Options available are:

Select default sales channel for all users​:  this lets you set, by default, a specific sales channel that will be defaulted when users log in. For example, if more of your sales are walk-up, select Walk-up as the default. Remember, this setting can be changed per user.

Enforce all users to select a sales channel for every sale processed: when a user clicks on Sales and completes a sale and returns back to the Sales screen, they will be forced select a sales channel each time. This will make sure sales are processed in the correct sales channel and correct booking fees and charges are applied (if applicable). It will also result in more reliable statistics of where you are selling tickets from.

Further options are listed below:

Select a default delivery method – set the default delivery option such as Print or Eticket across applicable sales channels. For example, if for walk-up sales you always print tickets, default the delivery option to Print. When the user processes a sale, the delivery type will be pre-defaulted – saving the user time.

Automatically print header cards for individual sales – for tickets printed via a Boca ticket printer, a header card will print the customer’s name, address etc. If you are filing these tickets for customers to collect, this is important to quickly identify orders when filed. This option is often not required for individual sales. 

Automatically print receipts after a sale has been processed?
(If so, set the default number of receipts). Automatically print batch header cards for batch print jobs? –
This option is only available for Boca ticket printing and will print a receipt (or number of receipts on thermal ticket stock) depending on the quantity entered. For example, you might want to give a customer a receipt and keep one for internal records.

Automatically print batch header cards for batch print jobs? Print a header card for bulk/batch print tickets to separate orders available through the Sales >Batch/Bulk Print option. A common scenario is that two hours before a show, your Collect process will end. An internal user can then batch/bulk print the tickets that need to be collected and as their user profile has the batch print header cards option available, on a batch print, the system will print the header cards. Once printed, separate orders by the header and file away in a tray labelled A-Z. When the customer arrives, find the tickets in the tray under the surname, rip the header card off and give the tickets to your customer.

Automatically print batch receipts for batch prints?
(If so, set the default number of receipts) – 
This will print batch receipts with your Batch/Bulk Print. Print two receipts to give one to your customer and hold onto the other for internal records.