Global Delivery Methods

Global Delivery Method allows you to select, customise and use the various means of delivery for each ticket or item. Default delivery methods cannot be deleted to maintain the structure of the system. You can always click the Eye icon to hide a default delivery methodand directly edit from the table (where applicable). Please remember to click ‘Save’ or ‘Save and Continue’ for changes made directly to the table.  

Tool Tip: the settings below will copy across to each module – such as events/activities and products, and you can update the settings (activate/deactivate/change text defaults and pricing) at the module level.

Please note: If you select Email Confirmation Only in an event/activity/product build, all other delivery options will be disabled as the system will assume that the customer will only receive an email – and no tickets will be issued.

Version Tip: The ability to add delivery methods is available only in the Enterprise version. To upgrade your version, please click on Organisation Settings, Step 1 and change your plan.

Let’s take a deeper dive:

  • Name
  • Edit each delivery method’s name to one that best suits your organisation. For example, an e-ticket could be changed to a Print at Home Ticket.
  • Type
  • This allows your internal users to understand how the system will deliver the ticket/item. Options available are:

Print:  tickets/items will print to a specialised Boca ticket printer. These are the only printers supported and are common in ticketed venues. For further information about Boca ticket printers, go to   

Local Printer: Tickets/items will print to your local printer as an A4 sheet using the same design as an eTicket. This is useful for organisations that don’t have a Boca ticket printer. For high volume walk-up sales, we always recommend purchasing a Boca printer.

eTicket:  tickets are emailed as a PDF to the customer’s nominated email address as an attachment to the confirmation email.

Collect: tickets/items are to bulk printed and collected at a later stage from the ticket counter (usually 1 hour before the event/activity starts).

Mail: Tickets/items can be printed and mailed. Surcharges can be added for mailing tickets/items. You can also batch print (print in bulk) each day’s orders of tickets/items that need to be mailed. Differentiating mail tickets will allow you to sort them specifically from other delivery types.

SMS: an SMS message is sent to the customer’s mobile/cell with a link to download the barcoded ticket. Customers will have the option to save the barcode to their Apple Wallet and other devices.

  • Message
  • Customise a message that describes the delivery method to the customer. These messages can be updated on an event/activity/product basis. The messages below are your global messages.

For example, eTicket can tell the customer that their eTickets will be delivered by email to their nominated email address with their confirmation email.

  • Turn Off
  • Set a time to Turn Off the different delivery methods based on your ticket or item’s requirements. You might want to turn off Box Office Collect two hours before the event/activity starts so you can bulk print your tickets/items. This is particularly important when tickets are required to be collected prior to start time. Keep Email Confirmation OR eTicket and Mobile Phone delivery methods operating at all times to allow customers to receive a confirmation email or their tickets right up to the event/activity start time. It’s your choice.

Please note: If you select Email Confirmation Only in an event/activity/product build, all other delivery options will be disabled because the system will assume that the customer should only receive an email. No tickets will be issued.

  • Delivery Fee
  • Set a fee as a percentage or dollar value for every delivery type. For example, you might wish to charge a higher fee for the collection of physical tickets from a venue, or for mail services. We encourage eTicket and SMS options to be charged at a lower fee than Mail and Collect options.
  • Max Fee
  • This is an absolute maximum fee you would like to charge customers that have multiple events/items in the shopping cart.

e.g.  Event 1 has a delivery fee of $5 while Product 1 has a fee of $3. Set your max fee as … say $6. This means that when a customer selects that delivery type, they will be charged the max fee of $6.

  • Exclude Delivery Fee From Tax 
  • This feature allows you to remove a delivery fee for your international customers that are placing orders outside of your organisation’s home country (based on Organisation Settings, Step 1 address entered). For example, if your organisation was in Singapore, and you had a customer ordering from Australia, the system would exclude taxes on delivery fees for that customer based on the address they enter.
  • Available Sales Channels
  • Allocate your event/activity type with one or more sales channel. For example, you might uncheck Box Office Collect (ticket counter) from the Internet as a delivery option because you want to encourage your customers that use the Internet as a delivery option to print out their own ticket, or, download the ticket’s QR/Barcode onto their iOS or Android wallet.  Then again, you might want to Activate Box Office Collect only for phone sales – it’s your choice.

Please note: some options – such as Print on the Internet Sales Channel – are not available as you can’t print a ticket using a Boca printer over the internet. (Unavailable options have the checkbox greyed out).


  • Activate by default in Events/Products
  • This allows you to activate particular delivery methods to be active by default when creating events/activities and products so that you don’t have to keep on checking the active box for every single setup of a module item – such as events/activities and products.

For example, you may want to tick this for eTicket and Mobile, which will ensure these delivery methods are always an option when you are building your event/product. Remember, not all delivery methods are active, unless you activate them or activate them by default.


  • Scheduler

This allows you to schedule all ticket types, in particular, eTicket and SMS tickets, to be sent x number of hours and/or minutes before performance time. The minimum time period is 8 hours. We’ve done this to prevent scalpers reselling tickets at a high price. The scalper would take on a higher risk and less time to sell. This can be applied to other delivery methods such as Print, Box Office Collection etc. that would prevent these tickets being printed even by internal staff until the scheduled time period.

  • Actions
  • Edit allows you to customise the text in the fields for each delivery method. You may want to change the Delivery Method Name or Delivery Message for your event/product. For example, change the name of SMS to Cell or Mobile Phone – it’s your choice. Update your eTicket messages to advise customers to print their tickets prior to coming to the event/activity.

You can also modify:

* Delivery Fee

* Maximum Delivery Fee ($)

* When should this delivery method turn off in terms of days, hours, mins

* Select the sales channels that this delivery method applies to