GL Account Codes

General ledger (GL) account codes are numerals you assign to different debit or credit entries to make accounting easier and more functional.

When building an event/activity, merchandise, donation or even a gift voucher you can allocate GL Account Codes. You can also create GL Account Codes within each module. This area is typically your template area. This is useful for when you would like to generate a report where you can identify products with a specified code.

  • Searching for a GL Account code- simply enter the term you want to search for from Active, Inactive or All, and click “SEARCH”. Please remember to click “CLEAR FILTERS” to see your full list after a search.
  • Click the active switch to turn your GL Account code on or off. Any sales that have already occurred will not be affected by making the code inactive.
  • Click the edit button, to edit a GL Account code.  If you do edit a GL Account code, all existing orders that have the account code associated with it will be updated with the new GL Account code.
  • Click the bin icon to delete a GL Account code.  You can only delete account codes that have no sales associated with it. Please click the inactive switch to make it inactive instead.
  • Re-ordering GL Account Codes. You can always change the order of the GL account codes by dragging and dropping them into your desired position. You can also click on the arrows to sort in ascending or descending order.
  • Creating a new item – Click “Add GL Account Code” and right at the bottom of the table the system will add a field so you can enter the GL Account Code Name and Description.